Tavern - Is there a way to export a room's entire log?


Is there a way to export a room's entire log?

ChaoticBlue · 26. Apr 2017 02:52 by Harukami · 4

I'd like to get my room's log, but we've been playing for months now, so copy/pasting it all one page at a time is a bit of a trial. Is there any way to get it all at once?


1 · by RichieDagger · 09. Mar 2016 02:51

I'm about to start up my first game here. I'd be interested in getting a text dump for archival as well.

1 · by Huitzi · 24. Mar 2016 08:53

If you're just starting a new game, the easiest thing for you to do will probably be to use the log feature (looks like a filebox on the toolbar) and copy/paste to a text file after each session. The reason I'm interested in exporting the room's entire log (I'm ChaoticBlue above) is because my group has been going on twice weekly sessions for about eight months now, so that's a lot of log to go through page by page.

1 · by Billy · 27. Mar 2016 19:49

i too would like to be able to get a complete copy, including any PM's I've had with people within the room if that is possible, as we've been going for a few years now, and I crashed word trying to copy and paste them last night.

1 · by Harukami · 26. Apr 2017 02:52

I would like to know if any solution has been made to this! I'm about to start running games here and I like to have exported logs to know they'll stick around even if there's some sort of site glitch.

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