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Variables for HP calculators and much more

Xdraggon · May 30th 21:02 by udo · 1

Hello, thank you for great site!

I have an idea in my mind:

Is there a way to program something like variables?


Set Var "Hero1 HP"

And then use it together with dice codes?


Var = Hero1 HP - 3d10 (with possibility to show new value right avay)

Or how everybody else is tracking HPs of multiple high level characters in tough battles?

Also basic functions like "if" "if else" ect. would be handy for me, at least automated call of macro based on dice result would be great!

Sorry for my English and thanks for your thoughts!

1 · by udo · May 30th 21:02

I like this idea, but it would require a scripting language, as the dice codes mix extremely unwell with common programming language syntax.