Tavern - Need Players for a Short Horror Scenario.


Need Players for a Short Horror Scenario.

Solar_Silver · Feb 19th 06:10 by Solar_Silver · 2

Need Players for a Short Horror Scenario

Hello and thank you for taking interest.

I am Solar_Silver, a prospective and moderately veteran Game Master looking for a few players for a Scenario played in the game: Call of Cthulhu (7th Edition). I am seeking 4 - 6 players for a scenario I have drawn up and am interested in Running. The game has its hiccups and can be difficult to learn on your own, so I am willing to teach new players to the game as well as help them steep themselves in the style.

I am on GMT+11 (Eastern Australian) and am available most days for most of the day. Any interested players should reply here, and I will go over the basics of character creation and help them build a character.

The Game is and will be Role-Play Heavy, and will be utilizing text during play. It will be kept to the general field of Horror, Thriller and Mystery, sometimes all three at the same time, sometimes one at a time. As well as with minor sub-genres which will be introduced during play, such as action, adventure and -for slightly sappier players- even romance. I welcome any players who are interested and will be going over what is expected from the game in general as well as the player synopsis for the scenario at hand.

I also have available a small Synopsis for the first "Major" plot as well as this Scenario available, (see below).


State of Arkansas, Jasper Township, U.S.A.

A Cool Summer Night in June, 1922, Farmer Jebediah Matthews is disturbed during the late night while smoking on his porch. The sound of Children giggling and laughing fills the air. He wakes his boys, George and Robert, collecting his Farm Hand; Charles Winchester from the farmhouse's spare room. The four head out to investigate, searching for an hour, the witching hour landing upon the farm, each returning back to the farmhouse after an exhaustive search, not a single child across all the fields of the farm. Happenstance brings that this occurred on the night of a full moon.

1 · by Kinlo · Feb 16th 19:48

Hello. I haven't played a single game but I do have a few characters to pick and chose. I also know practically nothing except the basic basics I'm told I should be a DM but I'm curious do you want purely serious characters with only actionsor do you want to use emotions? Such as "The small being froze in fear at the horrible scene"

1 · by Solar_Silver · Feb 19th 06:10

I would prefer if players keep a somewhat serious air about them, jokes and lightheartedness are fine and I'm quite happy to accommodate that. So long as it doesn't interfere with play. Additionally I would prefer if players give their characters emotion and action, it's rather a disconnect when a lump of wood tries to seem upset while remaining stiff and unmoved, it is similarly a disconnect when a flailing tube man tries to give a sort of Noir-esque monologue. If you are interested you can add me on discord here;

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Solar_Silver 9/4/8/6