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Guild Start Up(Private Game)

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In the world of Golarion, specifically in the lands of the Inner Sea Region was a resurgence of Guilds. The movement was slow but then once it got the momentum, it quickly became adopted in all countries for the Guild Association to pracrice in. And in the beginning of this golden age of Guild status rising, we look upon our group of adventurers who got the permission to start their first guild in the land of Taldor in the small town of Karakuru.

It is here, the three friends come upon the old manor of the previous mayor that resided in town, before it was left unfinished during the fall of the Golden Age for the country. The Langely Estate(to be changed once decided) was their first home; they would need some help from the local folk to get it back in working order and had about 100 gold left to their name after the purchase and licesning bonuses the association gave them. Along with a guidebook to the rules they would need to follow, as listed here...

"Welcome to the Guild Asociation (TBE)!

Here is the criteria of what your guild is allowed to do as part of the addocation and what other free reign you have for your own Guild Rules!

Tier 1 Status~

Member Limit(Excluding essential staff; cooks, bookeep, etc.): 10

Quest Level Access: Tier 1 and Tier 2(Most are received by your local or neighboring towns, some may be sent to you but will be withing your home continent)

Quest Quota(All quests completed by any members, not just leaders): 4 Successful Quests completed per calendar Month.

Alloted Allowance for Guild(To be used for Upkeep/Upgrades Only): 100 Platnium(A finance report needs to be filled out and sent to your Regions Guild HQ for record keeping)

Tier Up Requirement: Either of the following, whichever happens first; 6 months of continious profiting/quest fufillment, Reccomendation from another Guild, or Special Circumstances(Only at Regional HQ Discretion)

As long as you adhere to these rules and tenants an report all success/failure of quests completed by your Guild to the Regional HQ, you can operate within your scope of influence. Morals, Ethics are to your design, though remember if it harms the overall influence of the Guild Association, termination of the Guild will be the least of your concerns!"

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Langley Estate

Incomplete Mansion~

Bedroom count: 10(5 in each wing; 3 on ground floor and 2 on the second floor)

Lobby area: 50' x 30'

Kitchen Area: 30' 15'

Dinning Room: 40' x 30'

Pantry: 25' x 25'

Finished Rooms: Lobby, Pantry Storeroom

Unfinished Rooms: Kitchen, Dinning Room, All Bedrooms, front and Back Courtyard unkempt.

Each bedroom is 20' x 20', can either be demolished to combine into larger rooms or segregated further to make smaller rooms for whatever function the group desires. Cost and time to do so will depend on the number of people working on it and how much materials are needed for those rooms.