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Problem with Exploding Dice

ColossusCrusher · 21. Feb 2016 22:25 by Kim · 1

I'm trying to figure out how the exploding dice work, but it seems to add the exploded dice rolls directly onto the roll that exploded them. Since exploding 10s are a big thing in World of Darkness (8s and above succeed, explode 10s), is there a way to roll extra dice separately and have them counted/exploded as well?

1 · by Kim · 21. Feb 2016 22:25 · changed: 22. Feb 2016 07:36
  1. 20d10m6 explodes tens, returns successes (6 or over), tells the amount of ones but does not reduce them from the successes. As far as I understood the S code it should work like classic WoD specialty rolls in DtF (explode tens, reduce ones), but it doesn't - instead it sums the results of the exploded dice instead of adding them to the pool, giving results that are not consistent with other success pool codes.