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Guild Start Up(Private Game)

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Jenkins would holler happily as he finished off his current mug of ale as he fell forward again to the bar table, muttering something about why the lovely music stopped and where his 'sweet thang' was, not really wanting to know what that could mean Cassan would make his way onward to his comrades.

Cassan would walk right up to where Chomusuke was right as Lucia took a bow an hopped down from the stage to the others of their group, following by hoots and hollers of the tavern folk, some even coming right up to the performing lady and handing her silver pieces in person! Others did put some in the pan for the lute players but clearly everyone knew who the star of the show was tonight. Gunther would bow deeply to Lucia, "Twas the most magnificent performance I dare say ever graced these walls, perhaps the entire town's history! It will surely be the talk of the town until your next appearance, which I hope to attend fervently~" He said as he looked up with hunger in his eyes; it would seem rather than sating his desire she only stoked more to the fire! But Chomusuke would quickly walk in front of the teenager and nuzzle his owner happily. "That was wondrous mistress; it truly is always a pleasure and blessing to be in your presences when you sing~" He would praise to her mentally, then quickly change tones as he shot her a serious glance. "I was only able to catch a good look of two of the three men that fled once your affiliation was revealed but I could identify them if need be later, if the need to hunt them is required my lady." He nodded his head, as if to be proud of himself to have taken notice of such things.



The man with the dagger would take the full force of the first arrow, wincing in pain an then dodge the second one, being pushed back a few feet from the girl. No blood on the blades meant he stopped him in time to not allow her to befall her. "Agh, what the hell was that! Did you hire an assassin after us little wench, Lilette?!" Said the man with daggers as he stared you down with anger in his eyes. The other two would draw their own weapons; the rugged man held his brutish fists up while the one in the back pulled out a cane of some kind, possibly a short-staff? "She's too poor to do that...must be one of those Guilds people that came to town, shit...this was too soon to happen! State your business or you'll have to take on all three of us!" Said the tall, large man as the little girl fell to the ground, hiccups softly could be heard; probably so frightened that she couldn't speak anymore. He had time to reply to their one inquiry; if he choose not to answer them, he could merely draw another arrow to initiate combat!

In case of not conducting Negotiations;

Initiative: 1d20+3 = 15(12 + 3)

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After Lucia basked in her praise, he spoke "Wonderful performance, Lucia! Just as beautiful as when we first met! I went a spoke to Mr. Jenkins, he wasn't terribly helpful, but is willing to show us his 'lucky spot' tonight-" Cassan glances over to the inebriated man, "-or tomorrow morning. Now then, have you seen where Brunkvik disappeared to? I haven't seen him since shortly after we entered."

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She would thank everyone as for all their praise as she addressed Chomusuke mentally. "Thank you for keeping an eye out Chomusuke, we'll have to keep an eye out for them for sure."

After taking a brief look around the room for Brunkvik after Cassan mentioned him missing and begin to count the coin she received. "Oh, he is missing I suppose. He has done this a lot in the time that Chomusuke and I have traveled. My guess is something was probably following us, he saw it, tracked it, and considering the amount of time we've been here I'm guessing he's most likely fighting whatever it was right now. At least that's the way it normally goes." She'd say very nonchalant as she finished counting her coin and putting it in her bag.

"I suppose we can go find him, otherwise we can just follow the drunk old guy to his spot. I'm sure Brunkvik would find us eventually. He's pretty good at doing that and is more than capable of handling himself. Come to think of it, we should probably watch him anyway. If people are really that against the guild they could go after the poor old man just for associating with us. Especially if his issue is connected to the "sirens" issue as well."

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"I suggest that you leave the child alone. She seems to have it hard as it is without you lot giving her more reasons to be afraid. The three of you have given more more than enough reasons already to teach you a well deserved lesson, and my travels have taught me that one does not simply barter with the likes of gutter trash such as yourselves!"

Brunkvik would ready himself for a real fight.

Initiative: d20+8 = 25(17 + 8)

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Gunther would feel a bit dejected that Lucia had completely ignored his compliment to her and huffed as he stood there tapping his foot at the group. " seems like my services are no longer required of you an seeing as how you are ought to do something to help the town, I...guess I should let you guys get to it then. If you need me though, I am usually at the Garrison practicing my sword skills." He said as he gruffly turned about an then left the tavern, his face a little flushed with irritation but he still sounded like he would help them if they needed it. Though he may be more demanding than before in compensation if that was the case. Chomusuke made an audible sigh as the teenager left; looking like he was holding back his own frustrations about the ill-mannered boy. He then looked up back to Lucia, waiting for what the two would decide to do now.


The three thugs would growl angrily at being belittled by this single half-orc; despite his size, he was still outnumbered they thought as they goaded him on, "Well then, guess we'll have to show you why we are the best thieves in all of Karakuru's lands!" They shouted as they got ready to attack the orc; the gnome child was still sitting on the ground, helpless and paralyzed with fear at the shouting an overwhelming presence of blood-lust in the air!

((Timmeh1024; You got first and I will supply a map shortly of the area you are in))

((EDIT: I can only put it as a link for reference, ))


Brunkvik = Green

Gnome = Blue

Enemies = Red

Letters = Weapon Used (D= dagger, F=Fist, etc.)

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Rolls in this post: #1 d20+10 = 28(18 + 10)   #2 2d6+4 = 11(4 +3 + 4)   #3 d20+10 = 20(10 + 10)   #4 2d6+4 = 11(2 +5 + 4)  

Brunkvik would take two shots at the enemy holding the daggers since he was the closest to the girl and he is studied!

Flurry of Bows: d20+10 = 28(18 + 10)

Damage: 2d6+4 = 11(4 +3 + 4)

Flurry of Bows: d20+10 = 20(10 + 10)

Damage: 2d6+4 = 11(2 +5 + 4)

1 · by SparxTheHero · Mar 08th 00:59

Cassan would turn to Lucia, saying "Do not worry about the child, he will be fine." He would then turn away and continue, "Now then, shall we head outside and see if we can spot our friend? I truly do not think Mr. Jenkins will be awake any time soon. He drank enough to knock out a horse."

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 08th 02:37

"Oh I know he'll be alright. He's a young man, seems like he'll probably grow up to be a great husband for some lucky lady." She'd say with a smile though feeling bad that she she forgot to thank him.

"As for Brunkvik we can try to find him i guess. I doubt we'll be able to track him very easily though. I mean I could use my evolution surge to see if Chomusuke could smell him but we don't have any of his stuff so there's not really anything to go on. Honestly, we'd probably just be in his was if we did find him. Like I said, he does this a lot. But I guess if you really wanna try finding him we can." She'd say growing gradually more bored with the conversation and eventually starts walking toward the door.

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As Brunkvik's next 2 arrows would hit their target, his large arrows from his orcish greabow hit the twin daggered man in the chest, cough up a bit of blood and would fall to the ground...

Con Save DC 10: 1d20-9 = 4(13 - 9)

He continues to bleed out...

The other two would begin to sweat from their brows, witnessing their friend being dispatched of so easily. "'ll pay for killing Juan!" The fist fighting man would say as he charge right towards the half-orc, winding up quite the straight punch! "Stunning Fist!"

Attack: 1d20+7 = 16(9 + 7)

Damage: 1d6+2 = 7(5 + 2)

DC: 13, Fort Save

The other individual would step back a few paces before pulling out a scroll and then begins to make an incantation of some kind in mystical words!

Will Save DC 15 for Brunkvik!

Map Update:


The two would head out the door, with Chomusuke in tow into the early afternoon of the town. There were no obvious signs of where their half-orc friend would have gone to but despite that, it was quite the lovely day! There were several buildings in front of them; a menagrie of stores or town facilities with a few homes an there was a pathway that would lead upwards to the right of them going to a higher point in the area. Otherwise it was a quiet day in the town.

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As they stepped out of the tavern, Cassan would glance around briefly before saying: "No sign of him, perhaps we take the path upwards to get a better vantage point? At the very least, we coyld better see the city from up there! And if we do not see him, we could always make our way back to the guild hall, or elsewhere if you need anything."

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 11th 03:48

Lucia would sigh a bit. "I told you there's no lead to find him so odds are we aren't going to..... we might as well just enjoy the day a little or heck even ask around and gather more information. Either is better than going home and just waiting for Brunkvik to show back up." She would say as she looked around at the different shops to see if there was anything particularly interesting to go look at.

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Rolls in this post: #1 d20+7 = 18(11 + 7)   #2 d20+10 = 26(16 + 10)   #3 d20+9 = 29(20 + 9)   #4 2d6+2 = 11(3 +6 + 2)   #5 d20+9 = 11(2 + 9)   #6 2d6+2 = 7(3 +2 + 2)   #7 d20+9 = 27(18 + 9)   #8 4d6+4 = 22(6 +4 +4 +4 + 4)  

AC: 17/HP: 31

Fortitude Save: d20+7 = 18(11 + 7)

Will Save: d20+10 = 26(16 + 10)

Shaking off both attacks, Brunkvik would draw his bow up, point black to the fighter in front of him and unleash a flurry of arrows on him!

Flurry of Bows: d20+9 = 29(20 + 9)

Damage: 2d6+2 = 11(3 +6 + 2)

Flurry of Bows: d20+9 = 11(2 + 9)

Damage: 2d6+2 = 7(3 +2 + 2)

Critical Confirmation: d20+9 = 27(18 + 9)

Damage: 4d6+4 = 22(6 +4 +4 +4 + 4)

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Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+3 = 22(19 + 3)   #2 1d6+2 = 4(2 + 2)   #3 1d20+3 = 23(20 + 3)   #4 1d6+2 = 6(4 + 2)   #5 1d20+3 = 23(20 + 3)   #6 1d6+2 = 7(5 + 2)  


The burly man before brunkvik would cough up a bit of blood from the sudden lodging of the arrow in his gut; he didn't even have time to react to it despite being right in front of the half-orc! " that possible?! This guy is too good..." He would say as he clutched his stomach but then anger filled his eyes. "I won't let Juan's death go unavenged! Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fists!" He would shout in anger as he went all out on what he presumed to be his final attack! A left straight to the gut and then a right

Flurry 1: 1d20+3 = 22(19 + 3)

Damage 1: 1d6+2 = 4(2 + 2)

Flurry 2: 1d20+3 = 23(20 + 3)

Damage 2: 1d6+2 = 6(4 + 2)

Confirm: 1d20+3 = 23(20 + 3)

Damage: 1d6+2 = 7(5 + 2)

Fort Save vs Stunning Fist x2: 12

The one in the back that was using the scroll looks shaken at how it's two companions are nearly dropping like flies and pulls out a potion to drink it an then disappears without a word!


Lucia would see several different kinds of interesting looking stores, as in oddities; there was a fishing shop, a generic 'Trade Store', a few trinket selling locations that were within view. Being so far from the main square must've meant that only the oddballs can have a thriving store on the border of the area like this.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 12th 23:36

"Geez, the stores here aren't interesting at all..... maybe I can spot something more interesting up top." She would then begin to make her way up the path.

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Rolls in this post: #1 d20+9 = 26(17 + 9)   #2 2d6+2 = 13(6 +5 + 2)   #3 d20+9 = 27(18 + 9)   #4 2d6+2 = 9(2 +5 + 2)   #5 d20+7 = 9(2 + 7)  

AC: 17/HP: 14

Fortitude Save 1: d20+9 = 26(17 + 9)

Fortitude Save: d20+7 = 9(2 + 7)

1 · by SparxTheHero · Mar 14th 21:37

Cassan would be glancing over the city, not realizing Lucia had already left before turning to see her already on her way up and rushing to catch up to her. "What kind of shop would you like to find, then?" Cassan wouls say, panting a bit. "Surely someone would know better than us where to find such things."

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Rolls in this post: #1 1d20-10 = 4(14 - 10)  


Death Saving Throw: 1d20-10 = 4(14 - 10)

Rogue bleeds out and dies, breathing his last breath...

Seeing as how his stunning fist strike had worked with Brunkvik dropping his bow an arrow before him, he would grimace as he would realize he would die if he didn't flee now as he turned around and dashed off down the alleyway(Run x 4 = 160 ft) with his increased movement. The one that disappeared would still be nowhere to be seen, seemingly also having escaped. Once Brunkvik was able to move his body again, he had a choice; either try to catch up to the escaped monk turned thief or collect the girl an dead rogue's belongings for the rescue attempt.

The little gnome girl would still be sniveling on the ground, holding the silver coins that were thrown at her earlier to her slightly cut neck, traumatized possible...


As the two companions, with Chomusuke beside his master the two would see that the hill is a rather steep incline and that they would see a bridge in the distance that would overlook an alleyway below but was too steep to see from their current angle, along with a Magic Shop at the top! It was a little ritzier than the other shops below though it seemed no one was traversing this side of town, even the patrols seemed to stay away from this particular hill in the area.

Passive Perception Hearing Check: DC 17

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 18th 03:00 · rolls: 2
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+9 = 26(17 + 9)   #2 1d20+7 = 12(5 + 7)  

"Odd that no one seems to be around, wonder if it's because there isn't a lot of magic users....... oh well I wanna check out the magic shop!" She would say excitingly as she began to walk toward the shop.

Passive Perception Hearing Check Lucia: 1d20+9 = 26(17 + 9)

Passive Perception Hearing Check Chomusuke: 1d20+7 = 12(5 + 7)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Mar 18th 03:28

"Dammit, I hate that move." Brunkvik would snarl as he shakes his arms and legs out. He would first pick up his dropped possessions, being sure that he had everything he came here with, save for a handful of arrows. He would then make his way over to the small gnome girl, sitting down near her head, being sure to not make any aggressive or erratic movements.

In a soft tone, he would say.

"Little one, please, pick yourself up. No harm shall come to you, that I can promise."

He would then sit quietly, waiting for her to respond to him.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Mar 20th 21:09 · rolls: 1 · changed: Mar 20th 21:09
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+7 = 10(3 + 7)  

"Ahh yes! A magic shop could be exciting!" Cassan would say as he tags along behind the two. "Not to mention it could be beneficial to introduce ourselves as the new guild, should we require more magical items down the road!"

Passive Perception Hearing Check: 1d20+7 = 10(3 + 7)

1 · by Kinnon17 · Mar 21st 18:57


The little girl was hear an unfamiliar voice speak to her; she would look up to the large half-orc, fear in her eyes still present as she clutches to her neck where the blood was strill fresh but seemed to have stopped bleeding now. Her body tense, visibly shaking softly as she knew not what to do in this situation. "Did...did you save me?" She says in a raspy, yet high pitched voice; it seems the trauma affected her speaking a little. She worth nothing but a long shawl over her body, like that of a dirty potato sack was just drapped over her. Girl couldn't have been past 11 years old in half-orc years Brunkvik would guess.


Chomusuke an Cassan would continue onward hearing nothing but Lucia would hear the whimppering of a small child an a deep yet familiar voice come from below the bridge...she would take a quick glance over the ledge an she would see a half-orc standing next to a small child next to a dead body on the ground. She wouldn't need much detective work to guess who that probably was; Brunkvik got mixed up in something again!

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 21st 20:11

"Oh, hey Brunkvik, we were just wondering where it was you had gotten to. Who's your friend? Is she hurt?" She would say with curiosity as she peered over the bridge.

"I do have some healing magic I could use if needed! We were just about to check out this magic store up here but if assistance is needed we can wait. Chomusuke and Cassan are here too!" She'd say cheerfully with a smile.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Mar 21st 21:39

Cassan would walk over to the edge and peer down, then over to Lucia. "How did you know he was down there?" Cassan would then look back down to them. "Yes, hello! We managed to get a little info while you were out!" Cassan wound pause when he saw the dead body. "Ahh, I see you were busy as well. Should we come down there?"

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Mar 21st 23:42

"Indeed I did, little one. I was not about to sit and watch as those lowlifes snuffed out your young life. Now, would you please let me take a look at that wound on your neck? Even the smallest of cuts can prove to be deadly if not treated correctly."

Brunkvik would say with a soft, almost fatherly tone. Hearing his comrades shout from above, he would motion for them to make their way down to him, all while keeping his eyes upon the young girl in front of him.

"Also, do not worry about those three. They're my allies. They shall not harm you, in fact, the very long-winded one will most likely want to help you in any way she can. I'll try to keep her back for both our sakes."

1 · by Kinnon17 · Mar 22nd 17:26 · changed: Mar 23rd 15:31


The little gnome girl would well up with tears of joy as she listens to your kind words, then letting out a held back cry for a few moments as you converse with your companions an then ask about her wound. "It...doesn't hurt too bad...I was more so just...just scared that I..I was going to die." She removed her hands an with your first aid knowledge you could tell from looking at it that it wasn't deep; just enough to cut, as it was already slowing with the bleeding. She would then look up to your companions, looking at them with a anxiously but would take your word that you would make sure nothing bad would happen as she then goes up to you an grabs hold of one of your strong arms, nuzzling into it as if it were something to comfort her like a doll. "No one...else ever looked out for me before since...I'm not a human or human-like...thank you mister Orc."


Cassan and Lucia would see that the only way down to the tunnel they were in, which was 50 ft. below them was to walk all the way back down the hill on either side...unless they wanted to try and jump down that is.

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Rolls in this post: #1 d20+11 = 25(14 + 11)  

"All innocent life has more than enough value to warrant it being allowed to continue. Now please, allow me to bandage up that cut. It's nothing serious, but it would still benefit from being protected."

If she would allow him to, Brunkvik would bandage up her cut with a use of a healers kit from his pack.

Heal Check: d20+11 = 25(14 + 11)

"Oh, I also did not ask you your name, child. What might it be?"

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 23rd 21:57

"Hmmm, well he didn't exactly ask for my help so I suppose Chomusuke and I will go check out the magic shop while you go check on Brunk and his friend Cassan!" She'd say with a smile on her face.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Mar 24th 04:44

"Ahh! Y-yes, of course. I will go down and see if they need assistance." Cassan would respond, not wanting to argue, seeing Lucia's smile. "We will likely make our way up to the shop shortly!" Cassan would give a short bow to Lucia and Chomusuke before turning back and heading down the path to meet up with Brunkvik and the girl.

1 · by Kinnon17 · Mar 25th 15:57 · changed: Mar 26th 03:44

Timmeh1024 & SparxTheHero-

You would expertly make a soft bandage that was coated with an herb to help stop bleeding an seal wounds quicker; from a distance it would look like she was wearing a white collar. She would feel her throat and smile as she listened to your words, nodding her head in agreement. "My name is Sellys, what is your name mister Orc?" She would ask happily as she would then see your feline companion quickly make his way down the ramp an make his way around the corner to head towards you two. "I know you guys are the new guild people...are you going to try an make this town a better place for all races? Humans, elves an the half-elves are what make up most of the area...but there are a few outsiders like me that don't get looked after. Not that they treat me badly one comes to help, we are like ignored..." She would say as she kicks some dirt across the stone road, showing that she seems to have recovered from the experience somewhat.

Perception to hear for Cassan DC 17



Chomusuke would walk up to the shop, look it over from one side to the next an then come back to Lucia an now that they were mostly alone, actually spoke with his real voice. "Mistress, it would seem that the shop is open but there is no activity from within at all...strikes me as suspicious with how little magic there is in this town, I would be wary with any dealings if you engage with the owner of the store." He would say as he would sit next to her, awaiting what her decision would be next.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Mar 26th 02:21

Take 10 (Perception): 17

As Cassan ran up to the two, hearing what Sellys said, he'd respond saying: "Yes ma'am! We are here to make the world a better place for everyone! Especially those who are not treated fairly." Cassan would frown a bit before turning to a smile. "But don't you worry, my friends and I will see to doing all we can! My name is Cassan, and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, despite the circumstances." Cassan would bow, then glance to Brunkvik, then back to Sellys. "Once we've made sure you're quite alright, maybe you could tell us what happened?" Cassan would flash a warm smile to Sellys.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 26th 02:28 · rolls: 2
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+9 = 29(20 + 9)   #2 1d20+7 = 8(1 + 7)  

"The lack of people is exactly why I want to check it out. A magic shop like this is a bit out of place like you said, all the more reason to check it out. Could possibly give us an idea to some of the other odd things going on in town." She'd say in a more serious tone.

She would then crack a smile. "Worst case hopefully there's some cool things to look at! However, I agree we should be on our guard and prepared for anything." She would say as she pulled out her wands of mage armor and shield using both on her and Chomusuke before proceeding inside.

"Better safe than sorry after all." She'd whisper and give Chomusuke a wink as she put the wands back.

She would then use detect magic on the magic shop to detect any anti magic fields or anything that would cause Chomusuke to disappear. If she detects nothing she would head inside with Chomusuke and look around.

Perception check if she goes in: 1d20+9 = 29(20 + 9)

Chomusuke perception if they go inside: 1d20+7 = 8(1 + 7)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Mar 26th 03:52

"I am known as Brunkvik, little Sellys. And indeed, we are new. We are still working on making a name for ourselves before we can do anything to that extent. From the sounds of it, however, the three of us are sort of in the same predicament. Maybe not to the same level, but, all similar nonetheless. Now, when was the last time you ate something not off of the ground or in the gutters?"

Brunkvik would say as he gingerly places one of his large hands on the little gnome's head.

1 · by Kinnon17 · Mar 26th 04:24


Sellys was not used to people bowing to her as a greeting an blushed a little in confusion an just made a slight nod of her head in reply. "Ummm...Brunkvik said that my neck was fine, so thank you. Juan actually gave us decent food or money to buy it. But...the story isn't something unique I'm sure; those thugs, espcially Juan, manipulated those weaker than him to do small crimes an such...promising that he would give us enough money in return for our saftey from going hungry or getting in trouble with the guard. He rescued me one time when I was almost caught but..." She would grab her left arm an squeeze it tightly, as her visage darkened from what they would assume was recalling a bad memory...

"Basically, in recent times he just had me go around town an look for targets that maybe had a lot of money; observing how strong they look, weapons they carried an such...I got really good at hiding an observing peoples tells but I guess not good enough since Brunkvik was able to follow me, hehe." She said with a smile as she grabbed his hand that was on top of her head; both of her hands only covering up a third of his altogether.


As Lucia would try to detect any dispelling magic on or inside it, she would only detect two small vial shaped objects that gave off those particular energies, Abjuration magic but that was it. More than likely they were potions that did something else than dispelling. As she would enter the door, she would notice Chomusuke was suddenly interested in this praying mantis that was doing a little jig on the window sil; observing it's movements intently as he had never seen such a small insect perform such precise motions before!

Seeing as how her eidolon was distracted for the time being, she got to look at the dutsy magic shop within; it had a rusty bell that sounded like it was dented from the twang of a noise it made. The shelves were pretty barren looking with only several magic books or scrolls filling them. Inside of the glass lidden display cases were small rings or folded cloaks that looked pristine from the outside, no telling how long they had been in there though. There was not a soul to be had save for her in the main area, very quiet too which was a little odd; she thought she would maybe hear someone working or something. The counter was littered with parchment, ink vials and a pen as if a person just got up moments ago from it's location.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 26th 05:28 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+9 = 19(10 + 9)  

Lucia would try and glance at the papers without making it obvious that she was to see if there was anything of interest written on them.

Perception Check: 1d20+9 = 19(10 + 9)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Mar 26th 15:12

"It certainly sounds like you know quite a bit about the area, don't you? We have been trying to gather some information lately about quests we are taking on and having someone with us who knows where to get information would prove invaluable, don't you think, Cassan?"

Brunkvik would look over his shoulder to his comrade. Then, turning back to Sellys, would continue.

"We have a house here in town that is more than large enough to accommodate ourselves along with a little one such as yourself. What do you say you come back with us?"

1 · by SparxTheHero · Mar 26th 15:21

"Oh yes! I think you would be a lovely addition to the guild hall, Sellys!" Cassan would gleam as he spoke. "I'm sure Marney would love to have you around, as well! Now then, if you're feeling up to it, we should go introduce you to Lucia and Chomusuke, they went up to the magic shop up that way, and Lucia seems to have a knack for making new friends, as well."

1 · by Kinnon17 · Mar 27th 20:49


Lucia would see that the notes are actually the formula for a spell it would seem; an unfinished one albeit but still. It looks like it was about making a time delay from when a spell would expire for a reversal of a medusa stone statue. What could someone want to do with a time delay cure for a medsua effect?


Timmeh1024 & SparxTheHero-

Sellys would look at the ground when Brunkvik had complimented her, smiling a bit but then looked back up with potential hope yet a hint of fear. " want me to go with your guild? But...I'm just a kid, I can't do anything to help you guys...I would just be a burden..." She would say as she grabs her left arm again; a nervous tick for her it seems as she gets a little distant look in her eyes. It may take some warming up for her to accept permanent help...

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Mar 27th 21:27

"Oh, on the contrary! You know quite a bit about the surrounding area and the people here which will prove invaluable to us. Throughout my travels, the most difficult thing I have run into regularly is finding a consistent, trustworthy source of information. You, my innocent little one, seem to be about as knowledgeable as I could hope for, and I believe it would turn out to be quite a give and take situation for us. You see, due to my religious beliefs, I lead a very simple life overall. Thanks to this, I tend to have a fair sum of extra income saved up. Your giving us knowledge of the area and its people is more than a fair trade for simple food, lodging, and the occasional luxury, don't you agree, Cassan? Plus, I know from prior experience that your kind proves to be quite adept with magic, given the right training, and if you still don't feel like you're contributing enough in return, there is always aiding Marney and the other, future members of our guild with whatever they need."

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 28th 01:23 · changed: Mar 28th 01:23

"It appears there could be a reason no ones around here Chomusuke. The papers here are trying to figure out a time delay cure for a medusa effect. We definitely need to be on our guard here. So what do you say we check out this pathway back here. Could be something interesting!"

She'd say to Chomusuke while looking down the pathway.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Mar 28th 22:52

"Oh, absolutely! Brunkvik is right, you know. Besides, it wouldn't be right if we didn't offer to help you. That's why we're here!" Cassan would wink at Sellys. "What do you say? Willing to give it a chance?"

1 · by Kinnon17 · Mar 29th 00:34 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+7 = 23(16 + 7)  

SparxTheHero & Timmeh1024-

Sellys would smile a bit as she listened to Brunkvik's compliments on how useful she actually would be for them, though it didn't last long as she felt he was making her out to be better than she actually was in reality. Though will how much they were wanting to help her, she didn't feel it right to turn them away. "Alright, you guys win...but you need to work on your flattery skills; you are going a bit too far, Brunkvik." She would smile at the two of them and would nod her head as she dusted herself off, walking over to stand next to Brunkvik. "Let's go meet this Marney that was with you guys earlier then!"


"Ah, yes o-of course!" Chomusuke would be startled and then quickly use his tentacles to open the door an quickly yet quietly follow Lucia. He seems to feel some embarrassment at his easily amused moment with the praying mantis on the window sill. As they would make their way past the doorway, they would come upon a deplorable excuse of a lab; broken beakers, scattered papers and materials were all over the back room. Boxes knocked over an such, though the shelves of books and potions were very organized with proper labels an such adorning all of them. The main work bench on the west side of the building was massive an just as cluttered as the resources on the ground with a tablecloth that seemed to be a few sizes too large, as it touched the ground an clearly was dirty.

"I don't like the feel of this area something is lying in wait for whoever stumbles in here..." Her eidolon companion said as he went around and looked over the boxes that were turned upside down.

Perception Check Chomusuke: 1d20+7 = 23(16 + 7)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Mar 29th 00:50 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+11 = 27(16 + 11)  

Brunkvik would laugh heartily.

"You have me there, Sellys. I've never been good at compliments, since I am typically more of an observer than a speaker. Maybe you can help me out with that!"

Brunkvik would stand back up, looking over to the body of the thug he had killed.

"Cassan, that is one of three individuals who were planning on attacking us in order to rob us. One of the other two was a spellcaster, while the other was a Martial artist of sorts. That one there was a thief or at least he appeared as one. If we don't take what he has of use on him, someone else will come by and do so."

Brunkvik would walk over towards the body, placing his hand in front of Sellys to indicate he didn't want her following him. He would then look over the body, seeing if the individual had any hidden items on his person.

Perception Check: d20+11 = 27(16 + 11)

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 29th 02:48 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+9 = 11(2 + 9)  

Luca would close her eyes "Be careful, on the off chance there is a Medusa here somehow using your eyes can be dangerous. Stupid me didn't even think about that possibility before coming back here. I'm no where near the combat capabilities of Brunkvik so I'll be relying on you a lot here if something goes wrong Chomusuke."

She would then take a deep breath to recollect herself before focusing her senses of smell and hearing for anything unusual while also casting detect magic on the room.

Perception Sound and Smell: 1d20+9 = 11(2 + 9)

1 · by SparxTheHero · Mar 31st 22:35

"I see. Well, it looks as though you were more than equipped to handle them!" Cassan would say to Brunkvik, then turn to Sellys. "Oh, that's not Marney, that's Lucia! Marney is our guildmarm, she's still back at the guild hall. Now then, let's make our way up to meet up with Lucia, shall we?" Cassan would say as he gestured to the path.

1 · by Kinnon17 · Apr 04th 04:35 · changed: Apr 08th 15:10


Sellys would look away from where Brunkvik was going over to the body of Juan...she didn't mind to look, she didn't like him after all but she wasn't used to see the bodies of people she once knew. To get her mind off it, she replied to Cassan's statement. "Oh, I see...what is a guildmarm? It's a funny name of a job, if that's what she is called hehe. And Lucia...that's a pretty name, is she nice like you guys are? Same with Marney, though I'd understand if they wouldn't be used to having a child around, being in a Guild and all." She huffed as she kicked some more dust on the ground; she didn't seem to like being treated as a child in most cases, unless she was being praised it seemed.

Brunkvik would find a folded piece of parchment that was inside of a special pocket in the thief's shirt; unfurled an it would have a list of three names, times nd addresses. Sellys name was on it but nothing else was seen on it. Could there be others?


Lucia wouldn't hear or smell anything out of the ordinary as she went on about looking over the room. Chomusuke was having no luck either as checked out the boxes, flipping them over to see if anything peculiar was inside of them; they ended up empty as he did one by one an just as he got to the last box, they heard a very low moan come from under the work bench that was completely draped with the tablecloth. Her summon quickly had his tendrils at the ready, slowly walking over to Lucia's side to protect her " sounds like some kind of creature is under that table...should I attack it?"

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Apr 05th 18:35 · changed: Apr 05th 18:36

"We don't know what it is. I don't wanna kill someone's house pet. I also don't know if it's a person. If we act too fast then it would be a terrible public image for us. I say we try to see what it is first. If we deem it a threat we'll take it out then. I'll try speaking to it if you wanna move in for a closer look. I'll keep you covered."

She would say as she opened her eyes again.

"Hello! Is someone there? We can help you if you need some assistance." She would say in the direction of the mysterious noise.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Apr 08th 16:06

"Yes, I would say they are both quite nice! I can't speak for them, but I can't imagine they'd nind having you around. As for her title, she is in charge of quest information and the guild hall, to some extent." Cassan would say as they made their way along. "And when we meet with Lucia, don't mind her friend. He doesn't talk, really, but he's friendly enough."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Apr 10th 03:07 · changed: Apr 11th 16:26

Brunkvik would think to himself,

I wonder if these names are more children like Sellys. It's more than likely best I keep this to myself for now.

He would then collect any weapons, gold, and other items off of the body and putting the items in his backpack before turning back to Sellys and Cassan.

"Well, what do you say we see what trouble Lucia has gotten herself into? I can only imagine what her curiosity has gone and made her do."

1 · by Kinnon17 · Apr 20th 22:07 · changed: Apr 22nd 06:19


As Lucia would shout out her offer of assistance, the groan would grow louder as they would hear a scraping noise against the ground under the table followed by a muffled voice. "Mmm, don eed to out, I'm oming..." As the tablecloth would reveal a person that was petrified but only in certain places of their body; part of their mouth and legs, along with their left hand but everything else was fine. Was quite a sight to behold; it was not known that basilisk petrification would not fully envelop their target!

"Who are you? You're ot my elivery erson, are you tieves??"

Chomusuke would hiss in surprise and shock as they person revealed themselves; he seemed to have never seen something like this either. "Mistress, it is a monster! Should I kill it for you??"



Sellys would perk up a bit at hearing they had nice guildmates and that they wouldn't mind children really an looked up to Cassan "Oh, theres even more of you? What is her friend like? Why doesn't he talk much?" She would have kept asking more questions but at hearing Brunkvik say he was ready to head out, she turned back towards the orc and nodded her head. "Well, whatever trouble it is I don't think it could handle you, mister orc!" She would say with a bright smile on her face as she held her hands behind her back in a cute fashion, waiting for him to join them to go meet Lucia.

Timmeh1024 ONLY-

You had claimed the following items; 2 Masterwork Daggers, 1 potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, 2 bottles of Alchemist Fire, and a...blank wizards book?

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Apr 22nd 02:59

"Not yet, he looks like he's in trouble. Probably the one trying to figure out the solution to that Medusa Effect formula I saw on the counter while you were distracted."

"No sir, we're not thieves. We were actually stopping in to check out your shop. I know some magic shops tend to have cool stuff in the back and figured if the path back here was open we could come check it out. We're actually with the new guild in town, although it doesn't have a name yet, kinda embarrassing actually." She would giggle a little before getting serious again.

"I'm guessing you're the one with the medusa effect reversal formula on the counter out front is your work. I've traveled a lot of different places and gathered a lot of knowledge in that time. If you tell me what you know already, I can help you research the rest. There isn't many people up in this part of the city so I imagine getting help isn't easy. Who or what did this to you? And how long have you been like this?"

1 · by SparxTheHero · Apr 22nd 03:11

"Well, as of right now, we've mentioned everybody. Her friend is large, a bit scary looking. You probably saw him walking with us. As for why he does not talk, I'm not sure, but she seems to speak with him a lot." Cassan would say, almost shrugging. "Ah yes, we should make our way up there now. She's probably fine, but we should make sure." Cassan would flash a smile, then gesture on ahead, saying: "Shall we?"

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Apr 22nd 03:18

Brunkvik would nod and allow for Cassan to lead them to where Lucia would be.

"Cassan, Lucia can speak telepathically with Chomusuke. I can definitely tell you that he will keep her safe to the best of his abilities. I have seen him fight first-hand, and he can be quite a handful for even some seasoned warriors. And Sellys, you don't have to worry about him hurting you, but don't be too sudden with your movements. Think of him like a large, canine protecting its territory. In this case, his territory is Lucia."

1 · by Kinnon17 · Apr 25th 20:33


The half-petrified person would look at the woman before him in disbelief; she was giving him a whole rundown of what she was doing, why she was there and who she was with...while he was writing in discomfort at being half-stone on the floor in his own shop! He wasn't sure if she was a fool or mad, possibly both but she had said she read his scroll formula somewhere in that weird introduction. "Ok ok, I don eed your ife storee; grag those scrolls and rea the one arked ive at ah top, ease!" He would say with some trouble as parts of his face and inside of his mouth were still stone.

Chomusuke would tilt his head to the side and then look up to Lucia with some confusion, " you understand his slurred speech? He is worse than some of the drunks at that tavern we were just at..."



Sellys would nod her head and kind of rock back an forth on her toes with excitement. "So...he is like her pet or something? I can't imagine a monster would be just...friends with a human like that or any person for that matter but I want to see him too! Let's get going, tehee!"

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Apr 26th 07:54 · changed: May 02nd 00:09

"I can make out most of what he's saying, what I can't I just try to fill in the blanks with words that sound similar and see what fits best..... though I'll admit, this last request he made, after pointing out that he doesn't need our life story, seems like he said he needs me to read a scroll marked a scroll with a 5 but I'm not 100% sure.... at least he said please! Sort of. Keep an eye on him while I grab those scrolls.... or at least the one with the mark...."

Lucia would then proceed to use detect magic on the scrolls and if she detected nothing read the one that she was asked to read.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Apr 27th 17:23

"I wouldn't call him a pet to his face, but despite how it seems, he seems to be rather intelligent and very protective of her." Cassan would say as they made their way up. "Not to mention powerful, he's pretty big."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Apr 27th 17:29 · rolls: 1 · changed: Apr 27th 17:30
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+11 = 27(16 + 11)  

Brunkvik would be sure to keep Sellys in front of him as they walked so that she didn't fall behind them. He would be sure to keep his eyes open and pay attention to his surroundings just in case one of the two surviving bandits tries anything funny.

Perception Check: d20+11 = 27(16 + 11)

1 · by Kinnon17 · May 01st 23:31


Lucia would see that one of them was completed being written an that it was magical in nature; a few seconds more would find that it was a Stone to Flesh Spell, unfortunately not something you can cast or try to use. Perhaps the partially petrified person would be able to use it?

Chomusuke would nod his head as he would sit nicely on the ground near the person while he waited for Lucia to return. While he knew it meant them no harm, he wanted to stand guard for his mistress.



Brunkvik would not see anyone following them this time; perhaps the other two just figured to cut their losses and skip town? Either way, without dedicating time to hunt them, it would seem that danger has passed for now.

Sellys would ooo at Cassan's explanation further of the large creature, really curious what he looked like now and nodded her head that she wouldn't call him a 'pet' "So, just call him Chomusuke then? Nothing else huh, okies! I got it!" She would say as a few minutes of rounding the corner, they had made it to the top of the hill with the store there, door closed and dark inside still. Not looking like much was going on inside or at least from this distance

1 · by TopSlayer117 · May 02nd 00:17

Lucia would walk back to the man again with the scroll in hand. "I see you have a stone to flesh spell here on this scroll. Sadly I myself am not able to use it, but it appears to be a probable solution to your problem if you're able to use it in your current state. I would like to ask some questions though. I'm especially curious as to how this all happened and why this part of town is so quiet. Though we can get that stuff answered after we fix you up!" She would say as she then smiled at the man.

1 · by SparxTheHero · May 02nd 17:13 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+11 = 29(18 + 11)  

"I do not like that the store is dark and silent. If it was closed and she left, wouldn't she have come to us?" Cassan would say with a tinge of worry. "I will go check to door, perhaps she is inside." Cassan will gingerly walk up to the door and try the door handle. Assuming it is still unlocked, Cassan will attempt to open it as quietly as he can.

Stealth Check: 1d20+11 = 29(18 + 11)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · May 03rd 01:25 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+11 = 30(19 + 11)  

Brunkvik would walk up to be next to Sellys, preparing himself in case someone were to happen. He would squat down next to her, putting his finger in front of his mouth to tell her to keep quiet. He would keep a lookout of the area around the shop for any possible movement while Cassan crept ahead.

Perception Check: d20+11 = 30(19 + 11)

1 · by Kinnon17 · May 06th 21:01


As Lucia came back an started to talk to the stonified shopkeep, he groaned as he grabbed the scroll from her hand and then read the spell aloud as a soft, white flash enveloped his body and revealed that he had been cured of his stonification. "Thank all mighty Nethys that worked, know how painful it is to be half stone?! It is pure agony and the amount of talking and questioning when I was needing help was not entirely appreciated lady but...ha...thank you all the same." He would say with a sigh as he slowly stood up an Lucia could have a better look at him now.

He was an aberage height human, perhaps in his later years but not quite graying yet; brown hair and eyes, nothing overly showy or to brag about, just...completely average you would presume? He dusted himself before he made a slight bow of appreciation. "I am Luke Visselben, Wizard of this town basically but...nobody really comes to my shop anymore except the captain of the guard, everyone else is afraid of my 'experiments' that they don't risk it anymore. As you can tell from earlier, they don't always end well..." He looks around his shop and sighs, "And now I have this major mess to clean...if you wouldn't mind helping me, I would be more obliged to answer the rest of your questions, seeing as how you are part of the new guils that's come to help right?"



Cassan was able to quietly get up to the door an it qas unlocked, peering inside from the crack he made he didn't see anything out of the ordinary except from some shadowy shapes that were being illuminated from the back room. He couldn't tell what they looked like quite yet from this distance but there was at least three of them an the feminine voice sounded a little familiar but without spending a moment to precisely identify it, he couldn't assume who it was.

Sellys would nod her head as she understood what he was meaning her to do, though she had a confused look on her face about the whole situation; was her hometown really this dangerous on the regular that these skilled individuals had to be so cautious? Brunkvik would not see or hear anything out of the ordinary; a rat going into an empty barrel on the east side of the building, a sparrow quitely nesting on the 2nd floor windowsil of the west side of the buildiny but nothing else around them gave him any reaosn for concern.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · May 07th 02:20

Lucia would smile at the man "I would be delighted to help you clean up! I do apologize, I sometimes have a bad habit of rambling with excitement when it comes to solving things involving the arcane and especially the other planes of existence!" She'd say with a slightly embarrassed giggle. "My name is Lucia, one of the three leaders of the new guild in town. This here is my companion Chomusuke. He's without a doubt my greatest ally, but most importantly, my longest and best friend." She would say giving Chomusuke a big hug before standing straight up again. "So, what would you like help cleaning first Mr. Visselben?"

1 · by Timmeh1024 · May 07th 02:29

"So, Sellys, what can you tell me about this shop? Anything odd about it or is it a pretty normal shop? I think Lucia is in there and I can only imagine she's gotten herself into something. Like we said, she's very curious, almost too much so sometimes."

Brunkvik would say in a slightly lower tone, not quite a whisper, but not at regular volume either.

1 · by SparxTheHero · May 07th 12:56 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+7 = 21(14 + 7)  

Cassan would continue sneaking through the shop, trying his best to pick up on the conversation as well as trying to make out who was in the back room.

Perception: 1d20+7 = 21(14 + 7)

1 · by Kinnon17 · May 11th 20:52


Luke would look over Chomusuke with a discerning eye and nod his head after a few moments. "I see, I can appreciate the desire for knowledge about the arcane as well...perhaps I was just a bit rude with being in pain and all. He looks like a capable Eidolon to be sure." He would say with a slight smirk.

Chomusuke would nuzzle back to Lucia as she gave him a hug, slightly surprised to hear that the person before them knew exactly what he was but figured if he runs a magic shop he must've seen a lot during his time. "My lady, is such tedious manual labor really necessary for you? I could just do everything for you, should you ask." He said in a chivalrous tone in his voice.

Luke then walked over a few paces to grab a broom an then walk back to Lucia, handing it to her. "No place better than the basics; if you could sweep up any broken glass or small stuff on the ground, that would help. I will gather my scattered papers an if you could have your friend move my knocked over boxes, that would help immensely."



Cassan would hear the voices in the back much more clearly now; the voice was definitively Lucia's and hearing Chomusuke's name solidified it as she introduced themselves, hopefully releasing the tension in the cat-man's shoulders from the skulking around. Seens like she had actually made friends with the shopkeep!



Sellys would shrug her shoulders at Brunkvik's question, "It's a magic shop, is there a 'normal' for those kind of things? The owner is named Luke I think, I have only met him a few times since...err, cuz of jobs Juan made me do... but I don't think he is a bad guy, just obsessed with magic really." She would say rubbing the side of her arm slightly, again probably thinking of ill times spent with that gang doing whatever else kind of work they forced upon her.

1 · by SparxTheHero · May 11th 20:59

Cassan would relax himself, relieved to hear Lucia chatting away, unharmed. He would regain his composure before making his way back to the door to sneak out as to not startle those in the back room. As he exits, he will turn to Sellys and Brunkvik and say: "Lucia is in there, safe and sound chatting up the shopkeeper. Sorry for the odd behavior, but after that apparent skirmish, I'd rather be wary than regretful." Cassan would flash a smile. "Shall we enter proper this time?"

1 · by Timmeh1024 · May 11th 21:11

"Sometimes even ordinary shops have certain quirks about them. I'm just being cautious, as I usually am. Unless I have to, I'm not one to break into someone's shop, so I figured I would ask someone who knows more about the area."

Brunkvik would stand back up, nodding to Cassan. Then, turning back to Sellys, saying,

"You see, young lady? You're already helping us simply by giving us information on places you only know a little about. I can only imagine how much information you have about places you're familiar with. Now, shall we?"

Brunkvik would hold out his hand for Sellys to take, if she so desired.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · May 11th 23:30 · changed: May 11th 23:30

Lucia would take the broom with a smile and begin to sweep up broken items. "It's alright Chomusuke, the two of us working together to help will get it done faster and be easier on both of us! Let me know if you need some help with the boxes!"

"So what were you working on that you turn half of yourself stone? If you don't mind me asking." She would ask as she continued to sweep.

1 · by Kinnon17 · May 16th 04:08


Sellys would shake her head with a soft smile and take Brunkvik's hand. "I feel like no matter what I say to you, you won't listen to me mister Orc. That info was something anyone in town could probably give you but I will try to stop down-talking myself." She would say and then make a slight nod to Cassan. "Yes, we should; he might have some things that could help you guys out an if she is making friends with him, you guys might get a discount even!" She would giggle before walking towards the door to enter the shop.



Chomusuke would nod his head as then commanded his several tendrils to gingerly pick up an place back in neat stacks of the boxes that had littered the floor with diligence. He seemed to be okay with the menial labor as long as his mistress saw value in the effort they were putting forth but he would every so often look back to make sure she was okay.

Luke would get onto his knees and begin to collect all the scattered papers by the table he was underneath. "I tell you...when you suddenly start to turn to stone on portions of your body, it is very disorientating an painful. I can't believe that I made this kind of mess from my...thrashing about, as it were. Thank goodness that delivery boy didn't come in before you though, I doubt he would've had the stomach to investigate and help like you did, so I do appreciate your nosiness." He would then sigh as he decided that he would tell her since she already saw his papers from earlier. "Not sure if you know but with artificers an making potion of too high of potency it doesn't work? Well...I have been trying to contest that theory with some, let's say, controversial methods that most wouldn't dare to try. I thought I finally had it this time when I jurry-rigged the time delay potion dropping mechanic after I turned myself to stone an then came back to consciousness but then...shortly after the potion backfired an try to restone my body completely though it seems that I had gotten the quantity wrong on top of my other calculations as it only did about fifty-percent of my body instead, thankfully I guess." He would say whilst shaking his head, getting together more notes.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · May 16th 05:39

"I see. I suppose higher potency means more money if you can get it to work. Also it adds to the legacy you leave behind. I image a city like this, it's hard to make a name for yourself in magic I imagine. Though with the troubles with the supposed sirens and the Locathah there could be some room to grow yet!" She said as she kept sweeping

1 · by SparxTheHero · May 16th 18:50

"I agree, it would be nice to get some supplies, especially if they are magical." Cassan would say as they made their way to the door. Cassan would then knock on the front door, wait a moment, then open the door. "Hello? Anyone in here?"

1 · by Timmeh1024 · May 22nd 21:47

"I will leave any negotiations to the two of you. I am in no dire need of anything, but one never knows if something could come along that interests them."

Brunkvik would follow Cassan into the building, making sure Sellys was in front of him going in.

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jul 03rd 01:21 · changed: Jul 03rd 01:21


Luke would nod his head at her observation; he didn't want to become famous per sae but making money an just living a life in a place where he was the best at what he did was more than enough for him. "That you are right about...though, I do not know of any attack spells myself or rather, I decided against that kind of vocation. Specializing in Transmutation magic. I-" Before he could finish, he heard a voice come from the front of the store preceded by maybe a soft knock? "Would seem I have potential customers coming in. You have helped me enough for now if you have other Guild matters to attend to, it's not like this mess is going anywhere haha." He would say sarcastically as he would walk to through the doorway, closing the curtain behind him.

"Hello there travelers, I...well, I hope you aren't here to cause trouble with that little one with you. She...tends to be keep ill company about her..." Luke would say as he dusted himself off by the counter, collecting his leftover papers an stashing them from view with a suspicious look on his face of Sellys.



Sellys would droop her head down, though she didn't pout since she was expecting this kind treatment based on from before. "H-Hello mister Luke...I won't cause you any trouble an neither will these men. They are good people, they saved me." She said turning back to Brunkvik an looking up to him with a very kind smile; her eyes glistened with adoration and hope from the man that had healed her an rescued her from her tumultuous life, a slight blush on her pale purple skin could be seen.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Jul 06th 21:26

"Indeed, I fought the bandits using her, and managed to take one out. The other two escaped, but you should have nothing to worry about. I did not claim any connection to anyone or anywhere when the challenge was issued. If any of them try to enact any sort of vengeance for their comrade, be assured that I will strike them back harder than the last time we faced each other."

Brunkvik would give a bow to the shop owner, showing that he was being serious before continuing.

"The young lady speaks the truth in her claims that we rescued her. She will be leading a much better life in the future and will be helping others as much as possible to get them to trust her, even though her deeds were only committed to keep herself alive."

Brunkvik would squat down, gently place his hand on Selly's back and giving her a very gentle push forward while saying,

"Now Sellys, do you have something to say to Master Luke before we go too much further?"

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jul 09th 02:45

Cassan would bow, "My friend here speaks the truth. We're here to help where we are needed. Now then, what have we missed?"

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jul 09th 03:25

Lucia would hear her commands voices. "Sounds like the others are here Chomusuke, maybe we should go say hi. Though I feel bad leaving that poor man to clean this mess alone. Never did get the chance to ask him about the Sirens yet either. Hmmm, well I suppose we can always stay and help after."

She would stand the broom up against the wall and walk down the hall to the front. "Hello my fellow compatriots! Everything under the bridge all taken care of?"

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