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Guild Start Up(Private Game)

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In the world of Golarion, specifically in the lands of the Inner Sea Region was a resurgence of Guilds. The movement was slow but then once it got the momentum, it quickly became adopted in all countries for the Guild Association to pracrice in. And in the beginning of this golden age of Guild status rising, we look upon our group of adventurers who got the permission to start their first guild in the land of Taldor in the small town of Karakuru.

It is here, the three friends come upon the old manor of the previous mayor that resided in town, before it was left unfinished during the fall of the Golden Age for the country. The Langely Estate(to be changed once decided) was their first home; they would need some help from the local folk to get it back in working order and had about 100 gold left to their name after the purchase and licesning bonuses the association gave them. Along with a guidebook to the rules they would need to follow, as listed here...

"Welcome to the Taldorian Guild Asociation!

Here is the criteria of what your guild is allowed to do as part of the addocation and what other free reign you have for your own Guild Rules!

Tier 1 Status~

Member Limit(Excluding essential staff; cooks, bookeep, etc.): 10

Quest Level Access: Tier 1 and Tier 2(Most are received by your local or neighboring towns, some may be sent to you but will be withing your home continent)

Quest Quota(All quests completed by any members, not just leaders): 4 Successful Quests completed per calendar Month.

Alloted Allowance for Guild(To be used for Upkeep/Upgrades Only): 100 Platnium(A finance report needs to be filled out and sent to your Regions Guild HQ for record keeping)

Tier Up Requirement: Either of the following, whichever happens first; 6 months of continious profiting/quest fufillment, Reccomendation from another Guild, or Special Circumstances(Only at Regional HQ Discretion)

As long as you adhere to these rules and tenants an report all success/failure of quests completed by your Guild to the Regional HQ, you can operate within your scope of influence. Morals, Ethics are to your design, though remember if it harms the overall influence of the Guild Association, termination of the Guild will be the least of your concerns!"

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Langley Estate

Incomplete Mansion~

Bedroom count: 10(5 in each wing; 3 on ground floor and 2 on the second floor)

Lobby area: 50' x 30'

Kitchen Area: 30' 15'

Dinning Room: 40' x 30'

Pantry: 25' x 25'

Finished Rooms: Lobby, Pantry Storeroom, Kitchen, Dinning Room

Unfinished Rooms: All Bedrooms, front and Back Courtyard unkempt.

Each bedroom is 20' x 20', can either be demolished to combine into larger rooms or segregated further to make smaller rooms for whatever function the group desires. Cost and time to do so will depend on the number of people working on it and how much materials are needed for those rooms.

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Week One; Day One 08/01/4719~

The outside of the manor was quite the sight; a lot of money had gone into the restoration of it an now it was complete for the new tenants of it. The big double doors swung open as a tall, gaunt man stepped forward and took off his tophat as he turned around to the new owners; a half-orc by the name of Brunkvik, a half-elf named Lucia and lastly a catfolk named Cassan.

"This is it folks, the old Langley Estate; new coats of paint, finished interior of the kitchen, dinning room and bedrooms as basic as they come. We believe in minilist design to start an let the guilds build upon it from there. You have free reign of the title an deed, placed upon that table right there." He pointed towards the dinning room, there was a small black case with a lock fastened onto it with the key sitting next to it. He then walked about the base floor a bit before putting his hat back on an then walked up to each of the young owners giving them a personal, master key to all the locks. "This is just the beginning for you three as part of the Guild within the Region. If you have any questions, send for me at this address. If by horse, should only take 3 days to receive an 3 days again for me to reply. By sender bird, 1 day either way but more expensive you know. Either way, you have a bulletin board in the lobby here with some requests that are fresh from the area. You have until the end of the month to complete 4 quests an submit a finance report along with Public opinion and success report of quests an personnel recruitment for the last week."

He then tipped his tophat to the three before turning around an heading out of the door; not before looking back one last time to give them his name. "Name is Jensen by the way, hope you all do the Taldor Guild proud.~"

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Lucia would look around examining everything with an excited glimmer in her eyes. "This is amazing! Way better than sleeping in tents of hotels! I can't wait to add a bar, a stage, a big bath, the coziest bed ever, and so many books with my research and other in them! It's going to be great! "

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"Thank you for your time, Jensen. We look forward to working with you in the days to come." Brunkvik would say as he extends a shallow bow to Jensen on his way out.

After Jensen were to have left, Brunkvik would turn to his companion, saying, "Feel free to spend your money on whatever you want, Lucia." he would chuckle at the abundant excitement of his companion. "I will be more than satisfied with the most minimal room necessary, since I do not plan on spending all that much time indoors. If I could help it, I'd almost rather sleep outside in the fresh air, but most of the people around here would likely think that to be odd."

Setting his packs down on the ground, out of the way from where anyone could trip over them, Brunkvik and would appreciate the space they now had to conduct the operations of their small guild.

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"This is fantastic! Much more room than I expected for our first Guild Hall!" Cassan would exclaim as he looked about the inside of the building.

"Hopefully the locals will be accepting of our presence! I'd hate to be a thorn in their side!" Cassan would also set his bags down to the side of the room, and stretch his back as he continued. "After all, we're here to help them with the issues they have!"

Cassan would then turn to his companions, "That being said, we should probably get to work. We need to hire people and finish quests before we can progress!"

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Just as the three were beginning to settle in; taking in the sights of their new base of operations, their new home...there came a couple of raps on the closed double doors behind them. Followed soon by a moderate pitched, feminine voice breaching the solid oak material. "Hello? Is this the new guild that opened up? That man, Jensen I think, told me this was the address...said you guys could maybe use some help starting up an...if you'd have me, I would love to help out!"

The voice had some pep into it, though it wasn't quite the normal human that they had heard in their past journeys...almost a bit more animalistic yet still refined to listen to. Already it seemed like the guild was sending help their way for the daily tasks that lay ahead of them!

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Cassan would walk up to the door and open it, responding, "Ahh, welcome! We didn't expect anyone so soon! What, might I ask, is your specialty?"

Sense Motive: 1d20+7 = 24(17 + 7)

Cassan would look her over, trying to ascertain if she was being genuine while they spoke.

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"YAY COMPANY!!!!!!" Lucia would would begin running to the door "Guess you're boring work stuff is gonna have to wait Cassan. Well at least everyone else gets to wait a bit. You already have work to do Mr. Recruiter." Hehehe she would snicker a bit. "Plus I have to show Chomusuke around still!"

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Brunkvik would quietly observe their guest. Being sure to watch her body language closely. (I'm using his Study Target ability) He would not be suspicious of her, rather he would just prefer to see how she carries herself and how her overall tone was.

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As the group would open wide the double doors of their guild, they would see a fuzzy shape come into view; it was a smaller than average wolf-looking female that had appeared at their doors! She was dressed in adventuring looking clothes, though in pristine condition as she would slightly wave to them with a meek smile across her muzzle. "H-Hello there! My, he wasn't kidding when he said a couple of you were a lively bunch but that's good! I'm Marney! I used to be a travller but it wqs too dangerous for my taste...instead, I decided that I wanted to help first time adventurers learn the ropes so they could have better luck than me! I think he said the profession was called...a Guildmarm?"

  • -----------

Cassan could detect only sincerity in her voice as she spoke, with a hint of nervousness. Despite the potential opposition he would have; him a cat she a wolf, he could tell she was being genuine with her reply.

  • -----------

Other than her soft tone, Brunkvik could only tell she was telling the truth of not being a fighter; her standing posture and fleeting eye contact would all be hints that she really was green around the ears.

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"Ahh, of course! We'd be happy to have you, I think! As you can probably tell, we've only just arrived and we don't really have anything set up quite yet, but we are hopeful and optimistic!" Cassan would beam as he spoke, excited to talk about it.

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Lucia would suddenly interject "Now now Cassan no need to give her our whole life story I'm sure she's not interested in hearing about us boring folk. Now then Marney my name is Lucia, I will be doing you're interview today."

She would then take a deep breath and begin asking questions with a curious tone but also rapid pace. "So what pay are you looking to earn? How long will you be looking to stay with the guild? How many adventures have you been on? Are you single? How many other guilds have you helped? Do you enjoy singing and dancing? What kind of position are you looking for? Would you be staying here or do you have another place you'd be staying? How well do you know the area?" Lucia then begins breathing heavy trying to regain her breath from all the excitement, rapid fire questions, and forgetting to pause to breathe from the excitement she had.

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"Lucia, you're going to overwhelm the little one by bombarding her with questions like that. As them once at a time, and give her adequate time to provide you with a response. She is only just meeting us. We have plenty of time to get to know her."

Brunkvik would calmly walk over to Marney, placing his left hand across his chest as a butler would do, as well as providing a polite bow to her.

" I apologize for my friend's excitement, but meeting new people is one of her favorite things to do. My name is Brunkvik. It is very nice to make your acquaintance. Please feel free to take your time answering her questions and do not hesitate to ask some of your own."

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Marney nearly broke out in a visible sweat from the bombarding questions from Lucia. She took a step back to get some breathing room an was taken aback that the orcish owner was the voice of reason of the group it seemed at the moment. "O-Okay...I'll try to asnwer as many as I remember, hehe." She made a nervous laugh as made a hand gesture in front of herself, whilst closing her eyes before she took a deep breath an opened her eyes, which now had a certain gleam in them.

"Average price of a Chronicler, closest job relating to Guildmarm, is five gp/day but I am willing to negotiate. I wish to have permanent employment with your establishment, as long as you function within the realm set by the Regional HQ. I have been on five recorded Adventures and three unrecorded, personal ones. That is personal but as of right now, single but not looking. This would be the first official help I have given a guild. I do not take myself as a singer but I do like dancing. As stated when first addressed, a Guildmarm. I was hoping to request lodging withing the Guild itself. I have been in the eastern part of Taldor for well over three years; I would say I have adequate knowledge." She replied in tandem to every single question right away and gasped for air, just like Lucia had when she first asked the questions.

"You all seem like nice, energetic people...the only thing I would ask is that I hope you will consider my application for the position, if it is open that is. If not, I understand and would leave your presence immediately if you wished." She would say with a deep bow and would hold it as she would await the groups repaone to their answers.

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Brunkvik would rub his chin, still closely observing Marney.

"Might I ask if there is a reason why you decided to come to us rather than a more well known guild? You definitely seem like someone who would be a good fit for the position based on your appearance, but I definitely believe a shorter contract is better outright. If you are able to prove your tangible and intangible abilities over the course of said contract, you definitely could be considered for a much longer, if not permanent extension. I, myself, am no good when it comes to much anything outside if combat and a bit of tracking so anyone who can assist with dealings within the guild would be of great assistance."

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Lucia would pat Brunkvik on the back with a smile on her face. "You're always so modest Brunkvik, if it wasnt for you who knows if I'd even be here. You provide decent company when you feel like it! You're much more than a combat junkie! I personally think you sound great for our little group here! Now then, if we're talking contracts and such I'll leave that to Mr. Pr guy over there..." she turns away from the group while pointing her thumb back toward Cassan

As she began walking away she would continue "...I gotta go get Chomusuke, we have important work to do! I mean I can't possibly pick out my bedroom without him, gotta make sure he can hang out in there with me comfortably after all! Have fun you three! Let me know how it goes!"

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"My apologies for not properly introducing myself, Marney, my name is Cassan Ovadon and I am officially in charge of the hiring process here at our currently unnamed guild." Cassan would remove his claw blades before extending his hand out to shake.

"You are the first to inquire about joining our ranks as we have only just arrived and haven't begun preparations yet. That being said, you seem like a wonderful fit for the guild, though I would have to agree with Brunkvik that a short-term contract may be better suited, if for nothing else than for you to see if it is a good fit for you!"

Cassan would smile warmly, awaiting her response.

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"Being the forst is precisely what I was intending to do! You see...the established guilds already have people for that position, even recommendations of others within the guild of who would take next. So it is very hard to be a newbie with little experience to provide in that kind of setting...and hearing how varied your species were as opening owners, I figured I stood a good chance for some equal opportunity." She would say with a bit of emotion behind her words, as she slowly stood bsck up though would look to her left as she felt a bit saddened that they wouldn't get her hired permanently.

Her ears perked up though once she heard Cassan say that, he basically already would accept her for the role as long as she proved herself worthy for the part. "You mean...I already have the job?! By saying that you want to see if I am a good fit would imply you are agreeing to it!" She would eagerly grab his paw with both of her own as she would gleam with excitement as she shook his hand. "I'll be sure to show you that I am your girl for this job! I made sure to only pack the essentials and my personal belongings, as little as that then you guys will want to make me a permanent member of the support staff here!" She would blush as bit, already excited at the idea of bonging to a guild, even if only temporary, through the potential miscommunication of her and Cassan.

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Cassan would blush in turn to her excited response, "Oh! Well, I definitely think you'll be hired on, and I do hope it's a good fit for you! I just want to triple check that we make sure to go over exact job details and pay before we officially agree to anything!"

Cassan would usher Marney inside and to the kitchen to sit before continuing. "Now then, if I'm not mistaken, as a guildmarm you would be in charge of teaching new recruits the basics and likely be in charge of our training grounds. Is this correct and do you see yourself doing anything else?"

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Lucia would summon her Eidolon Chomusuke and begin to wonder their new home searching for the best room they could find. "It appears like we may have had a perfect match for Cassan drop right into our laps Chomusuke!" She'd giggle as her and Chomusuke continued to wonder the halls.

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As his comrades go their own ways, Brunkvik would make his way towards the bulletin board.

"While you two work out the details and Lucia makes herself comfortable, I'm going to check to see if I can find quests that would work for us. I believe that the earlier we get started, the more we can finish."

With that, Brunkvik would head towards the job postings to see what quests they could accept.

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Marney would nod her head as she then followed him intonthe kitchen, her bushy tail wagging happily behind her as she sat down across from him. She listened to his words an made a half smile at the description he laid out before her. "Well, for the most part yes but the training grounds section...I am not well versed in combat an it seems like your half-orc friend is far more capable of that role than I would be. Also, I would be in charge of handling quest board requests and recording the progress an corrospondence between us an the Guild HQ and clients! As for pay, like I mentioned earlier, five gp/day. Though with my limited experience...I think three gp/day would be good." She said with a smile as she looked hopefully to Cassan that he would agree with her description of the job an pay.



Chomusuke would appear from the aether; soft, white light would litter the hallway as Lucia summoned him to the mortal plane. With a loud crack, as if temporal door had shut before them, there he stood in his form that Lucia had made for him. He shook his body an stretched his tendrils, flexing his claws as he looked upon the place they were in. "Have we now? Perhaps with someone to protect, we will get a better idea of what he is truly capable of...he is far too, relaxed I would say." He would rebuttal as he followed after his master, enjoying the time he had when by her side as he strode down the halls with her.



As Brunkvik would inspect the board, he would quickly see that there werent many to choose from in this they seemed a bit lackluster from what he may have seen in his mercenary days but tis the life of a Guild Leader to take what is given an help however they could. The following quests be read as follows;

1 Star~

•Defend the local fishermen from the Locathahs, to help cull their numbers to help the river yield.

•Expel the alleged ghosts from the Abandoned Wharf, to help increase the fish market in the city.

2 Star~

Defeat the mythical Sirens from Lake Cove, at the other side of the riverbank; many a new, apsiring fisherman lives have been claimed by their seductive call.

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"Ahh, I see! Yes, that makes sense. You did say that you had little experience, so that's my oversight. That being said, I believe you would be a great choice for the position! Three gp/day is a good start, let's say 3 months and if you decide you like this and things go well, we can definitely talk about a raise at that point!" Cassan would giggle a bit, then stand up and gesture for Marney to stand.

"And you of course have a place here in one of our rooms, though the floorplan may end up changing as time goes on!" Cassan would reach out his hand once more to shake, "this time, a shake to confirm your place here!"

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Lucia would chuckle at Chomusuke's comment. "I'm suprised you don't think I'm too relaxed Chomusuke. I've had to rely on you many times. Even Brunkvik I feel like I've had to rely on a lot. Heck to this day I still wonder why he stopped charging me and just tagged along. He has never really said.... but I'm sure Cassan will work out! He seems to have a good head on his shoulders after all. It'll be fun getting Marney and him to fall for one another..... or at least make him a bit uncomfortable." She would laugh again before continuing.

"Now then, back to our important task of picking out a room. We need a room with the best view since it seems most are the same size...... though worst case we knock out a wall and make a bigger space for us I suppose. Oh and once we pick out a room maybe we can go into town and I can do some singing for the people at the market! We are supposed to build a reputation for the guild after all! And I'm not really good at much else outside of my reasearch, but that's alright, it means getting to spend more time with you doing what I enjoy!" She would say as they continued looking through the rooms to find the best one they both loved.

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As Brunkvik ponders over the quests before him, he would mull over any and all scenarios that popped into his head.

"Well, fighting the sirens would very well be the most difficult quest here, being that I would be the only one able to target them from afar and not risk being being dragged under water. Although, I'm not super familiar with the area, we hopefully could gather some information on it and whether or not it would be feasible for melee combat."

Brunkvik would rub his chin, looking over the other two quests.

"If the so called ghosts are real, I would be the only one able to fight them thanks to my weapon blanch. I'm not sure if the little lady's companion can attack them, but I'm fairly sure Cassan would be out of luck. Defending the fishermen would definitely be the easiest thanks to our varrying combat abilities, but anything could happen."

Brunkvik would turn and make his way to the kitchen, thinking along the way,

"Hopefully the other two have good input. I'd like to start our questing as soon as possible to begin earning our keep as well as spreading the name of our guild... That is after we choose one."

Once at the entryway to the kitchen, Brunkvik would knock on the wall adjacent to the entryway. He learned over the years that it is far less jarring to those not expecting someone to do so, being a more blunt sound rather than a sharp one.

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Marney would slowly come back from being her professional self as she heard Cassan speak well of her interview they were having, the light beating of her tail against the chair would grow louder as he then stood up and looked excitedly at him, offering his hand for an official job offer this time and she jumps out of her seat to meet him. The chair making a quick screech as it skidded on the wooden floor as she grabbed his paw with bot of hers as she shook it quickly. "Oh thank you, thank you Guildmaster Cassan! Trust me, I won't be needing a raise anytime soon for this job, like I said it's been something I've wanted to do for a while! If anything, I would just rather negotiate for a longer contract or permanent membership! Hehe, I will go pick out a room right now and get a list of what I will get with my little earnings saved for personal items to bring into it!" She would say with a happy twirl as she zoomed off past the big half-orc and up the stairs, towards Lucia probably was.



"'re different milady; the music you create is beautiful and wondrous, worthy of my protection an such, you do a fair share of giving people something magnificent to enjoy. Not to mention the ruins we have explored and relics we recovered for others as well. Brunkvik has already proved his mettle with his mighty prowess but Cassan has yet to show his true merit, other than being a silver tongued cat." He would huff as he followed alongside of her and looked into each of the rooms, not thinking any of them were good enough for her but also that they didn't have much choice yet either, being they were all uniform. "Indeed, your singing and dancing would show the people that we are ones to be revered and rejoiced with coming to their small settlement like this. I will make sure none try to take you from this new home milady, also when we begin to go on these quests or requests, whatever it is this Guild thing of yours does. An as for a room...I think the one in the back of this hall has the best view of what we could make our courtyard out back, take a look out that window." He would say as he darted past her and went over to it, like an excited pet.



((No response; continue on))

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Lucia would giggle at Chomusuke's excitement as she walked over to the window. "I think you're right Chomusuke, this seems like the perfect room..... or at least the best option for right now. Well I guess we can start making ourselves at home! And while we're at I we should start thinking of a name for this guild."

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"Well, she definitely has more of a spark to her than before, doesn't she?"

Brunkvik would take a few steps into the room.

"Now that it seems like you have that situation handled, I definitely believe we should begin to discuss which one of the quests we should accept that we have available. Do you have a moment now while those two get acquainted or should we wait till the four of us are together? I took a look at them while you two were discussing terms and I most definitely have them ranked in terms of difficulty for our group in particular."

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Cassan would open his mouth to speak, but stop himself and chuckle as she was already sprinting upstairs.

Cassan would then notice Brunkvik enter the room. "Oh yes, she does seem to have quite a bit of energy to her! As for the quests, I would be very curious to hear what they are!"

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As Lucia would make her way over and enjoy the sight that Chomuske had shown her, they would suddenly hear the rapid footsteps of someone coming up behind them from the main hall; her loyal Eidolon would turn about quickly with his tendrils at alert status as Marney would barrel down the hallway but then make a sudden stop in her tracks, her clawed feet carving in the wood slightly. ", there is...a-a creature behind you!" She would holler to her new guildmaster with fear and concern in her voice as she pulled a dagger from her belt loop, to hold at the ready.

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"There are three total at this current time. One is a request to protect some fishermen from Locathahs as well as quelling their numbers. The best method to do so would be to take the fight directly to the nest, but it would also be the most dangerous. Protecting one person is not much of a problem, but multiple persons would become a problem very quickly if we don't know our enemy as well as the area.

The second quest is to expel since supposed ghosts from the an Abandoned Warf. This would be fairly difficult if they indeed are ghosts, but they also could simply be persons pretending to be as such. We would want to prepare for both situations, and I have an item that allows me to fire a limited number of arrows at something incorporeal but they are still not very effective.

The final quest is to deal with sirens. I have yet to have to deal with such creatures but I have heard that they are quite a handful and that they should not be taken lightly. It's a basic quest to slay a group of creatures.

If you ask me, I think we would be best off going for the first quest since it is our first one as a guild. We will need to work on our cohesion as a team, and combat is definitely one of the best ways to do so."

Brunkvik would take a deep breath before finishing.

"So, my friend, which would you prefer? I'm sure Lucia would be fine with any of them, but we will be sure to get her input as well as Marney's."

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Cassan would consider his options for a moment, "Well, I'm fairly certain my claws would be useless if the ghosts were really ghosts, and I don't have much else at my disposal currently. Sirens would indeed be challenging, and having spent quite some time at-sea I can assure you they are dangerous foes. I think I'd agree with you on taking the first quest, not to mention that the fishermen are in need of protection!"

Cassan would flick one clawed hand into the air as he finished speaking, clearly trying to flourish his heroism.

He would quickly lower his hand and continue, "But yes, let's go see what Lucia and Marney think."

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Lucia would turn to see Marney standing there completely ignoring what was just said to her and the dagger in her paws and smile. "Oh hey Marney! You must of got the job if you came all the way up here's congratulations! Chomusuke this is the girl I told you about, the one that Cassan was interviewing for the job with the guild!"

She would then finally notice the dagger in Marney's hands. "Hey I didn't know you still carried a weapon. Nice job concealing it! Though I'm not sure why you have it out? Chomusuke and me were just picking out our room!" She would say as she pet Chomusuke on the head.

She would then pause a moment and start to laugh. "Oh you must of been startled by Chomusuke, I suppose the two of you haven't had the chance to meet yet so he startled ya. He's my best and most loyal friend, he wouldn't harm anyone unless I asked him to or he's protecting me. Otherwise he's a big cuddle buddy aren't ya buddy!" She would then give Chomusuke a big hug.

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Brunkvik would chuckle a bit a the bravado of his companion.

"Well, the smartest warriors know their limitations and are willing to take other paths in order to ensure their own survival. While we're at it, I would like to ask you what your primary fighting style is. I know your weapons of choice are those claws of yours, but are you more of a skirmisher who uses his whits and cunning to defeat his foes or do you simply try to outlast them? I, obviously use my bow along with some abilities I have honed over the years to take down my enemies from afar, but I also can take on an enemy up close if necessary. I also try to be as studied on my enemy as I can so that I know better how they will react to certain things as well as where their weaknesses are. Having accompanied Lucia for so long has greatly assisted me in that regard thanks to the large amount of knowledge she has as well as her ability to gather information from those around her."

Brunkvik would stand up, push his chair in underneath the table, and look again towards his companion.

"Come, inform me as we go to see our other two companions." He would say as he extends out his arm with an open hand directed towards the doorway.

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Cassan would laugh, "Oh friend, were I to try to outlast opponents, I would be short a few lives."

Cassan would begin making his way upstairs with Brunkvik as he continued, "I tend to stick to flanking and outwitting my foe, I am also quite good at hitting weak points and dodging. Though I really should find a way to attack at a distance."

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Marney would at first be stunned with how casually Lucia was standing next to this frightening monster next to her, as if she was completely unaware of it! As she waited for her to notice, Marney kept her blade in hand an assumed a defensive stance as she was ready to jump to the woman's aide once she figured what danger she was in...

That moment never came as she was explained that it was her monster-creature companion somehow? She was curious if the monster was just stalling due to being confounded by the woman's actions but, that moment also never came. All the tension in her body suddenly released as she fell to her knees on the floor, breathing heavily as she caught a moment of respite. " are pretty amazing to...have tame a creature like that an treat it like...a pet of some kind, you may be the most impressive one of your whole group!" She said in admiration as she then got back to her feet, sliding her dagger back into her wrist-sheath and looked Chomuske over. Before smiling a little as she nodded her head and remembered what she had said moments ago. "Oh sorry for not responding before, I was...transfixed by your situation, hehe. -Ahem- Yes, Cassan and I had come to an agreement of becoming the Guildmarn for your Guild, I cam up to look for an unclaimed room but then ran into you. Thank you for the congratulations. An...I think I will refrain from cuddling him, as he seems to be quite protective of you."

As Marney had said that, Chomuske had not taken his eyes off the wolf-girl in front of them during the whole ordeal. Even nuzzling Lucia, showing her affection but keeping his watchful eyes on her, thinking she might've been a threat to his master. After seeing her nearly crumble to pieces before them however, he relaxed and just gave a gaze that made her feel like she was beneath him but thought of his owner on a high pedestal.


Timmeh1024 & SparxTheHero

((OOC: You may now join the scene, looking at the end of the hall if you choose to go up the stairs and see Lucia cuddling Chomuske with a rather stressed out looking Marney keeping her distance from the two.))

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jan 04th 21:25

Lucia would get a disappointed look on her face "Tame? He's not really tamed. Fate brought the two of us together and he's been my buddy ever since. Definitely more than some random pet. He's from a completely different plane of existence than us so to him I'm sure we're the strange creatures. He's helped me with my research so much, he's the best partner a traveler like me could ask for. Because of that I'd appreciate if you wouldn't refer to him as a "pet"." She would say still cuddling Chomusuke.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jan 05th 03:58

Cassan would step into the room, seeing Lucia cuddling Chomusuke as well as a somewhat distressed Marney, "Ah, I see you're all here! I hope you weren't too surprised by Lucia's friend here, he means well!" Cassan would say, glancing over at Chomusuke, trying to glean his reaction. "Brunkvik and I were just discussing job postings and wanted to run them by you all before making a decision."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Jan 07th 14:33 · changed: Jan 07th 14:33

Brunkvik would lean on the doorframe, patiently waiting for everything to settle down a bit before presenting the information they had.

"The two of us agreed upon which quest would be the best for us to take, but we figured we'd still give you the choice between the three."

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jan 07th 19:24


Marney would rub the back of her head in embarrassment as she was corrected by Lucia an slightly glared at by Chomuske. "I-I see, I apologize then Lucia you too, Chomusuke. I am not very versed in magical matters like that, so forgive my ignorance on such things." She then politely bows a few times to make up for her blunder, though not many would blame her for saying such things in the first place with how Lucia interacts with her 'best friend'.


Chomusuke would huff slightly but nod as he received the apology from Marney; he was again not really worried with her anymore but appreciated that she at least had some tack to recognize when she was wrong, based on her mannerisms. He wouldn't glare at her for the rest of the conversation. He would still make soft rumbling sounds that to Lucia, sounded like a purr but to the a growl of a predator.


Marney would shake her head as they spoke about the quests. "As the Guildmarm, I can't dictate what Quests the leaders should or shouldn't do! All three of them sound like good ways to help the town and don't sound too dangerous or risky if the guild thought they were worth only 1 or 2 labels. I just track and maintain records for success, failure, etc. about it. Kind of like a stay at home bard!" She would smile, her pearly white fangs an terth gleaming brightly as she seemed happy with herself for her excuse to not put in a vote.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jan 08th 20:03 · changed: Jan 08th 22:00

Cassan would initially turn to Marney, "Ahh, yes, I suppose that makes sense! Well, whatever we choose, I'm sure we'll succeed; after that, we'll be sure to relay everything to you!" Cassan would gleam with sheer confidence as he spoke.

"That being said, what do you two think?" Cassan would turn towards Lucia and Chomusuke.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jan 08th 22:00 · rolls: 2 · changed: Jan 08th 22:10
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+8 = 25(17 + 8)   #2 1d20+8 = 11(3 + 8)  

Lucia would smile as she stopped hugging Chomusuke "It's ok, we forgive you Marney."

She would then get more serious to discuss the quests "If you ask me I think the answer is obvious, people are being killed by the sirens which means it's the most serious ones. However fighting sirens is no easy task, most likely harder than Locathahs, and I imagine without any of us being able to fight on water very well..... or at all, both are going to be hardy advisories."

Knowledge Nature (Sirens): 1d20+8 = 25(17 + 8)

Knowledge Nature (Locathahs): 1d20+8 = 11(3 + 8)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Jan 12th 19:15 · changed: Jan 12th 19:25

"I can mostly ignore the need to fight on water by being able to fight at range, but it will definitely slow down Cassan and Chomusuke's movements while our foes are able to assumable move freely. I never will hesitate to cover for an ally, but we will definitely need to gather more information as to where the creatures have been attacking as well as where we can possibly hit them where they are most vulnerable. Lucia, although you are not much of a combatant, yourself, your ability to gather information that we need as well as your innate knowledge on many subjects will be invaluable going forward. It also seems like we are all in relative agreement that the Locathah's will be the easier foe to take on, relatively speaking. Also, in regards to the deaths, we don't know that no one has died yet from the Locathahs. We know that men have been killed by the sirens, yes, but we also do not know how our group here will fight together. We are better off taking on a presumable weaker foe to test our teamwork before taking on a presumable stronger foe. Only by gathering more information on them will we know."

Brunkvik would stand straight in the doorway,

"Now, why don't we get started with that information gathering. I believe that the earlier we get started, the faster we can finish doing so, the faster we can finish one quest and move on to the next one."

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jan 15th 01:16


Lucia would recall her knowledge an the tales she knows of sirens; which would contradict the alleged sightings of these creatures. The climate is too cold overall, they need more warm areas. That an they normally habit isles, not caves. What's more, the number of disappearances is too high for a typical flight of Sirens. She belives it may be a different creature(or creatures) masquerading as a Siren nest.

She would however fail to know anymore about the Locatath's other than they are disgusting fish.


Marney would tilt her head in accordance with the way the conversation was going; mostly with Brunkvik talking to himself or juat generally talking a bunch. She then pulled out a journal and began to write in it. "Even deciding on the first quest for the guild would seem to be quite the task...easier is good, though for a first impression of the townsfolk will that be enough I wonder? Well, whichever you decide let me know. I will be in the room 2 doors down from here putting my personal items in place before heading out to get more sustainable furnishings for myself. Should I place an order for you all as well or would you rather go into town yourself for it?" She would ask, her back to the group but looking over her shoulder with curious eyes; almost as if she was slightly begging to be of more help to them.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jan 15th 02:04 · changed: Jan 15th 02:44

Lucia would speak after pondering for a moment too deep in thought and suspicion to hear Marney. "Something is off about this Siren mission...... the climate here is too cold for Sirens, not to mention they usually like isles and not caves...... plus the number of people is too high for a flight of Sirens..... I think we need to check it out. The city needs to know what this issue actually is over some gross fish. It's risky since we don't know what it is, but it's better to know than someone who doesn't know this information going in thinking Sirens and dying because of false information."

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jan 15th 02:20

"Hmm, I suppose if it's out of character for these creatures, then perhaps there's more than meets the eye." Cassan would pause for a moment before continuing. "We should ask the locals to see what information we can glean about the so-called sirens." Cassan would turn to Marney, saying "I should be alright for the moment, if I need anything I will grab it before we head out to whichever mission we take on."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Jan 15th 02:39

"I'll be waiting for everyone outside. Just remember to only take what you absolutely need. We don't need to bring everything we have with us when we are more than likely going to only be asking the fishermen and townsfolk questions. We should make haste so that we can cover as much ground as possible."

Brunkvik would make his way back down to his packs, making sure that everything he needed was within them. After that, he would step outside of the guild hall and wait for his companions to join him.

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jan 15th 04:04

Marney would lower her tail a bit an then nod her head as she moved to the side to allow Brunkvik to allow passage past her. "Alright then, good luck to you guys then." She would then leave the room and go over to the dorm she has stated earlier, close the door and soft shuffling could be heard in the barren hallways as they would presume she had begun in unpacking what she had in her backpack.


Chomusuke would shake his head a little as he stood up next to Lucia, a little offended that the others didn't seem to be understanding the importance of his summoners words. "It would seem only you have eyes on the bigger picture, Mistress Lucia. If only they could understand my speech, I would put them in line with stating how sound your logic was, with your lustrous voice." He would pad over in front of her and the look up to her gaze to his own.

"So, if the creatures aren't actually Sirens, what does milady think they could be? I don't know any eidolon's that would try to escape the realm just to enjoy in the mortal be honest, it sometimes can be lacking compared to mine own." He would grumble an gripe a bit about the foods they had at some of the less reputable Inn's and Taverns they have spent the night in.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jan 15th 04:28 · changed: Jan 15th 08:54

"Hmmm, sadly I'm not sure my friend. There's a lot of possibilities. We could ask the townsfolk but if they're all convinced it's Sirens that are the culprit the actual thing could be using some kind of illusion magic perhaps to appear as a Siren....... I'd find it hard to believe that any other native creature would be able to pull off similar feats like that of a Siren but at the same time I can't completely rule that option out either....." she would quickly pack the things that she needs for the trip and begin heading out to the front still appearing to be talking to herself but actually conversing with Chomusuke.

"Either way, I have a feeling that talking with most of the people in town wouldn't help much. I feel like we'd be better off heading directly to the area where people are going missing and getting clues there...."

Then as she was about to walk past Marney's room she would stop like she had suddenly just heard what Marney had said before, knock on the door and talk to her through it. "Oh by the way while your in town could you get some estimates for some super comfortable furniture for my room. No need to place the order quite yet. Maybe we can have a girls day or something of it when I return. Got people to save after all! Ok, gotta go now, bye bye!" She would say cheerfully as she proceeded to skip down the hall to meet up with Brunkvik at the front with Chomusuke.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jan 15th 05:09

"Of course, the locals already believe it to be sirens and would likely have already spun outlandish tales. That being said, some information about the geography of the caves and surrounding area might not be a bad call." Cassan would say as he began heading towards the door.

"And thank you, Marney, we'll be sure to tread lightly; Sirens or not, this may end up being quite dangerous!" Cassan would head downstairs to the kitchen to retrieve his belongings before heading outside to meet with Brunkvik.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Jan 15th 23:20 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+12 = 30(18 + 12)  

While waiting for his comrades, Brunkvik would attempt to recall any information he may have come across in his travels about Locathahs. It seemed like Lucia may not have hear or studied much about them in her time, so more information on a probable enemy would greatly assist the party.

Knowledge(Nature): d20+12 = 30(18 + 12)

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jan 16th 02:39 · changed: Jan 16th 02:39


As Lucia would knock on the door of the room that Marney had declared her own, she would hear a soft gasp but then a sigh of relief as you explained yourself and as she walked away could hear a shout back to her. "Ok miss Lucia! That sounds like a wonderful idea, see you back soon!" More moving noises could be heard coming from the room as she passed by. With Cassan coming next, shouting out in the hall, she would chuckle softly at his words. "I'm sure if anyone in the town could handle this, it wouod be you three~" She would say back as she went back to her organizing.


Chomusuke would walk alongside Lucia, perfectly in sync with his masters steps as he sniff the air and flexed his muscles a bit. "So, it will be what Brunkvik would call...Scout work, correct milady? To be honest, I find it rather annoying to do since it isn't very fun. I'd rather get to the fight and hear your beautiful voice serenade us to victory. Though, it may be nice to just enjoy the new scenery of this land with you, since wherever you go, I shall protect you." He would tell her proudly as he used a tentacle to rub her hand gently, assuring her of his utmost loyalty.



Your extensive knowledge of these creatures seems to be in line with what Lucia found out about the Sirens; the stories don't match up. Locathah's historically never seek out conflict with humans or land creatures in general. And they aren't just fish, they are fish people; they can can be reasoned with even if they did feel threatened an usually try peaceful means, as long as someone knew Aquan or could translate. It seems either the people of this land are either very ignorant of what creatures are actually called...or there could be more to this town than just it's mere fishing problems.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jan 16th 02:55

"I agree, information gathering is pretty boring unless it's personal research, but if we truly want to help a community like this and get on good terms with them the we have to help them from whatever this issue is so if that means we have to snoop around than snoop we shall." She would say to Chomusuke as they got outside.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jan 16th 03:02

Cassan would almost blush as he heard Marney's words, elated by the faith she is already putting in them, despite not having seen their capabilities yet. Cassan would meet the others outside before gathering his belongings, as he has travelled lightly for a while now, everything he has is in his packs. "Now then, perhaps we should acquire a map of the area first." Cassan would say to his companions as he stepped outside.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Jan 16th 04:18

As his companions would finally meet him outside, Brunkvik would nod to each of them when they exit the building, including Chomusuke.

"Well now, shall we see what information we can uncover?" Brunkvik would hold his hand out towards the direction they would be heading in to indicate to his comrades that they may go ahead of him. "I also tried to see if I could remember any information that I may have come across in regards to Locathahs while I was waiting for the three of you. I'll let you know on our way around town."

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jan 16th 04:42

As the group would exit their lovely, renovated mansion they would see a long dirt road winding down a rather plain looking valley that would bring them to the heart of the town, getting there with about ten minutes walking. It was a town mostly made of wood an simple stone buildings; nothing stood out in grandeur here but it all had quite the homey feel to it. Sparse trees littered the area and some yellow grasses of the plains they were on, yet it didn't feel backwoods at all; in the distance they would see the river some couple miles away from the town, fishermen with carts going to an fro, though some with more weapons than actual gear.

Seems like the troubles of the town are indeed true, regardless of the real reason. On any other day, it would be a steady pace yet happy air of working and buying but had become less excitable, more serious and some talk of people leaving town, saying that it was a lost cause with the fishing industry going downhill as fast as it had. The group was just on the border of the town an they could gleam all of this already.

Chomusuke would speak to his mistress from behind her, "Mistress...this town doesn't seem as magically inclined, is it wise for...I hate to say it, grace it with my otherworldly presence?" Her companion would ask her in her mind.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jan 16th 06:24

Lucia would ponder for a moment "Well that is true, but we plan on being here a long time so they'll have to get use to you eventually right? Plus, once we complete a job or two they'll love you for helping their city!" She would say with a smile. "If it's too much to handle then I can dismiss you and bring you back later when we go to investigate!"

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jan 17th 00:06

"Exactly, they'll end up seeing him eventually anyway. Better for it to be now rather than in the middle of a fight!" Cassan would explain as they made their way into the city. "Now then, we should find a cartographer and then likely head to the docks, unless you need anything else before we start investigating."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Jan 17th 17:08 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+11 = 27(16 + 11)  

"There is nothing else I need, but I do agree that I could use a map to be able to move around town more easily. In that regard, I remembered that Locathahs too are not normally aggressive like they have been made out to be. They can be reasoned with if we can break the language barrier, so we do not need to, and most likely should not go in with our weapons drawn."

Brunkvik would look for a city guard, presuming that inner of them would be able to direct them towards a location that they could find a map of the city and maybe the surrounding area.

Perception Check: d20+11 = 27(16 + 11)

1 · by Kinnon17 · Tue 03:33

Chomusuke would nod to his mistress's words; she wasn't wrong overall, he just hoped that this town would be understanding of his presence rather than feared since of tall the chaos that has been happening in there little town. He would then puff his chest out, standing proudly next to Lucia as he kept his tendrils as stoic as possible to keep the 'calm and controlled' look about his appearance before the town they would enter.



Seeing as this town was not terrible big in size, you could identify the town militia as the best source of info about the place, having light armors embedded with the green and blue Taldor flag on their left pectoral and the colors of the cured leathers among their rank. They had decent arms at their disposal but none had serious training besides what their fathers an senior officers would have taught them. They are more akin to a peacekeeping capacity rather than an actual 'guard' from the way they carried themselves, Brunkvik would notice.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Wed 20:17

"Well since the two missions could be connected I guess we should start asking about both right away. If we're lucky we can knock out both at the same time! That'll give us a great public image and save many lives!" Lucia would say as they entered town.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Thu 04:06

"Indeed, Lucia, you are right. There are a handful of militiamen over there we could definitely start with." Brunkvik would point towards the men he had picked out of the crowd.

1 · by SparxTheHero · 11 h ago · rolls: 1 · changed: 11 h ago
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+10 = 21(11 + 10)  

"Ahh, yes! They should have some useful information!" Cassan would say as he made his way towards the militiamen.

"Greetings! My name is Cassan, and these are my companions, Lucia, Chomusuke and Brunkvik!" Cassan would gesture to each of them as he introduced them. "We are the founding members of the new guild here in town and are looking to gather some information about the threats that have arisen here." Cassan would clear his throat before continuing. "We're primarily interested in the Locathahs as well as the Sirens, is there any information you could give us in regards to these creatures and what kind of trouble they've been causing?"

Diplomacy: 1d20+10 = 21(11 + 10)

1 · by Kinnon17 · 5 h ago · changed: 5 h ago

The militiamen would stop in their patrol, turning to the feline man that would stroll up next to them. They didn't seem to be used to his kind, with their somewhat concerned faces but after hearing that they were the new Guild in town their faces lit up. "Truly, you are one of the new Guild members that was being reported to start this month? Strange you haven't given the Captain of the Guard your Guild name yet but it seems you were wanting to help first!" One younger male said with eagerness in his voice, the older one seemed a bit hesitant to show enthusiasm just yet but his relaxed posture did the talking for him. "Well, whatever the reason you should do it soon; but to answer your questions, I've only seen the Locathahs in person. Back when I first became a militia, they weren't so...different. They wouldn't attack people like they do now but we don't patrol that area anymore; lost too many good people, both militia and fishermen yet old man Jenkins keeps saying that he would rather die than lose that best spot to them but he's had a few screws come loose over the years, if you get my drift." He would sigh as he shook his head.

The younger man would step closer to Cassan, wanting to be more involved with the conversation, "Oh oh, well I know a bit about the sirens! They only come out once a week, on Sunday night specifically to lure passerby's to the cave they live in. My friend Johnny's ex-wife's brother Jim even said he caught a glimpse of one of them before; beautiful women he said! Though they never leave their cave, oddly enough...The Captain once had a few men investigate but they never came back and we just have a bulletin in the town square warning everyone to not go there anymore for fishing or sigh seeing since it is by a beautiful bay in the riverbed." The older man would scoff and wave his hand to the youngster, "I'm telling you they ain't sirens; they be changelings! Sirens don't look like normal women an if Jim did see one, he would be dead! They don't let their prey getaway once they've met eyes!" The younger man would reel with embarrassment, "H-He said he saw her backside, yeah! THAT'S why he didn't get caught, they didn't see eye to eye!" It seemed like the siren part was a sore spot for the two men as they kept going on about different folk tales that proved something or another to their side of the story to the point were the sirens were mermaids now.



Chomusuke would shake his head to the men that Cassan was speaking to, though he didn't fully care to listen to their whole tale, he knew they were complaining about who was right or wrong rather than telling them where these locations actually were yet. "Seems we were right...the tales have gotten out of hand or so it would seem from the way they are telling it to Cassan. What does milady think about the information we got from these two young-lings? Any of it was helpful?" He would tilt his head up to her, awaiting her response.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 4 h ago · rolls: 1 · changed: 4 h ago
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+8 = 16(8 + 8)  

Lucia would ponder for a minute "Well the bit about Changelings could make a logical possibility. Though we still need to know where they are exactly to start looking." She would say to Chomusuke.

Knowledge Nature (Changling): 1d20+8 = 16(8 + 8)

While she was thinking about what she knew about Changelings she would address the militia men. "So gentlemen, if I may inquire, where are the locations of the attacks? And how far apart are the locations of the attacks from each other?"

1 · by SparxTheHero · 2 h ago

"Thank you very much for the information! And we will he sure to convey our guild name to the Captain of the Guard!" Cassan would then turn away "Once we come up with a guild name, anyway" he'd mutter to himself.

"That's an excellent question, it would also be good to know how many Locathahs we would be dealing with." Cassan would say, mostly towards his companions as he grew tired of listening to the two militiamen squabble.

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