Tavern - Looking for a DM and maybe fellow players; not entirely experienced


Looking for a DM and maybe fellow players; not entirely experienced

★AriesAlpha★ · Wed 00:33 by Valdus · 5

I love D&D, but i honestly don't get the chance to play it all that much due to not having very many friends to play it with (especially with the whole pandemic issue going on), so i finally decided to try my hand at online D&D! (i am technically part of one or two sessions irl, so im not ENTIRELY clueless as to how the game is played, im just not an expert; please bear with me if possible. i also have a few characters sorta created as well)

im looking for a DM and possible fellow players who are willing to do a game/campaign sorta based on a classical D&D setting (i.e. use of the Underdark, World Above, multiple gods, etc etc you get the idea....) who'd be willing to do a game with a Texan female and a Californian male (a friend of mine who also isn't very experienced but would also like to play) and just have a grand and fun time together

have a nice day, hope to find some new companions! =^-^=

1 · by Jack258 · Apr 14th 18:25

hello I am a D&D Beyond player (an online D&D site) so if you are still looking for a DM I can do so

1 · by EmberSoftheart · May 06th 16:48

I would like to play, if this is D&D. I am a 14-year-old virginian who started playing D&D around 4 months ago

1 · by AnnalleeRavadan · May 15th 16:16

If this is still open, I'm a 23 year old newbie to the whole DnD scene in that I've heard and researched so much but don't really know how to play, so I would need a lot of guidance. However, I am quick to pick things up and have a somewhat decent (in my opinion) character ready and waiting.

1 · by Valdus · Jul 24th 00:41 · changed: Jul 24th 00:41

Ok what I edition are we talking here? I can do 1-3. Three barely

1 · by Valdus · Wed 00:33

Did yall find your GM?

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