Tavern - can you change the color of each value:


can you change the color of each value:

JohnBark10 · May 15th 16:57 by Gary_090 · 4

if I roll 1d6; 1d6; 1d6...can i have 3 different colors for each value/die?

1 · by udo · Apr 09th 02:17

Sorry, that's not possible right now.

1 · by Morak · May 10th 12:57

I used the /opt colour option to change the text associated to me in BLUE... the system says it has been set but it doesn't work..

1 · by udo · May 10th 14:57

It does work, but only for text, not for dice rolls.

1 · by AdmiralKarg · May 14th 17:04

Following the syntax for changing the color of text and I get no positive result. Exactly HOW do I change the color or bold text comments or dice values, etc?

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