Tavern - Looking for new Players or Old Players


Looking for new Players or Old Players

NiklausBothier · Aug 16th 11:02 by lorgermaher · 1

To give you a basic rundown.I run a clan inside of an old AOL based RPG set of Charters. We have multiple players presently as well as multiple story lines occuring. What I am seeking now are players looking to play the old ways. You will be given dice for sparring sessions or wars etc. You obviously will be earning xp if you find it a good fit and stick around. The family I run is a group of hybrids, I am not looking for more family members,that comes with trusts and time. Right now seeking players who are not afraid to experiment with new or old characters based on a couple hundred years after the arthurian era in briton. We are not seeking kings or queens or royals.Those are held. What we are looking for in general are people willing to have fun,abide by the few rules of the charters and willing to go the extra distance whether we be in a war storyline or simply enjoying a night of roleplay. It is a great place to play and alot of fun. If you think this might be of interests to you let me know and will get with you reguarding more details,or a night of play. Thanks


1 · by lorgermaher · Aug 16th 11:02

I am a new player but i am down to play if you would invite me 😁