Room Invasions

Xaviorbat · Jan 15th 18:04 by GeneralBob · 3

I keep getting people coming into my rooms for no reason. I would understand stumbling on it, but when the room names are obscure, and complex, it doesn't make sense for someone to "stumble". I've set passwords but honestly thats getting really rude.

1 · by AragonMoonwhisper · Sep 10th 19:45

No need for a password use:

/room whitelist=USERNAME

Username=Whoever is allowed to go on

If someone is not on the whitelist they can not get on

note:The whitelist is only so big and you can not put names past the limit

note:The smaller the name the more names you can put in

note:Once you make the whitelist you can not get rid of it

1 · by AragonMoonwhisper · Sep 10th 19:45

Join the Council

1 · by GeneralBob · Jan 15th 18:04

How do you enter multiple names? Execute the command multiple times? Space separating names? Commas? Semicolons? Does the room owner need to be in the whitelist if you add one?

Thanks in advance.