Tavern - An idea, and a curiosity.


An idea, and a curiosity.

BrimstoneVomit · 09. Nov 2015 06:44 · 0

I enjoy RPGs, and I always used to enjoy writing. Still do, in fact, but keeping a forward momentum isn't coming easily anymore.

So I had the notion to start a piece of interactive fiction. Why not draw motivation from others by letting them participate in my writing? The idea, for me, is to finish a chapter, present multiple options for how the plot will progress, let readers not only choose the option but roll for it (testing the applicable character/creature's stat), and write the next chapter based not only the option most selected, but the results, which will indicate degrees of success/failure. I won't be pre-writing anything.

I wonder about the capacity of this site's Dice Rooms. If I were to create a dice room for a chapter, link to it, and have readers follow the link into the dice room to roll; well, is this a reliable idea? Will a reader arrive in the room without a nickname? Will they need to create a nickname beforehand? Or will they get bugger all?