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Setting: Golarian

Nation: Taldor

City: Oppara

Season: Spring

In the age 4729, the 19th of Gozran Fireday, we find ourselves in the land of Taldor which is rich with history…that is, a history of war, conquest, and then a slow decline in economy in the last few decades. However, with a recent adjustment with how Guilds work around the land of the Inner Sea Region, a new opportunity was revealed; becoming the central hub for most Guilds to have the most freedom that they could have, nearly being independent city-states in of themselves. This change in policy helped them get a plethora of new registration applicants, so many that they had to expand the department and facilities that dealt with them. Of course, other nations soon began adopting some of the policies, allowing them to retain the Guilds within their own borders it became apparent that Taldor, as a nation, was beginning to experience a second golden age.

In these lands is where we find our story of a particular guild with some very interesting members; The Fractional Helix, the unique name was chosen by the Guild Leader as he only allowed mixed breeds of individuals to join. The downtrodden or overlooked would find safe haven and a place to make a name for themselves within these walls and show the world what they can really do. This tale starts with two adventurer’s who had recently join in the last couple of years have really started to shine; Hakuul the Sylvan Rogue,Flidais na Coillte the Aasimar Hunter, Dor the Orc Brawler, Vraxim the Halfing Oracle, and Kiana the Half-elf Magus. It is with them that we pick up, on the day after a completed quest they had a bit of trouble with...

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As they came back into the city of Oppara, winding down the wavy roads that would lead them to the eastern side of the citadel, there they would see the symbol of their guild; a jaggedly split double helix was the banner that swayed in the air above the entrance to the guild. It was a rather large structure, not the biggest one in the city by any means but with three floors above ground and two below, she was still a sight to behold. The grand double-wide doors would creak open as Dor would force them open, to let in the sounds of the lively hall echo outwards to the travel weary group. It was a large common area in the center, with the Naoki on the left where the Bounty and Quest Boards were, nonchalantly. On their right was the kitchen area; Brofard and Tufong were the day chefs an Lillytong as the night chef, the three of them would handle the hungry requests of the Guild denizens no matter what the request was. Today it seemed that a traveling minstrel group had taken the stage in the back for their performance. A few young looking elven women dancing, with two of them playing some kind of instrument; like that of a upbeat folksong!

"Welcome back you five; took you long enough to finish off that quest for the hidden glade. The dryad prove too much for you lot?" They would hear a teasing voice of the Guildmarm, Naoki; she was a prime example of the stereotype people have against Catfolk. Beautiful, playful, and mischievous to no end. "You did succeed tho, right? You wouldn't have come all the way back here if you didn't...unless you wanted to be demoted~" She would chuckle under her breath, her tail swaying behind her; she always did enjoy teasing your group more than most.

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"Of course we succeeded. Crowe and I tracked it down and those three did a number on it, especially Kiana. I don't know if I'll ever get over how impressive it is to be able to wield a spell in one hand and be as adept with a sword in the other hand as a lot of other fighters I've seen."

Flidais would pet Crowe's head, reminding him he did a great job as he acts like a normal house cat in response, only many times bigger.

"Oh, and we wouldn't have all made it back without Vraxim keeping us alive. He may not be adept at combat, but he is invaluable to us nonetheless."

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Kiana would scoff at the comments between Naoki and Flidais. "I haven't failed a mission yet, it wont happen now. Don't know why I'm suddenly getting all this group work. I was doing just fine by myself on solo missions."

Kiana would then look over at Naoki put of the corner of her eye. "What have you accomplished lately other than grooming yourself and spitting up hair balls anyway? I'd hope that if you're checking on us you'd have some interesting story to tell." She'd say mockingly, not in a cold manner as a person would if they hated a person but not exactly playful like Naoki, more monotone.

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To improve her mood towards Kiana and the party, Vraxim will attempt a diplomacy check

diplomacy 1d20 +15 = 29(14 + 15)

Vraxim will look up (I'm assuming he is much shorter than her) and say "Naoki my dear! How are you this lovely day! Forgive my companion here, we are all a little on edge on the moment. It was quite the quest. Damn near broke my wand trying to keep everyone alive!" Vraxim says with a chuckle.

"I think if we get a little food and drink in us, we will all be in a better mood, and raring to go for the next one!"

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Walking out of the shadows cast by the architecture of the interior of the Guild, Dor advanced heavily towards the egotistical Kiana. In a deep voice, he expressed his dissatisfaction with Kiana's recent actions.

"Shut your trap, Kiana!" the orc demanded, towering over her, "Your prior achievements mean nothing to this guild, so stop bringing them up. I understand you're proud of yourself but no one cares."

Dor turned around and started heading back to where he was standing moments before, but not before also confronting Naoki.

"And you," Dor muttered with the point of a finger a bend of the knee, "quit acting like a brat."

Dor spoke his mind and stomped back to his original standing place, leaning once again on the pillar, arms crossed, and staring at the wall across the room.

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Hakuul glances towards Dor with a big grin on his face, "Don't pop a blood vessel, big guy! We've used enough healing potions as it is on this quest!"

Hakuul smirks to himself as he closes the distance to Naoki, leaning on a nearby table, "Not to worry, Whiskers, we've dealt with the tree lady, per request! I always thought plants were gentle, but wow did she put us through the ringer!"

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Naoki would roll her eyes at Flidais comment about how her team worked well, though she didn't have much time to make a retort before hearing Kiana jab at her with the old hairball joke...again. She merely hissed an fake scratched at her in the air for a taunt, though once she heard Vraxim's calming voice she went back to being normal with a smile and her tail swaying happily. Though it didn't last long as Dor walked up and frightened her with his booming voice, she kneeled down to hide behind the counter with just the upper half of her head visible with her ears flat. Thankfully before she sulked off, the voice of the equally mischievous Hakuul brought her back up as she chuckled at his joke and nodded her head at his assessment. "Well, I guess it's all fine and dandy if you made it back in one piece then...The Guildmaster isn't back from his outing yet or whatever he decides to call it, so you won't be able to get your assessment yet for the mission but I will mark it as complete for you. Hopefully he will be back in two days, that's the longest he stays away." She says happily as the big book on the table is opened up an scrolled through an sees the Quest marker for it; quickly stamping it with the Guild's symbol and then closes it once more. "Maybe no more quests that pay in advance then huh? That way you could negotiate better in case there are...complications~" She would giggle before going over to a different group that walked up, just a band of five Silver Ranks wanting to catch up to their group no doubt.

They had just been promoted to Gold a few months back an this was their third quest in that rank; the highest was Adamantine, followed by Mithral, then Gold, Silver and the lowest rank Bronze. Their group is the fastest in guild history to ascend as they have however, since being grouped together since Silver has been a bit slower due to their inability to work well together. They would see that several new postings would have been put up an others taken down, depending on how the group wants to do things they could do another one before the Guildmaster got back perhaps? Otherwise there were many things to entertain someone in the guild or the city of Oparra in general; the minstrels were still performing for a bit, there was the training grounds, or even grab a bite to eat like Vraxim stated! If not that, the Grandbridge district housed many other entertainment venues that anyone could find appealing, with it's salty wind air in the spring many festivities were underway!

Down Time

  • Individual's may split from the party now if they wish to do so; just obviously state in your post what you would like to go do or accomplish, I will then make a post replying to that an make necessary rolls, etc. for things.
  • If no one wants to go do that, they may make a post explaining if they will be retiring in their chambers within the Guild or stay in the commons area; basically the easy way to fast-forward the day if all members agree to it. (If the tally ends up being 4-1, that one will unfortunately forgo their decision; democracy is GREAT)
  • Any questions can be sent to me privately through previously discussed channels.
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Kiana would glare at the Orc. "I don't consider anything an accomplishment until I accomplish my goals, otherwise they are just means to an end or inconveniences...... but I guess it's easy for someone like you to mistake that since you have no accomplishments yourself not to mention I also question your intelligence to comprehend that kind of stuff."

She would then begin walk walk away from the group. "Now if you'd excuse me I'm gonna go find some food and drink. You all do whatever it is you feel the need to do. And try to make sure the next job you guys feel the need to take me on isn't such a lame one."

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"Well," Hakuul says as he stretches in his chair, "not that this isn't fun, but I'm going to go get myself a round or two of merriment."

He then stands up, bowing a bit before turning to leave, "If anyone wants to find me, I'll be here rewarding myself or unwinding in a bed somewhere; Someone ought to appreciate these lovely performers!" Hakuul smiles as he saunters off to enjoy his evening.

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"Well lads" Vraxim would say in a jovial voice, addressing Dor and Flidais "I dare say the other two have the right idea. I to could go for a stiff drink and a hearty meal! Care to join us?"

out of character: Kinnon, what time of day is it?

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Flidais would simply stand there with a pained smile on her face thanks to her companion's constant bickering.

Turning to Vraxim to respond to his question, "I'll pass on the drink, but I'll be happy to join for a bite. Crowe here is probably hungry too, aren't you?"

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Dor, still leaning on the pillar, turns his head to look at Vraxim.

“I’ll pass. I’ve had enough of Kiana for one day,” the orc responds, straight-faced as ever, with a slight frown.

Dor straightens his posture and begins to walk towards his room. He stops a moment and turns his head slightly towards Vraxim and Flidais

“I’ll be in my living quarters if you need me,” Dor adds.

He continues to walk away until he is out of sight of the two still standing in the common area.

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"Ah, very well then. We shall catch up later" Vraxim says to Dor. "shall we?" Vraxim says to Flidais as he makes his way to the cafeteria (?) and order a halfing sized meal; a meal consisting of greens of some kind, sausage, and nuts. He would also order a halfing sized beer which he drinks with a smile on his face; it has been a long day after all.

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Flidais would follow along behind the little halfling as he makes his way into the dining area. She would order enough of whatever the freshest game meat they had for Crowe to fill his belly as well as a bowl of water for him. For herself, she would order some tea as well as a salad topped with whatever fish they had that day.

"I honestly feel bad for you sometimes, Vraxim. Having soo many personalities mixing and clashing in this group is sure to make the role you took on as our main speaker a difficult one. I sincerely hope that those two start getting along more at some point as well as they seem to work in combat. We'll never be able to take on any of the more highly ranked quests if they continue to bicker as much as they do." She says, taking a sip from her tea, enjoying the aroma and taste of it.

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Dor remains in his quarters with nothing to say to himself or others. He awaits his next quest.

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Time went on as the group dispersed; some went their own way while others sat down and broke bread together. Discussing the time that they had spent together in the last half-year working as a unit rather than as individuals like some of them had in the past. Dialogue was passed back and forth, drinks were had, and some well deserved sleep was acquired on their first day back from their quest. The Guild wasn't always this rambunctious; only when the Guildmaster out of town on important business. By this time tomorrow, things would be back to running like a well-oiled machine!

The Next Day: 20th of Gozran, Starday

The morning that the group would awaken to was the usual sound of mutterings and the thud of quest papers being stamped for those that were accepting the quests in the Commons area. A small piece of parchment was hanging in the front of each of their doors, stating that Arfin Norgeiros had returned and would be awaiting them in his main office to discuss what he has heard about their mission details. All of you would arrive relatively on time, knocking on his grand double-door entry and would be welcomed into the library like office; it was large and circular, with him sitting at his chair with his legs up and smiles brightly at you four. "Welcome crew! Glad to see you returned safely and it seems like your adventure has already spread a bit in the small village you helped with the Dryad. doesn't seem to be all good or bad." A face of solemness spreads upon him as he stands up and walks around his desk an motions for you to line up in front of him for his review. You know this to be the standard as you went through it a few times when you were accomplishing the last few Silver quests before you went up a tier.

An with each time, you would state your name and specialty before receiving it. He awaited whoever decided to volunteer first.

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Kiana would step forward arms crossed as normal. "Kiana Kaslana, close range fighter using my sword in combination with magic to eliminate my enemies."

1 · by beardguy · 30. Apr 2019 07:20

Vraxim would follow suit and step forward next. With a polite bow he would say "Vraxim Uldara; I specialize in healing magics to keep my allies alive."

1 · by SparxTheHero · 30. Apr 2019 17:50

Hakuul slides up next to Kiana before taking a deep bow. "Hakuul, Scout and Spy for the party, as well as melee combatant."

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Dor leisurely walks forward with heavy steps, shaking the ground beneath them.

"Dor; I kill things with my hands," the orc murmured, leaning in and holding out clenched fists.

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Flidais would step forward after her companions with Crowe by her side. She would give a polite bow to Arfin in the same manner she would an elder of her village. Her left fist clenched and resting against her chest while her right hand rested by her side.

"Flidais na Coillte and my partner, Crowe. I am a secondary scout, wilderness tactician, tracker, secondary Medic, and ranged support for my comrades. Crowe here is one of our melee combatants as well."

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"Kiana, a magic-melee type...with the peculiar blade always at her side, never changing it yet still growing stronger. You've grown over the year or so, especially solo. However, it seems you still have trouble trusting your teammates...there was word with how you and Dor kept distracting each other with infighting while accomplishing the mission." He would say as he paced back an forth between the group, his head lowered and his hands behind his back. "I know you prefer to work alone and I know you want to move up so that you can accomplish a particular goal in mind but if I cannot trust you to trust those who fight by your side...I'm afraid I cannot allow you to gain further access into the archives. Your review," He would stop in front of her an then look her in the eyes before speaking again; the strong yet gentle blue eyes that show years of wisdom beyond hers, he continued. "Report; No substantial progress. Rank stays as is. Suggestion; learn to trust your teammates, even if you don't like them. Once I hear of better success on this front, I may reconsider my opinion." He would nod his head to her before moving on to Vraxim.

"Vraxim; the wayward halfling with a healing touch. You are still quite the talker it seems and I do mean that in an endearing way. The reports of how you try to keep your team under control is well noted, despite the hiccups in it. However, it's because of those consistent hiccups that are preventing further progress of your group...a leader cannot fully get his team's strength to be revealed if he doesn't get to know them better. I know it isn't from a lack of trying but perhaps a change in methodology would behoove you." He said as he looked down to the healer of the group, though not in a demeaning way. "Report: No substantial progress. Rank stays as is. Suggestion; work through yours and your teams problems together. None of you are alone anymore, once I hear of better success I may reconsider my opinion." He would wink to Vraxim with a smile as he then went up to Hakuul.

"Hakuul; the resourceful-rogue with a history he wants secret to keep secret. A special case was made for you on your entry into the guild despite our normal regulations... that will have to change if you want to get any higher within the Guild, regardless of talent or accomplishments mind you. Essentially that is all that is holding you back from advancing, however with our private discussions I know you have yet to resolve certain aspects of that so until you do, my position remains the same. Rank Stays; perhaps helping your comrades will help you confront your past or at least have some able hands to resolve it?" He said as he then reached out with a pat on his shoulder, with a knowing an understanding look in his eyes, he then went over to the towering Dor.

He would slowly look up to the Orc, no fear or hesitation in his face when he uttered the words he did, " disappoint me." He said with a stone cold face, his body rigid with resolve as one could hear the cackling energy behind his back from his hands. "As the only full-blooded Orc within my guild I had high expectations that you would be different and show the world what your strong hands are capable of...other than destruction. Holding firm in your beliefs is noble and isn't to be stifled within my walls, however...constant threats to your own comrades with that anger of yours, regardless of actions taken or not, is simply not tolerated within my Guild. Fractional Helix is about showing the best of our own can do...Report; no progress. Rank stays as is. Suggestion and Recommendation; curb your ego and enthusiasm against your fellow squads. Kiana knows she needs to learn to trust and you need to learn to respect others ideals, tolerance so to speak. Again, you don't have to like them but you will get along in a somewhat humble manner. Understood?" Not often would anyone ever see the Guildmaster so upset, though the look in his eyes were not of anger or, they were eyes of somberness and hurt, as if he was saddened by Dor's actions. Perhaps he took it too much to heart what the Orc did? As he rolled his shoulders and sniffed his nose, he went over to Flidais and Crowe last.

The Guildmaster grabbed something from a bag on his table, which must've been a bag of holding as he pulled something from within it larger than it's own dimensions. A large dried piece of jerky, as he handed it over to the large Crowe who slurped and munched on it on the floor, purring happily at this unexpected treat. "Now that we don't have to worry about him thinking I am threatening you; Flidais na Coillte, hunter with her rare companion. I know you are not quite as used to the large city life we have here an it shows sometimes with shirking of duties to your comrade Vraxim. The speaker may have a tough job trying to get everyone to get along but as I explained with Kiana and Dor before you; everyone can help each other, even if you are already doing your part. The point of a team isn't to be a hunting machine; everyone doing their roles and be expected to always do it. A team in this guild help pick up each other's slack but not to down talk them when we are done." He raises his eyebrows a bit at her, did he somehow get word of her conversation with Vraxim last night when they were breaking bread? He cleared his throat as he stood up in a more professional stance, seeing that Crowe had finished his treat, "Report; no substantial progress. Rank stays as is. Suggestion; If one is too busy seeing the faults in others, they become blind to their own areas of needing growth. You grew up in a tight knit village, use some of that to assist your team in becoming a better unit as a whole. If changes are seen, my opinion may change."

He would then walk back to the seat of his desk, pulling out a ink vial, pen and a journal, ready to write something. "As is customary, you each can ask one question to me each. Nothing too big or long, I have at least ten other squads that need review today as well." This is the time you could speak your peace about what was said or concerns you have with the guild itself. Only Gold Ranks are allowed such an honor since Arfin was quite busy.

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Dor remains silent. He stares at the floor, arms crossed and leaning against the wall, with an irritable expression on his face.

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Kiana would look directly at the guild leader. "You're wrong about these four you know.... they may not have performed perfectly, but without their abilities we wouldn't be here. Hakuul, even though he can't seem to stop hitting on every girl he comes across, was able to get a general location of the target. Flidais was able to track it and get us directly there. Vraxim may not be the vocal leader this team needs at this time but his healing kept us from being in worse shape than we ended up. And despite Dor being a pain in the ass, he was able to bring down the target. While I still don't completely trust this crew, they are no doubt going to get better. As for me I was unable to deliver the final blow or assist in other ways therefore you're judgment saying they made little to no progress is wrong in my opinion. They're reviews shouldn't be affected by my short comings."

Kiana would then turn and begin to leave the room as the others addressed the guild leader but would pause just before leaving and without turning back to face her team. "Don't think that this means I'm looking for your guys approval. Just because i don't trust you doesn't mean I'm going to let you get cut down like that. You guys by no means performed at your peaks..... but you did do better than he seems to want to acknowledge. Now if you'd excuse me I'm gonna go eat and then relax in a bath for a little while before taking another job. If you need me, I guess you can come find me, not like I have much of a choice anyway." She would then walk out the door.

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Hakuul watches as Kiana walks out, a bit surprised by her statement. He then turns to the guild master, saying "I am sorry for my... complicated situation, but thank you for understanding." Hakuul then stands there, smiling despite the situation, and avoiding the topic of Kiana's words. "I will see what I can do for my pals here; if there's anything immediate I should know about, I would very much like to know, though." Hakuul says with a wink before backing up just a bit to signify he was finished speaking.

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"I greatly appreciate your wise words, sir. I have been holding myself back from making an active effort to get to know my other comrades more than simply what they are good at when it comes to completing a quest. I most definitely would like to learn more about the local customs and I wholeheartedly believe that my comrades are the key that will unlock the door to that knowledge. I believe that my first order of business will be to try to get along with Kiana!" A very wide smile would be showing on Flidais's face.

"Other than Dor, she seems like she's the toughest nut to crack. She's a lot like that of an alpha female of a pack. Dor is just like a big bull, you just gotta tread lightly around him." She would smile warmly at Dor, showing him that she meant it in the best way possible.

"Well then, I'm off to see what I can do about that shewolf! Come on Crowe, we've got work to do!" Flidais would quickly bow to the Guildmaster, pausing for a second at the bottom of it to show that she meant it, and then run off after Kiana.

"Crowe, stop Kiana, but be nice!" Flidais would tell Crowe as they leave the room. Since he was able to move faster than she could, it would be best to allow for him to cut her off before she got too far ahead!

Handle Animal: d20+15 = 31(16 + 15)

"Kiana! We most definitely need to get to know each other! The Guildmaster is right, and I need to face my own flaws before I can face any of yours. I've been wanting to really get to know you not only due to us being on the same team, but also since we're the only women on it! A real looker like yourself is bound to draw a lot of attention, and not necessarily the kind that is most desired. What do you say we get some tea and just talk? The more we know about each other, the more cohesively we will be able to work as a team!"

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Vraxim would respond next. "Thank you for your advice guildmaster. I believe this team shows promise,I doubt we would have made this far if that weren't the case. but as you have pointed out, we have much room for improvement." Then in a more jovial and optimistic tone he would say. "In fact this is something I shall begin with at once! It appears that Flidais has had a similar idea as myself. If you will excuse me sir, I will make my leave so that I can catch up to those two!"

Vraxim then bows very politely and leaves towards Flidais and Kiana

out of character: my plan is to have a one on one chat with everyone's character at some point. As it happens, the opportunity has presented itself to do so with Kiana and Flidais.

After leaving the room Vraxim will do something resembling a sprint as he tries to catch up to his comrades. As he catches up to Flidais and Kiana he will say "Wait!" After getting their attention, he would take a brief pause to catch his breath. "I think you would agree with me that the gist of what the guildmaster is saying is that we need to get along better. Truthfully, I think he may have point. We know each other's names, our specialty in combat, but as Flidais has said, we know little else beyond that. That said, what would you two say to heading to one of our rooms and having a friendly chat?"

out of character: Timmeh and Topslayer, if that is something your character wouldn't agree to, then ignore the rest of this post and DON'T RESPOND. That way we don't clog up the thread with to many posts. But if that is something they would agree to then read on:

Once they were in the room, Vraxim would close the door behind them, and begin to speak: "Well then, I think a good place to start would be sharing each other's backstory; share a little of our history, how we found our way to the guild, things of that nautre. But if not everyone his so willing devulge such information that is perfectly fine! Anything can be a good starting point. Your favorite foods, favorite color, things like that." Vraxim says speaking to whomever agreed to chat.

"I will break the ice!" he says with his usual enthusiasm "I was abandoned as an infant, but adopted by an Aasmiar couple Aritian and Davina Uldara. They own a small medical practice in Old Sehir. They taught me the ways of the healing arts and I began work at the clinic when I became older. Though i enjoyed the work, and enjoyed helping others, I became bored after a while."

Vraxim says, giving a brief pause. "you see, Halfings by nature, are a race driven by curiosity and wanderlust; I wanted to adventure, see more of the world!" Then Vraxim's smile begins to fade a little and his face takes on a more melancholic expression.

"I also hope to learn more about who I am and where I came from" Vraxim says with a more somber tone. As he says this, he begins peeling off the flesh colored gloves covering his hand and forearms; gloves that you may or may not have noticed before.

You see that both of his hands and forearms are shriveled and blackened, as if he had plunged them into a blazing fire. "I can scarcely hold something as a sturdy as a weapon without some pain; if you have ever wondered why I don't seem to fight much, this is why."

"But let us not forget the mischievous spirits that seem to haunt me" and as he says this, Vraxim drops one of the gloves. The glove then suddenly flies off about 10 feet in a random direction.

"Annoyances like that follow me wherever I go." A brief pause. Vraxim's expression begins to change back to a more smiling one

"But enough of my rambling! What about you?" Vraxim says as he opens the floor to whomever speaks next

out of character: Topslayer and Timmeh; post one reply with whatever you character would share about themselves.

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Kiana would be walking down the hallway when suddenly Crowe would jump in front of her blocking her path. Before she could even question why she would hear Flidais calling out to her.

Once Flidals fully caught up she would start to speak with her eyes closed and arms crossed in an annoyed manner. "First of all I don't appreciate being cut off like that when I'm going to do something.... Second, I feel like we have two definitions of flaws Flidais. You not knowing everything about your teammates isn't a flaw. All that really matters is knowing what they can and can't do and making sure there are pieces in place to cover the things certain members can't. Knowing their history doesn't change that no matter what the guild master thinks." She would soften her tone and posture slightly before starting again after a brief pause "However....."

She would then be cut off hearing Vraxims voice coming down the hallway and hear his words before addressing the two of them in her once again what most consider to be her normal, tense, on guard self. "I can understand Flidais wanting to know me more but you chasing both of us down is unexpected. I would of figured you'd want everyone around for your little get together.... I'll accept your invitation this time just so I can get the two of you off my back for a bit..... don't get your hopes up too high though on what you're expecting to hear from me." She would reluctantly accepting the invite and follow the other two to the room.

Once the three were in the room she would listen to the story Vraxims would tell about how he got to where he is now and opening the floor for one of them to start speaking.

"If you must know something about me then all you really need is that I grew up in Kyonin until I was 20, then I traveled the countryside alone for four years, alone, and honing my skills, before ending up here out of necessity to meet my goals. All the other information is stuff that is for me to know and my burdens to bare." She would say once again giving the bare minimum information about her life.

"Plus Vraxim, from the sounds of it, you had it decently easy.... I can think of many other things that would be worse than being left behind, injured, and have some annoying spirits around...." she would then get almost a saddened look on her face for a brief moment before shaking it off and going back to normal. It appears there is still much to learn about the life of the mysterious Kiana perhaps?

"So, what is it you'd like to share with the group Flidais?" She would say almost like she's trying to get the attention off of herself.

1 · by Kinnon17 · 06. May 2019 02:51 · changed: 06. May 2019 02:51

The Guildmaster would sigh heavily at Kiana's words; it would seem yet again she took his advice in a different way than he intended them to go. However, it was up to them to progress any futher, he couldn't hold everybody's hands in the guild like newborns. Nothing would get done and no one would learn how to keep themselves safe when the time would come for it. Thankfully, the words of her companions would bring a half-smile to his face, knowing that even if he didn't have the time, someone else in her party would. "Well, seeing as how the other three have already left for their own objectives, I won't stall the two of you any longer either. Just know; I only said those things because I want to see your group to be the next ones to reach Adamantine level in this guild. Your abilities are solid and once you get might even be a match for the Three Marshals!" He would say as he then took to writting down some things in his journal, seeming to check out mentally from the recent encounter.


  • Seeing as how three of the group members are doing their own thing, the other two have their choices presented to them; go try to impose in joining them or do whatever they would like for the rest of the day. It is only noon now when the meeting ends so you have plenty of time to other things!
1 · by SparxTheHero · 06. May 2019 03:13 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+12 = 19(7 + 12)  

"Thank you, Guildmaster, I'm sure in time we'll all be much better-suited to each other!" Hakuul bows his head and flourishes his hand before turning to leave. "Oh, and I never had a chance to thank you, big guy. If you hadn't been in the fight, I don't think I would have made it out alive. Now, if you'll both excuse me, I wanna hear what the others have to say!" Hakuul heads out of the room, trying to Vraxim and the others.

Once he rounds the corner towards the rooms, Hakuul lowers his stance, attempting to be as quiet as possible.

Stealth: 1d20+12 = 19(7 + 12)

Hakuul searches his party mates' rooms to find them. After a bit of time searching, he finally finds them and Hakuul bursts into the room, shouting "Whatcha guys talking about?!"

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 06. May 2019 05:09 · changed: 06. May 2019 07:13

Kiana would glare at Hakuul after he rudly bardges into the room. "If you must know Vraxim wanted us to share our backstory so we could become stronger as a team..... however now that you're here I suddenly feel less like sharing since some people don't understand manners.... not that I'd expect them from a wannabe playboy spy like yourself who would likely just give out information to any cute girl that gave you a wink and a smile."

She would then decide to walk out of the room but stop briefly. "Sorry Flidais, guess we'll have to get that tea you wanted another time.... I'm gonna go relax in a bath before we head out on another job. And I should also thank you Hakuul, you barging in reminds me that anyone could be listening in at any time so I'll make sure to be on my guard next time."

She would then completely leave the room and head to her room to relax.... or at least try to.

1 · by GoodJagwar · 07. May 2019 01:39

Dor, still standing in the room in which the meeting was held, begins to walk out but not before turning around to face the guild master. The orc nods his head in acceptance, turns around, and continues to walk out of the room. He heads to the local pub for a pint of mead and a slab of game.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 07. May 2019 13:34 · rolls: 1 · changed: 07. May 2019 13:59
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+15 = 29(14 + 15)  

"Crowe, stop Kiana from leaving the room."

Handle Animal: d20+15 = 29(14 + 15)

"Hakuul, you really need to learn when you should and should not interrupt meetings between your party members. Kiana, come back and sit down. Since he is already here, why don't we include Hakuul in our meeting? It will only benefit everyone if we know more about each other, especially the most elusive member of our party, wouldn't you agree? As abrasive as you are, you are equally as intelligent and know this to be true. Hakuul, the same goes for you. The best spy is the one who knows the most about their target's movements and how they think, correct?"

With a warm smile, Flidais would pat her hand on the closest seat to her, inviting the two of them to come sit.

1 · by SparxTheHero · 07. May 2019 19:32

Hakuul was very surprised by Kiana's response. He was used to her scoffs and groans, but this was another level. "I didn't realize what I was interrupting. I was only trying to lighten the mood, but it seems like this is a time for seriousness."

Hakuul takes a seat next to Flidais.

"Okay, I suppose you're right; it's probably time I told you something about myself. As you know, my name is Hakuul. I'm older than I look, quite a bit older actually, and I've been travelling for a long time. I used to be the son of someone important, but things happened a long time ago that have caused issues and I can't really go back home."

Hakuul sighs, but shortly regains his composure and grins.

"But that's all history, and I'm not one for dwelling on the past, unless there's something to be done about it."

1 · by Kinnon17 · 07. May 2019 23:11

Crowe would quickly but non-threateningly, get in the doorway and plant his large body in front of the door; like a dog waiting for it's master, he sits expectantly a word of praise or approval from Flidais. The tiger was familiar with the group for the better part of the year so he would not growl or make any noise since he figured it was safe for his master to be in the room.

Dor, you make your way out of the Guild and step out onto the busy streets of Oppara; carts and wagons bustling by with a few adventurer's wandering the merchant quarters that Fractional Helix was in. There were many shops in sight from here, along with a single podium that stood in the middle of each crossroads that would server as a divider and a place for flyers for advertisements of goings on in the city if they didn't want to pay a town crier to do it. It was usually cheaper since Oppara is so large in area, rather than just being a closely dense population. "Pit Fight Special at the Ill-tempered Ram, get your tickets here! Pit Fight spectacular still open for last minute entries!" A well-dressed man with a young boy pauper next to him at a makeshift stall; it seemed legit if not just a bit underwhelming of an official stand. Reason probably is that this was in a Tavern rather than the Coliseum, also because they weren't as well as regulated meaning death was sometimes a common occurrence.

Dor would be able to get a good view of all of this not because he was tall but because most of the crowds, even wagons, would avoid getting closer than five feet from the full-blooded orc. Town Guards could be seen taking special interest in following him with their eyes as he moved, probably desiring any instance to arrest him for something. It used to be much worse before he joined the guild and had it's symbol put onto his attire, like a badge or a pin, so it was nothing that he wasn't accustomed to. The closest pub was the Leaky Lad but the one that was more friendly to unusual humanoids was the Trappers Flagon; either was a good choice though Trappers was a bit more pricey even if a better atmosphere.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 08. May 2019 01:10

Kiana would stop for a moment due to the tiger getting in her way and address the group without turning around. "I've already told you my story, it's nothing special so I don't get why you're so interested.... Plus the more information I give out the more Hakuul has to give out to whomever he feels like. And as for you Flidais, you can't expect people to just listen to your orders like Crowe does..... if you keep putting this tiger in my path we're gonna have problems understood? The world I came from, blocking someone's path is a threat and I'd strongly advise you not threaten me. "

1 · by SparxTheHero · 08. May 2019 03:34

Once again, Hakuul's smile fades away, this time being replaced with a stern glare towards Kiana.

"I don't know what's up with you, but I have never, ever given away any of our information. I understand the importance of knowledge, and if you don't like sharing I completely understand. I, for one have my reasons for reserving information, but lashing out against us and making false accusations only causes issues."

Hakuul then stands from his seat.

"If you don't want to talk about yourself, fine, but understand where Flidais and Vraxim are coming from. If we don't know each other we cannot trust each other, and if we cannot trust each other then we are doomed to fail. As impressive as you are, everyone has shortcomings. Everyone has an area they need someone else to cover, especially in higher ranked contracts. You may not like us, but you have to work with us."

Hakuul walks behind his chair and grabs the back of it with both hands.

"Arguing will not solve anything, if you are not willing to share, then we are at an impasse. However, I also do not want to lose you as a party mate, you are far too skilled a combatant to give up so easily. But rather than cutting you off, I will ask you one question: what can I do to prove my trustworthiness?"

Hakuul then sits back in his chair, looking towards Kiana expectantly.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 08. May 2019 05:05 · changed: 08. May 2019 05:18

Continuing to not face the room Kiana would speak again in a softer tone, not quite friendly, but not as harsh as it normally is. "As I've said, I already said my backstory before you came into the room. And as I've also said knowing the past of another person doesn't dictate the chemistry of a team, the ability to cover one another in combat does. As far as trusting you goes, trust is an ability I can no longer posses. The only thing I can do now, since I'm not on my own, is believe that you guys will be at the right place, at the right time, and do the right thing. As far as that goes I have no problems with any of you. You've all shown you're more than capable in combat, however that doesn't mean I trust you to not stab me in the back should it benefit you to do so."

She would then turn her head and give a side glance toward the room and gets a more sturn tone. "Trust makes you blind. When you trust someone and they turn on you it leads to terrible fates. I don't trust you guys, I don't expect you to trust me, just believe I'll be in the right place, at the right time, doing what I must, and you'll progress through the ranks of the guild like you so desire."

She then turns back forward toward the tiger and speaks like she's bored with the current situation. "Now if you'd please remove this tiger, I don't have time for my bath so I'm going to go see if there's a quick job I can do while you three have your chat and Dor does whatever it is he does which also seems it doesn't involve this group."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 08. May 2019 16:06 · changed: 08. May 2019 20:30

Sighing heavily, Flidais would finally be able to speak up. She would motion to Crowe to return to her side, being sure to give him plenty of praise.

"You're wrong about trust making you blind, but it seems like you have hidden yourself with your shell and you, yourself, are the only one who can coax you out. I assumed you were more akin to an alpha wolf, but it appears that you are moreso akin to that of a lone wolf, cast out from her pack. Trust placed in the right people makes you far stronger while working with them than simply cooperating with them does. You never learn the true extent of the smallest aspects of their abilities and how you can use them to further the entire group, rather than yourself." She would stand up before continuing, making the same salute to Kiana as she did to the Guildmaster.

"I feel like it falls on deaf ears, but I solemnly swear, in the name of Erastil as well as on my father's name, Conall Athair, that I will NEVER betray you. We are a team, we need to act more like one rather than acting like we are a loose group of individuals with similar goals. We will most definitely fail if we were to take on anything more difficult than that Dryad quest if we do not begin working more cohesively. As for Dor, I believed that he was to be far more difficult to pull to our side, but he may turn out to be easier. That is the only reason why he isn't here. I believed that it would take the entire team to bring him into the fold, but it may end up being the opposite between the two of you. I will be sure to approach him myself to test that theory and it may end up being the four of us coming back to you at some point to do this same thing."

With a look of noticeable disappointment on her face and sorrow in her voice,

"Feel free to do what you want, I will not have Crowe get in your way again. Just know that we will continue to make an active effort to get this team to mesh. I sincerely hope that you do come around sooner rather than later. And I hope we can still have that tea at some point, just the TWO of us."

1 · by Kinnon17 · 09. May 2019 02:54 · changed: Jun 26th 16:51

For TopSlayer Only

A low sigh would slowly creep into the back of Kiana's mind as she would get ready to leave the room filled with her comrades, she knew what this would mean an was surprised that he took so long to chime in at this point. "They just won't quit will they? Though, you still aren't the easiest person to get to's fair though. You don't want to end up like your father, can't blame you for that. I keep telling you though that there are some trustworthy people, your father had some you know? You have been with these guys for the longest you have been with anyone, other than that guy who taught you how to use a sword. Don't you think you could give them a bone?" The voice would belong to her sword, Agis the Ebon; truly the one thing that she could count on in this world. He would stir in his sheath as he would sigh again before speaking.

"Truth be told, they could've gone about this better too so I don't have much an opinion either way other than that eventually, if you really want justice or revenge for your father...You will need strong allies and like you keep telling this group, they fit that bill...just food for thought for you Kiana, I'm going to just rest some more...something that Dryad did just exhausted me the last few days but say the word an I'll cut down any foe before us, especially if it is a Urgothoa creep!" The voice and presence would slowly go back to being still like before, though she knew that he was still there if she needed him.

1 · by beardguy · 09. May 2019 06:18 · changed: 09. May 2019 06:19

Sensing that their conversation with one another has gone as far as it could for now, Vraxim will clear his throat and say "Well that was a very...passionate discussion. I think we all learned something about one another today. What say you call it good for today?" Vraxim says addressing everyone in the room

"It is getting to be lunch time and I for one am so hungry I could a Trox!" Vraxim says as he chuckles at his own lame joke

He wobbles his way to the door, gives small polite bow and says "lady and gentlemen, if you will excuse I think I will find a bite to eat" Vraxim says as he looks around the room adressing everyone.

He will then leave the room.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 09. May 2019 15:38 · changed: 31. May 2019 07:31

Kiana would first address Agis in her head "Dad's trust is what blinded him, you should know this better than anyone. He's dead now and where are these trustworthy people now that he's dead? No where to be found..... but you make a somewhat valid point I guess.... I unfortunately need these people on my side.... however I don't think they are prepared to hear about my blood soaked past let alone accept it. Nor are they prepared to assist in what I feel needs to be done..... they don't have the hate or desire to kill those that I need to kill..... accept one..... Now get whatever rest you need, we'll be leaving soon."

She would then address her comrades in the room in a much more calm and less aggressive tone. "We'll get that tea someday. Maybe after we get back from our next job." She would pause for a moment before continuing in a slightly more serious voice. "I'll warn you now, if and when the day comes that you do finally discover the depths of my past, you're opinion will change, so I wouldn't say you'll never betray me quite yet. It is a path stained red with blood and the stench of death after all. I'll see you all when it's time for another job."

She would then begin to leave to room in search for food..... and maybe their absent companion.

1 · by SparxTheHero · 09. May 2019 18:56

Hakuul waits for Kiana to leave before letting his shoulders droop and letting out a heavy sigh. He stands up, turning his attention towards Flidais, "I'm sorry if I ruined your chance to get closer to her by barging in. I thought it would be funny, possibly lightening the mood; it seems like everyone is so sour."

Hakuul begins heading towards the door. "I certainly hope we can find a way to trust each other, and I am sorry that I myself don't share much, but it seems soon I will have to. If you would like to grab tea sometime, as well, maybe I will finally be ready."

Hakuul then lets a big grin spread across his face, "Alright, that's enough melancholy for this evening, let's go get ourselves some food! You too, Furball." Hakuul winks at Crowe before leaving the room, gesturing for them to follow.

1 · by GoodJagwar · 09. May 2019 23:35 · changed: 11. May 2019 04:57

After a brief pause, Dor reluctantly decided to have his lunch at the Leaky Lad. As much as he hated the often insults and threats, he could not afford the Trappers Flagon at the time. Dor pushed the door open, ducked just slightly below the frame, and entered the rectangular room. He quickly examined everyone in the pub and made his way to the counter.

"One pint of mead," the orc murmured, pausing to take another glance at everyone around him, "and uhh...some game."

The orc sat on the stool in front of him and set some of the money left in his pockets on the counter.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 10. May 2019 14:35 · changed: 10. May 2019 15:06

"Well, since you're inviting us, we would be happy to join you! Crowe, let's go get something to eat!" Flidais would follow Hakuul out of the room wherever they decide to get something to eat, being sure to address his concerns from earlier along the way.

"Do not fret about jumping in on us earlier. You had no real way of knowing how Kiana would react, and we didn't think that she would react in that way either. Vraxim and I simply want this team to become more akin to that of a loose-knit family. There's much more assurance that someone you know well has your back compared to someone who you simply know is capable of having your back. I believe it would be especially advantageous for you and I to develop some sort of non-verbal communication for when we are scouting. We had various methods back in my village and being able to remain silent while also getting the message across to your companions sure helps when you're in unknown territory."

1 · by Kinnon17 · 12. May 2019 00:41

The bartender would reluctantly sigh and grab the coin from the counter that Dor had put on it. The Leaky Lad had it's usual patrons, mostly just humans with either a few dwarves here an there with the occasional halfling...nothing but human looking ones it seems again. He would feel the bar sudden;y get a little quieter as he came into the room though no one made any advances to say anything to him. Any who would do so wouldn't dare without either a Guild member on their side or some brigands at least since he was an Orc after all.

The bartender would come back an place a pint of ale in front of him, with a plate of what would be considered almost raw deer meat on it. You couldn't even tell if it was cooked with the blood coming from it. "Here ya go..." He would leave with a bit of a uncomfortable look on his face; you get what you came here for that's for sure. Cheap available food an drink.

The rest of the group that did decide to go to the commons area would see a less chaotic mess of a Guild to be welcoming them. There was an orderly line at the Guild Posting board an Naoki being a bit more polite,as much as she could muster without teasing people, the tables near the cafeteria getting their orders in and out without a fuss about the price even though they know that Brofard and Tufong were more than worth the price. An it seemed the minstrel group was able to make their performance without any bystanders trying to heckle them or join in their dance; today's performance seemed to the that of a light play of a heroic fight between an adventurer and villain!

Since they didn't received their review they were no longer held back with Quest options; it could be international or local ones they could partake in now! They would just need to make sure that they pick one that they could all agree on next.

As Kiana would leave the room before the others she would have already seen the situation at the Commons area but see no sign of the large brutish Orc of theirs. If he wasn't eating or sleeping, he was sometimes drinking though if not here where? There were a few local pubs he could've gone to, if she truly desired to find him and ask him the question she needed to. Just depends if she wanted to put in the effort to track him down.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 12. May 2019 11:46

Kiana would decide that it wasn't something she needed to address immediately and figured she would just wait until a later time. She would then go sit at a table in the corner of the room and wait for the waitress to arrive and take her order for tea and a rack of ribs.

1 · by SparxTheHero · 12. May 2019 18:50

Hakuul would lead Flidais and Crowe to the kitchen section of the guild hall. "I appreciate hearing that, I know she views my playfulness as immaturity, but I'm simply trying to raise spirits. I agree that we should be closer, family is hard to come by in these times."

Hakuul would order some mutton and fish as well as a pint of ale, giving the fish to Flidais for Crowe. "Here, he likes seafood right?" Hakuul would take a seat at a table, being sure to keep a good distance from Kiana, "I don't want to disturb Kiana, I think there's been enough squabbling. Speaking of squabbling, I don't see Dor in here, must be out and about."

Hakuul would take a bit out of his mutton before continuing, "I agree we should have some sort of way of communication. I'm not very arcane savvy, but we could make hand gestures if we know where each other are. Unless you know of a better way, of course."

1 · by GoodJagwar · 15. May 2019 00:54 · changed: 15. May 2019 00:55

Dor finished his food, wiped the grease and alcohol off his lips, and stood up. He walked out of the pub without saying a thing to anyone and began to walk back to his living quarters for some training, and then some shut-eye.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 15. May 2019 04:19

"Ah, yes, of course! He loves pretty much any meat as well as the occasional berries here and there. He'll let you know if he won't eat it pretty much immediately though."

Flidais replies happily, seeing that Hakuul actually meant what he said about becoming more cohesive as a team. She would order whatever their freshest game meat or fish was along with some fresh greens and vegetables for a small salad. She would, again, get some tea to drink.

"Vraxim and I understand what you're trying to do and we do appreciate it. Things do get too serious between us all a lot, so a break in the tension here and there is good. Every family or team will have some sort of argument at some point, but it helps us grow closer if everyone shares their own opinions rather than just agreeing with the majority all the time."

After sitting down and praying to Erastil in thanks for her meal, she would continue.

"As for Dor, he'd be easy to track down. That's one of the nice things about orks. You usually can smell them out. As for the communication idea, I agree with hand gestures and maybe animal calls. I became quite proficient with a handful of them back in my village and they would be easier to use at long distances, especially with Crowe here. I too am not familiar with the ways of the arcane. Erastil grants me the ability to cast spells, and I believe there are a few that could help us. I definitely think we should get Vraxim in on at least some of the basic signals, that way we can communicate with the rest of the group, presuming they remain with him to protect him."

1 · by beardguy · 15. May 2019 05:53 · changed: 16. May 2019 00:33

As Vraxim eats his food and drink he looks around the room and sees no sign of Dor. Perhaps he ventured off into the city somewhere, or maybe he is in is room? He figures he shouldn't be hard to find when the time comes. He would then notice Hakuul and Flidais talking. Ever the social type, Vraxim would takes his halfing-sized food and drink and make his way over to their table. "Lady and genntelmen! Hope I'm not interupting. Mind if I sit here?" He says adressing Hakuul and Flidais.

1 · by Kinnon17 · 16. May 2019 02:45

Dor would return back to the guild without incident, as the case usually was when he wpuld return. He would see that his party was in the commons partaking in some late breakfast as he went back to his room to train by himself. The quest board still having the same ones up as yesterday.

Kiana would be approached by one of the waitresses, asking for her order and then quickly hurrying off to deliver it. She would see that Dor had made his way back by the time her meal was delivered. Perhaps she would get the chance later today or tomorrow to ask him the question she needed an answer for?

The trio in the middle of the commons would discuss things amongst themselves while they got their meals whilst letting their two loner type have their own time. The meal was scrumptious as was expected of Fractional Helix cafe. Once they were done, they had a feeling they should finally take a look at the quest board since the meeting was a bust an any other forced talks would pribably end in the same manner.

1 · by GoodJagwar · 16. May 2019 21:48

Dor waited in the Guild for his companions, eager to start his next quest and make more money considering he was running low.

1 · by SparxTheHero · 17. May 2019 19:53

Just as they finished their meal, Hakuul would have noticed Dor entering the guild hall. "Ah, the big guy is back! We should probably pick a quest now that we're all in the same room"

Hakuul would stand up, gesturing for his companions to follow. "Come on, let's go get Kiana and pick out a new quest. Hopefully something less plant-like."

Hakuul would begin walking towards the quest board and gesture for Kiana to come over, awaiting the entire group before directly approaching the board.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 18. May 2019 06:55

Kiana would see her group getting together, stand up from her table, and walk over to them so they could pick a job.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 20. May 2019 19:38

Flidais would finish her meal, thank Erastil once again, and follow Hakuul over to the quest board.

"I'm okay with almost anything. I was hoping we wouldn't be cooped up in town for too long." She would say as she gestures to Crowe to follow her.

1 · by beardguy · 22. May 2019 06:23 · changed: 22. May 2019 06:23

Vraxim would quickly scarf down the last of his food and drink. He would then tell everyone that he is going to Dor's room to inform him that everyone is meeting by the quest board. After talking to Dor, Vraxim would then make his way to the quest board to meet with the others.

1 · by Kinnon17 · 27. May 2019 04:17

As the group finally got themselves together in a single area, without a fight or arguement ensuing, they were able to spot several quest notices on the board that their group would be able to handle AND be worth their time...

NOTE: Values for gold is for per party member, already divided it for ease of understanding of pay grade.

Escort Merchant to Almas(Silver+)

Merchant company owner of Mystic Coms., Taros Quinry, has asked for a small or medium sized escort to protect his caravan to the capital of Andoran, the neighboring country of Taldor. He has heard rumors of increased brigand an bandit activity along the two countries borders an refuses to leave with his goods unless the guild supplies him with a detachment of capable warriors. Reward: 75 Platinum pieces in advance, 75 more upon completion. Note: Can keep whatever you find on the fallen foes you defeat!

Clear out Troglodyte Lair(Silver+)

Requested by City Guard of Oppara. There have been reported sightings of lizard looking like creatures in the sewers and tunnels underground by common an noble folk alike. No casualties reported so far but there have been an increased number in kidnappings of the poor amongst the beggars. Too busy with preparations for city events an undermanned to send a clearing party. Reward: 100 gold per tail brought in, bonus if Chieftan is captured alive or confirmed dead.

Clear out Ogre Encampment(Gold+)

Requested by the Border Patrol of Demgazi. With training new recruits for the High Sentinel order, we are usually able to quell most manner of beasts or man that threaten the countries borders. However, as of late there has been an increase in Ogre sightings. Despite our verteran soliders aiding them, we have experienced casualties that would make it a risk to continue a prolonged sortie. We ask for the Guild's help in vanquishing the encampment that has been spotted in the mountain lines, south of out town. Reward: 300 Plats

Rescue Nobleman’s Daughter(Gold+)

Requested by Viscount Seemannus of Faldamont, Maheto, and Dalaston. Noble yet unrefined guild of Fractional Helix, I solemnly request your daughter Liliana has been kidnapped! She has just turned of age an was learning the etiquette of becoming a noblewoman an the duties therein when, after going on a tour of one of our several townships, her bodyguards were taken out by a mysterious figure. None saw the evil-doer but he has already sent letter to me of his demands! I cannot give in to them, less peril would surely ensue the kingdom for generations to come! Reward: 500 plats, plus favor with the Grand Duke himself!

Protect Village from The Nameless Horde(Gold+)

Requested by Sardis Township. Oh wise and noble heroe's of the Fraction Hellix! This is a plea by the commons folk of the land of Sardis! There has been an undead horde coming an killing the cattle, sheep, an our own kin even! The Baron is too busy with the unseen, local threat of himself by his alleged enemies to send out the guard or ask the other nobles to send aid! Please, we beg of you, you with the power to save us to kill these monsters and save our town! We will make sure you are rewarded after the next timed siege!

Interesting quests here an there, which one shall the group pick?

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 27. May 2019 16:21

Kiana would look over the jobs contemplating a few of them deciding on one she feels is right.

"None of these are particularly great, but clearing out the ogres seems the most straightforward and has less questions about what we're hunting down and when we get paid."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 27. May 2019 18:38 · rolls: 2 · changed: 27. May 2019 19:49
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+9 = 12(3 + 9)   #2 d20+9 = 26(17 + 9)  

"I agree that it is definitely the most straightforward quest here, but ogres can be a handful in their own right. The Nobleman's Daughter Rescue could prove to assist us moreso long term than the others here. If the kidnapper was not careful, they very well could have sent an easy way to track them down in that letter."

Flidais would look all of the quests over again before continuing.

"Dealing with the undead has never been one of my preferred things to partake in but it is an entire town at risk and Crowe here can deal with undead better than most. Escort missions, even though they take the least amount of time fairly often, are not my cup of tea. I'm going to agree with Kiana on this one. I vote for dealing with the orgres.

Knowledge Geography check to see how many people live in the town being attacked by the undead: d20+9 = 12(3 + 9)

Knowledge Geography check to see how many people are in danger from the ogres: d20+9 = 26(17 + 9)"

1 · by SparxTheHero · 27. May 2019 20:25

"It seems there are several people who need help. As much as I would love to rescue a damsel in distress, I will say I have no desire to be in favor with nobles. It would seem that the undead and ogres both put the most people in danger."

Hakuul would ponder for a moment before continuing, "I have had a couple run-ins with undead, but never more than a couple in a delve or two. Ogres on the other hand are a new entity entirely; any groups I worked with would typically steer clear of ogre territory. With that being said, I suppose either would be a viable, or the troglodytes, those are always fun."

Hakuul would wink at no one in particular. "So what shall it be?"

1 · by beardguy · 28. May 2019 06:46 · changed: 28. May 2019 07:25

"Hmmm..." Vraxim would say pondering over all of the quests. "All are fine options, but so far it seems the group is deciding between ogre and undead. Personally I vote for the udead quest. It seems there are more people in danger, and my channeling abilities will not only heal you all, but damage the undead as well.

In addition, I have a small countermeasure I can use for undead; with that I can be closer to our melee fighters

But I have no qualms doing another quest if you all decide otherwise."

Vraxim gives a brief pause "but regardless what we choose, I think we should be prepared"

1 · by GoodJagwar · 30. May 2019 16:42

“The undead seem far more significant than some ogres. Especially since the hordes are already troubling the castle’s people as we speak,” Dor suggests.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 30. May 2019 22:45

Kiana would get irritated with this tie in voting..... "Look, at least with the ogres we know what we are getting paid and when we will get paid. There is no point in killing a bunch of zombies only to have them turn around and decide they don't need to pay us. I don't work for free...…"

She would then look at Hakuul. "You have the deciding vote, you need to decide which job we take it looks like so no more of this you'll do whichever. Put your big boy pants on and make the decision..... Whatever it is you choose I'll do, I just hope you make the right call."

1 · by SparxTheHero · 31. May 2019 01:14

Hakuul would ponder his options briefly before responding. "The Ogres would produce money more readily, I'll give you that, but the zombies would look better as it's a more immediate threat. I also feel more comfortable with an enemy I have faced before, rather than an entirely new for, especially after what happened with the last quest. The devil you know and all that."

Hakuul would stand up straighter than usual before continuing. "So with that being said, I pick The Nameless Horde as it's a more pertinent threat and I feel better equipped for it."

1 · by Kinnon17 · 31. May 2019 03:58 · changed: Jun 07th 04:41

As the group had finally made a decisive decision, almost out of nowhere Naoki pops her head out from behind the counter next to where they were. "Is that the sound of an ornery bunch of adventurer's finally making a decision on a quest?~ I think it is!" She would say in a sarcastic yet upbeat voice as she pulls out a large book, flips it open to a certain page an then conjures, from seemingly behind her back, the Guild Seal Stamp as she then quickly hits the mark on the groups name, followed by a quick writing of the quest name. "There we go, no it is all official for you guys! Got to say...if you do this job right, it will really help establish that the guild isn't just a respite for monsters but also a guild filled with saviors for all peoples~. Be that at is it may...there was no money attached to this request, but there was this..." She would say as she pulled out a small jewelry box; an old one by the damaged looks of it. "The Guild leader had us put a binding spell of the highest order to make sure no one would open it until the quest was considered done by the requester. Since it was a whole town that put this better make sure they know it was you guys who saved them otherwise it will just remain a locked box, haha!" She would tease as he tail would sway behind her, mischievous as ever it would seem. "Last thing; Threstro Briarsmith, the local Baron? He is super paranoid so be careful not to cross him too bad while you are there. The two villagers that came in were named Tomas an Henrietta, brother and sister I believe. They should probably be the first ones you make contact with at the town!"

EDIT FOR Timmeh1024

Sardis Township you roughly remember, in passing, from your geography research that it would have around three-thousand people. Quite a few in all honesty.

In direct correlation from the ogre encampment of Demgazi, if the Sentinels were to fall, roughly a thousand people would be in danger, plus potentially the city of Zimar. However, Zimar was far more massive an had a large standing force, an Ogre threat would be negligible to them. After all, this is stated as an 'inconvenience' to the sentinels, not a dire threat.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 31. May 2019 08:00 · changed: Jun 26th 17:51

Kiana would sigh slightly at Hakuuls choice and then begin to walk to her room to grab her bag of stuff she'd need before heading out the front doors after hearing the report from Naoki. She would then address Agis telepathically along the way if he was awake enough to be paying attention. " This is what I mean Agis, this group wants to put me down for being selfish yet they do the same for themselves. Hakuul picks an opponent that he's familiar with rather than taking on a new challenge to further his abilities. Vraxim on the outside seems like he wants to help, in reality he too picked what he thought would be the easier one for him too look good. Flidais is harder to get a feel for, but at the end of the day I'm sure she secretly wanted to do the horde more too just because she can show off how powerful her oversized cat it and only agree with me to try getting on my good side. Then there's Dor..... he clearly isn't the angry beast I was hoping for and instead is just some soft and grumpy guy who wants to be seen a hero..... this guild doesn't need to be seen as one that takes jobs for free to help people and be hero's or saviors..... it needs to know quality and with quality comes a price..... I bet that stupid box has a rock in it just to mess with us...... best case it has a single item in it that would only benefit one person in the group. You expect me to trust people who make decisions like this? This is exactly why they're no good for me and my future goals..... And here I thought Hakuul would make the right call and at least get us paid.... I should of known better..... let's just go get this stupid job done so when we get back we can take a solo job and actually make money...."

1 · by GoodJagwar · 31. May 2019 08:27 · changed: 31. May 2019 08:27

Dor walked back to his room and grabbed the small number of things he would need for his travels without saying a word more. The ogre slowly tailed Kiana until his monstrous stride eventually caught up to her.

"Stop being such a priss," Dor muttered in a harsh tone to Kiana as he walked past. His gaze remained ahead of him as he continued to distance himself from her.

1 · by beardguy · 01. Jun 2019 08:15 · rolls: 1 · changed: 01. Jun 2019 08:35
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20 +11 = 13(2 + 11)  

Vraxim would turn to Naoki and say "Naoki if you would be so kind, could you please tell us how close the sardis township is?

I have one additional request if it isn't against the rules: could I use a spell to try and guess the contents of the box? I am quite curious as to what may be inside it. Fret not; this spell will make no attempt to open the box or do anything to the contents inside"

If he is allowed to do so, Vraxim will cast detect magic and will focus on the box for 3 rounds/12 seconds. If the spell detects any aura(s) in the box vraxim will use a spellcraft check on at least one of the aura to attempt to identify its properties

spellcraft 1d20 +11 = 13(2 + 11)

1 · by SparxTheHero · 03. Jun 2019 04:20 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+10 = 20(10 + 10)  

"Thanks, Whiskers! It would definitely be nice to be in a guild that has a decent reputation for once!" Hakuul would wink at Naoki before heading to his room to gather his belongings.

"I wonder if this 'Threstro Briarsmith' fellow had any ties with my father? Does that name ring a bell at all?"

Knowledge (local) 1d20+10 = 20(10 + 10)

Hakuul would reunite with his companions, "Alright, I'm all set! Do we need any supplies before we leave?"

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 06. Jun 2019 12:39

@sdsdsss Sorry, but we don't have any room for any more players in this campaign. We appreciate your wanting to join though.

Flidais would make her way to her room to grab her things as well, being sure to not forget anything. After making it back to the guild hall and meeting her companions, she would patiently wait for everyone to say they were ready.

"Vraxim, I know the box is incredibly interesting and you want to know what's inside it, but the sooner we get this quest done, the sooner you learn what's in there. Please go gather your things."

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jun 07th 05:21 · changed: Jul 12th 16:16

Kiana would hear Agis groan in the back of her head, as if being woken up at the twilight hour. "I don't see how an undead horde would be classified as 'easy' in anyone's book, Kiana. Just because he has holy power doesn't mean that it won't pose a problem to him, after all he is only one person, you already know that a single individual is limited in power against sheer numbers like that. An Dor, he could still be angry but the Guildmaster did want him to be more than just what his kind is known for; evil and brutish. Think of it this way; if getting to kill countless undead makes him seem like a savior instead of a brute but he can be as savage as he wants about it...I fail to see how it doesn't work for him on both ends. He might not be the smartest either, could convince him that all Urgothoan worshiping scum are just as bad as undead are an he might be eager to join us?" He would pause for a moment as it would seem he was collecting his breath for his next statement for her.

"I can't say anything for Flidais, you are kind of right on her. Perhaps it's because we know only the skin deep version of her an her tribe without knowing any hardships she might've faced? Granted, it would be tame in comparison to you an your family...not many can follow that kind of act up. As for Hakuul...he might have tangled with undead before but it's odd he would pick this one from how he has acted in the past. A damsel in distress an he passes it up? I think that's more suspicious than the undead thing if you ask me. Your temper will be a liability Kiana...I told your dad the same thing back then but hear me; if the Guild Leader accepted this posting and went through that trouble of putting such magic on it, he must know what is inside. Just because people aren't direct doesn't make them dumb. You would be wise to heed that advice..." He would slowly yawn an disappear on her once again, being quiet with her own thoughts.

Hakuul would recall the name of Thestro Briarsmith in one of his father's dealings an paperwork. Though he didn't get to see if he was indeed one of the slave connections his father had throughout the Empire, just seeing an hearing that name would show that his character and personality was that of the criminal Ilk...perhaps this would be a way to get back at his father?

Noaki would raise her hands and shake her head slowly with a soft sigh, "Sorry cutie, along with the spell to make it unopenable, it has a seal that protects it from Divination magics so I am afraid that it won't do a thing for you...unless you knew someone more powerful than the guild leader that is~" She would smirk an lick her lips a little seductively as she leaned down on the counter to express her curiosity and to, eh, accentuate herself to the little halfling. "Do you know someone that strong...little man? If you did, I know some people who would pay a pretty coin for that kind of info~" She would say with a wink before standing back upright an claps her hands a bit, acting as if she didn't do what she just did. "Well now, you have the requester info, the object of payment, mission detail and locale is southeast of here...I think that's all you lot need to get on your way~ Good luck and don't get in over your heads~" She would turn with the swish of her tail an twitching of her ears as she went over to help a group of newcomers to the guild an leave your group alone.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jun 07th 14:35 · changed: Jun 07th 14:39

Kiana would grab the hilt of her sword tight with her right hand but resist drawing it on Dor while her left hand clinched in a fist as instead she would just stare him down from behind as he walked away like she would an enemy.

1 · by beardguy · Jun 09th 21:08 · changed: Jun 09th 21:09

Vraxim lowers his hand realizing his spell wouldn't work. "Ah. well, it was worth try a little curiosity never hurt anyone though right?" Vraxim would say with a wink in response to Noaki

After Noaki walks away, Vraxim would turn to to Flidais/anyone else in the party who was nearby and say "As you say, time is of the essence." Vraxim would then take the necessary standard action to take out his wand of clw "My eqipment is ready to go, but I have one other thing I would like to do before leaving."

Once everyone is in the same room, Vraxim would turn to Dor and say "Alright big guy, since I know you like getting up close and personal, I have a magical ability that will help keep you alive. I will link you life forces to mine; every time you take a hit I will take some damage as well, and you will automatically heal. But don't worry about me, thats what this handy little wand is for!" Vraxim would say with a small chuckle, gesturing to his wand.

"Obviously though, you don't have to do this if you do want to"

He would then turn to Kiana and say "I can do the same for you as well if you want the extra healing?"

"As for everyone else" Vraxim would say adressing the rest of the group, "I am afraid linking with more than just a couple of people would be to dangerous right now. Once my abilities improve, I will link with more of you, if you wish."

ooc: here is what life link does as per the rules "As a standard action, you may create a bond between yourself and another creature. Each round at the start of your turn, if the bonded creature is wounded for 5 or more hit points below its maximum hit points, it heals 5 hit points and you take 5 hit points of damage. You may have one bond active per oracle level. This bond continues until the bonded creature dies, you die, the distance between you and the other creature exceeds medium range, or you end it as an immediate action (if you have multiple bonds active, you may end as many as you want as part of the same immediate action)."

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jun 10th 00:01 · changed: Jun 10th 00:01

Hakuul would first turn to Vraxim, "Oh well, guess we'll just have to do the quest to find out what's in the box!" He smirks, "So assuming the link doesn't end prematurely, it would be better to do before battle yeah? Or is it possible to make links in battle?"

OOC: I realize with it being a standard action you could do it in combat, but am more or less seeing if it's viable to use your turn to do so.

Hakuul would ponder to himself the information he recalled of his father's dealings, choosing not to share his suspicions of Briarsmith unless the need arises.

1 · by beardguy · Jun 10th 22:47 · changed: Jun 10th 22:48

"The link is permanent, provided Dor and Kiana are relatively near, and I don't fall unconscious. If someone with the link wants to go outside that distance for whatever the reason, I can easily re-establish it later. I can also easily end it at anytime if someone wishes

While this is something that needs to be decided on before any fighting starts, it doesn't have to happen right this instance." Vraxim would say in response to the question.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Jun 11th 03:50 · rolls: 1 · changed: Jun 11th 05:42
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+9 = 26(17 + 9)  

Flidais would make her way over to Kiana, moving her hands in a calming way in front of her to try to calm her down her comrade. All while giving her an inquisitive expression as to what was going on.

"I can only assume Dor said something that got under your skin being that you're staring at him so furiously, but please, try to quell your anger. I don't see his attitude or personality changing anytime soon, unfortunately, but I know that you're intelligent enough to know that nothing good will come from you two being at each other's throats."

She would whisper this in Elven to Kiana, close enough that she should be the only person who could hear it. Then, turning to her other comrades after hopefully calming Kiana down by even a small amount, would ask,

"Well, now that we're all here and ready, how should we go about getting to our destination? Crowe and I have no problem hoofing it there but that may take some time. A carriage would probably fit all of us, but it would be a tight fit with Crowe inside, so he'll most likely need to run alongside. If you all are alright with it, however, I am more than happy to ride in front or on top, since I can attack at range. If someone rides in front, that should leave four spaces inside the carriage, meaning that we all could fit."

Flidais would take out her map and check it to see how long it will take to make it to Sardis Township by carriage vs by foot.

Knowledge Geography : d20+9 = 26(17 + 9)

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jun 11th 16:39 · changed: Jun 11th 16:40

Kiana would hear Flidais's words and close her eyes for a moment while slowly taking her hand off her sword before addressing her in Elven. "You're right..... my apologies...."

She would then open her eyes and listen to Flidais's next proposal. "I don't mind taking a carriage. Would most likely get us there much faster than walking however I'll sit in the front."

She would then glare at Dor, though not nearly as angerly as she was a moment ago. "The last thing I want is to be stuck sitting anywhere near that dumb brute for any extended period of time...."

She then looked away and closed her eyes while crossing her arms not wanting to look at him anymore so that she could remain at least a little calm. "I wouldn't want to jeopardize the job by wanting to kill a member of our team after all."

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jun 14th 08:59

Flidais; you would know that, given favorable terrain an weather, it would take approximately 5 days by carriage. The road isn't a straight path to Zimar so they would need to travel to Ortalaca then continue on the highway from there. By foot however, what with the group needing to match Vraxiam's slower speed being small, unless someone carried him the entire way, would be 12 days...8 if someone carried him the entirety of the way. However, you were in the Capital of Taldor, Oppara an there are more than just two means of travel in this land.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jun 14th 22:32 · rolls: 1 · changed: Jun 14th 22:32
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+10 = 21(11 + 10)  

Hakuul would ponder the options for a moment, "I suppose that of those two options I would prefer a carriage, but there's more than two ways to travel, you know."

Knowledge Local: 1d20+10 = 21(11 + 10)

"And if money is an issue, I suppose I could survive if we went on foot, but I am not carrying shorty!"

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jun 15th 21:02

Hakuul: you would remember that you heard some of the other Guildmates that there was a Wizard in their midst that would sometimes teleport others around the country for a price, so it would be super quick but unknown for price though.

Same with the Airship that he heard sometimes takes passengers when it's in port; The Red Cloud. You know that it's expensive an they usually only take bulk passengers but it would be much quicker than horse to get to Zimar. Just depends on what the market price at the time!

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jun 16th 00:54

"Hmm, if I remember correctly, there's a mage in the guild who tends to teleport people about, I'm not sure how much that costs though."

Hakuul would think again for a moment.

"There's also the airship, but that all depends on how busy it is."

1 · by beardguy · Jun 16th 04:01

"I say we either go for the carriage or wizard. The sooner we get there the better. If price is an issue for either, I can try bargaining to lower the price.

One thing to note however, is that if we take a carriage we will need someone capable of driving it."

1 · by GoodJagwar · Jun 17th 06:51 · changed: Jun 18th 04:52

Dor turns around and awaits for his companions ahead.

"Just make up your minds and let's get going," the orc demands in a harsh tone, "If the wizard is inexpensive, we teleport. Push comes to shove, we walk, and I carry Vraxiam. Easy decision--let's go."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Jun 19th 23:20

"We can see how much the Wizard is, but I say we go for the carriage if he is too expensive. I can only imagine how much it will cost, especially since it is a specialty service. I am sure that the carriage will be cheaper, but we shall see."

Flidais would look to each of her companions as she speaks.

"Now, where is this Wizard we are looking to speak with located?"

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jun 20th 17:07

"Alright, if I recall correctly, the Wizard's name is Jasper. He's a strange one, no one really knows his rank from what I've heard, and he's almost always down in the basement laboratory doing gods know what."

Hakuul would begin walking towards the basement, gesturing his party to follow.

"So let's go find out then! And maybe while we're down there, ask him how much his services cost."

1 · by beardguy · Jun 22nd 18:22

Vraxim will follow his party members lead to the basement

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jun 26th 16:59

As the group would make their way down the back hallway that would lead to the laboratory basement, they would see less an less of the riff-raff that littered the commons area and training areas they passed by before. It would seem that not a lot of the lower-leveled adventurer's would make their way back here, probably due to lack of funds an experience. Once they got to the winding stairs that lead downwards is where things started getting a little more interesting.

Instead of the typical torches that would fill the walls there were instead just mere lights coming from the walls; heatless an unwavering in brightness that would lead the way for them. After going down for a minute or two, the stairs would lead them to a large open area an chemical smells would assault their noses along with weird an strange noises of creatures or concoctions being brewed would welcome them to the Laboratory. There were many work stations with alchemist's an wizards alike that were working on new spells, new potions or even crafting weapons an armor with enchantments! At the ceiling they would see a large...hole just going up into nothingness? Logic would say that it would be the cafeteria right about them yet there was never any hole there an the fireplace wasn't that massive, only magic could explain this giant vent one would think an where it would lead to. There were partitioned walls an makeshift rooms for privacy in case any would like to work in piece. Now all that was left to ask around to see who this Jasper was...though there were many sights to see of magical wonders here, familiars, summoning circles and wards, even one gnome seemed to be constructing a golem!

Agis would make a pretend cough as he would chime in to Kiana, "Ugh, do these spellcaster's have no sense of smell after working on things like this? I understand now why they are always in remote areas an it's not just to be isolated from nosy neighbor's...they would get fined by the state from the terrible smell they make from their experiments. Hopefully we don't have to be here too long, being around so many people that can sense what I am makes the both of us uncomfortable I would assume." He would say as he would vibrate for a split second before going silent again.

Crowe would sneeze a few times as he would shake his head from the fumes they were experiencing down here; the large cat would stop to rub at his snout a few times, he wasn't used to such intense and foreign smells like these. He would lower his head closer to the ground in order to avoid inhaling any additional smoke that was whipping about, looking up to Flidais with a concerned look on his face, uncertain if this area was a threat to their health.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jun 26th 18:05

" I agree.... being around this many spell casters definitely causes us to stand out like a sore thumb..... plus the smell is truly awful...." Kiana would say to Agis.

"Well I think I can speak for everyone when I say this smell is terrible down here so let's get this over with. I'd rather not be down here longer than needed."

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jun 28th 02:51 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+10 = 21(11 + 10)  

"Well then, let's ask around and find our man!" Hakuul would say as he sauntered up to someone nearby.

"Excuse me, hello, I was wondering if you could help me?"

Diplomacy 1d20+10 = 21(11 + 10)

Hakuul would lean back on a nearby table, smiling softly, "you see, my friends and I are in need of transportation and are looking for a fellow by the name of Jasper, do you know him?"

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Jul 02nd 13:09

"I'm sorry big guy, but it's bothering my nose too." Flidais would pet Crowe's head, plugging her nose as best she could.

"If I would have known it was this bad, I would have had us wait upstairs for everyone to get back. Next time I'll try to bring something to help with the smell, okay?"

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jul 03rd 03:28 · changed: Jul 03rd 03:28

The first person that Hakuul walked up to, a rather attractive looking elven female dressed in ornately flowing robes would turn to him with a half-smirk as she heard the name of the person he was looking for. "You're looking for him huh? You know there are cheaper ways to travel around Golarion than magic. Though I suppose if you need to get somewhere incredibly fast...alright. You see that closed off cubicle to the far back left, the one that looks like it is constantly vibrating in place? That's his work station. Just whatever you do, don't startle me, you don't want to distract a wizard when he is conducting experiments, unless you like crazy things happening." She would chuckle a bit at her own joke before turning back to her crafting table to finish her potion making as the vials she was making looked rather pure an pristine compared to some of the others that working around her.

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jul 03rd 13:39

Hakuul would bow as she turned away, saying, "Thank you, my lady." Hakuul would then turn to his party, "Now then, let's go speak with this Jasper before our eyes shrivel up from these fumes!"

Hakuul would lightly chuckle as he made his way to the humming cubicle, clearing his throat. "Ahem excuse me, Jasper? We came to inquire about transportation?"

1 · by beardguy · Jul 04th 06:13 · changed: Jul 04th 06:26

Vraxim will follow his comapnions and start making his way to the cubicle that the elf indicated. Getting the feeling that Jaspar will have to be sweet talked in order to give them a rate they can afford, Vraxim will take the necessary standard action to cast enhanced diplomacy on himself, before reaching the cubicle.

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jul 09th 06:48

The group would hear a small racket come from within the shut door cubicle as mumbling would be heard from within it as the humming an vibrations had come to a rather quick halt as the door opened slightly an a small cloud of thin, grey smoke would waft from it though it was odorless. They would see no eyes but only a few boney fingers clasp the door from within; they looked callused an old as then the one they assumed would be Jasper speak...with a rather normal, even young sounding voice! "Yes, I am quite busy at the moment so if you could skip with the pleasentries an get to the point I would very much appreciate it."

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jul 10th 23:07

Hakuul would reply promptly, "Ah yes, my apologies, we are simply here to ask your pricing for your services in order to get us to the Sardis Township northeast of here and hopefully come to an agreement!"

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jul 12th 16:13 · changed: Jul 12th 18:04

He would pause an go quiet for a while, then rapping his fingers twice on the door before replying. "That's the prison town east of here by the way, not northeast. You weren't too far off though...but I'm curious though, why that location? There are plenty of other more dangerous or even nice locations to go for quests...what's going on over there?" He would seem genuinely interested in his questions, his voice less gruff than before.

((OOC: Sparx, don't worry about editing it because of the direction part. I think it is kind of fun an silly for the situation!))

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jul 12th 18:17

"Ahh, yes, East, my apologies." Hakuul would look a bit flustered before regaining his composure.

"You see, the township is under siege by undead, so we are trying to make our way there with haste in hope of reducing casualties and giving ourselves better chance to prepare."

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jul 13th 18:17

Jasper's hand would clench the door and the group would hear an audible gasp from behind the door. It would slowly open wider until enough light would peer into his room to reveal the man behind the door; he certainly didn't look like he was that old but the scars an caved in facial features either from famine or some kind of disease definitely added some age to the man before them. His eyes however were lit, concern across his face as he faces the group. "What do you mean? How is that possible? Why didn't anyone...ah...that would be why. I am guessing your group already accepted the quest for it then, damn...I have been in here for three weeks now, should've took a break..." He would curse something under his breath as he would look to the group.

"Quickly, what rank is your band? Depending on your answer I may be able to help..."

1 · by SparxTheHero · Jul 13th 18:23

"Of course," Hakuul would stand up a bit more formally before continuing, "Our band is currently Gold ranking, and we have been making good headway in climbing the ranks, thanks to our leader here." Hakuul would gesture towards Vraxim.

"If you are willing and able to help, we would be most appreciative."

Hakuul would bow and return to his formal posture.

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