Tavern - Roll-Low Success based rolls?


Roll-Low Success based rolls?

TSandman · May 10th 15:43 by udo · 3


Is there any ways to have roll-low success based rolls? I couldn't find anything that looked like it, success based rolls are all based on roll-high.

This would be great for The Dark Eye as it would be nice to have for simple macros/shortcut instead of having to compare manually the number everytime

ex: Character parry successfuly when rolling <=11, fails 12+.

1 · by udo · Apr 09th 02:20

My Dark Eye skills are a bit rusty. Is that basically 3D20 added together and then you need to stay below a threshold?

1 · by TSandman · May 02nd 20:02

Hello Udo, no, they're not "added together" each roll is against a different attribute so theyre' rolled separately, and each time you "miss" a roll, skill points are deducted from your skill rating. At the end, the number of skill point left is either a Fail, or a success with various levels (0-3 = 1 quality level, 4-6 = 2, 7-9 = 3, etc, up to 6)

1 · by udo · May 10th 15:43

Yeah sounds like we'll need a dice code for that...