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Tunnels & Trolls game on Rolz

Valdus · Jul 22nd 21:09 by Valdus · 3

Looking to GM a tunnels and trolls adventure. Seeking 4-5 characters of hearty kindred to explore and loot the great tomb of Axton.

Play is to be done in these forums and dice room- perhaps even live!

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Instead of looking for a GM I'm going to try this out myself... Those interested do let me know. I plan on this being a short casual (posting around every other day) and using the free rules herein

Legend has it... but half a century ago, as men reckon time, the then-great Horse Clan of the Tundra and the civilized Men of the Cold Lands clashed in the by Battle of Broken Lance. This was the climactic battle in the six-year war waged between the two groups. The Men of the Cold Lands were routed, and the very seed of northern civilization lay bare before the ravaging hordes of the Horse Clan. But that great barbarian leader, King Axton, had fallen in battle. His forces rapidly disintegrated into disorganized tribes again.

Powerful shaman priests erected a cairn to Axton at the site of the battle, and the various tribes disappeared into the Tundra. They soon returned to the petty in-fighting that had kept them powerless nomads for centuries. Over the months that followed, they plundered scattered outlying settlements of civilization - but the expected hammer-blow to the heart of the Cold Lands never came to be. Civilization in the north was safe, for now.

As years passed, Axton's simple cairn grew into a complex burial chamber. Members of the former King's family were entombed with him when they died. The tribes of the Tundra continued their nomadic ways - but civilization in the Cold Lands has matured and spread. Caravans now cross the wild Tundra with rough regularity, and are only occasionally harassed by the Horse Clan.

The legend continues, that when a caravan passes the Demon's Rock, the Tomb of Axton is within a day's march for an able-bodied man. Many adventurers have searched for the Tomb in just this way, drawn by tales of massive treasures buried inside. But those few who have returned from such a quest are loath to speak of their discoveries, doubtless fearing that some curse of Axton will claw its way from the grave to claim them for its own...

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Roll four six-sided dice, drop the lowest of each roll add up the scores and write them next to the prime attributes you wish.

Please remember ROLL AGAIN ON ALL TRIPLES & THEY ADD UP! Thus, luck willing, a person could theoretically roll a third level character at the start.

3d6x10 gold

Pick one Talent (an ability connected to an attribute that gets a +1d6 added to it.) Rogue get 2!

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