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Looking for players

Kazimakie · Aug 11th 01:04 by Valdus · 10

Hey, I'm doing a Homebrew and I'm in need of players, thanks!

1 · by Freedom · 06. Jan 2020 13:01

I'm Keen on playing... New at this format so I hope I can access the requirements to play... What type of campaign is it?

1 · by Kazimakie · 06. Jan 2020 14:34

What do you mean what kind? The players embark to take down a false idol. i cant say much more without giving anything away.

1 · by monibe · 10. Jan 2020 00:33

I've never roleplayed on this website before but I'd be interested in playing!

1 · by poli3011 · Mar 22nd 17:52

hola, a mi tambien me interesaria entrar a esta partida.

1 · by HolyRoller · Mar 24th 15:40

Are you still looking for players?

1 · by Valdus · Jul 24th 02:48

I would definitely play this adventure.

1 · by XantosZ · Jul 26th 23:19

Sounds like it would be fun, what rules do you have on assigning stat points. I'm guessing it is a good/non-evil campaign due to taking down an idol? What days would you be playing, and at what time, including your time zone? starting levels, if not level one.

1 · by Valdus · Jul 26th 23:36

Tell us more of this homebrew. Brew of what?

1 · by Crystaliz3r · Aug 03rd 16:18


1 · by Valdus · Aug 11th 01:04

Ill play, Im also trying to get a dungeon crawl off the ground. Let me know if you are interesado.

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