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1 · by beardguy · Jul 14th 23:51

Vraxim will give a polite bow and greeting upon Hakuul indicating him. After which he will say "It is as my companion says, time is of the essence and and your help will no doubt be of great importance."

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The wizard would scratch at his non-existent beard an then nod his head as he would make a slight head bow to the two that introduced themselves. "I see, very well...I should be able to send you to the Township, how many of you are there? If there is more than 4, I'll have to gather some things from my room and meet you in garden out in back of the Guild Hall. I am not of proper magical strength to do more than 4 including myself yet. And as for'll be free this one time, as long as you put an end to whatver heinous necromancer that is doing this. That is my home town. If you succeed an make it back, we can talk payment options for future needs."

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jul 29th 18:15

"Thank you, Jasper, we will put an end to the monster behind this." Hakuul would furrow his brow into a vindictive look. "Our total party count is 6, including Flidais's companion, Crowe. We will make haste to the garden, we've not a moment to waste." Hakuul would take a short bow before turning around and marching out of the workshop, gesturing for his party to follow. "The sooner we leave, the less damage is done!"

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Kiana would look annoyed at Hakuul once again gesturing toward the group to follow him. "I'm not an animal so you don't need to keep gesturing me to follow, I know where to go...... heck even Crowe doesn't need your constant gestures." She would say in an annoyed, but not angry, tone as she would begin to make her way to the garden.

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Vraxim would bow and follow the others to the garden.

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