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Looking For Players - Labyrinth Lord

Ekin · Apr 09th 10:08 by Ganesh · 4

Game: Into the Dark

System: Labyrinth Lord

Time : CDT Time Slots (International)

Information : Into the Dark is a game of Labyrinth Lord played "old style" by parties of adventurers. This campaign is new and takes on a classic, dark fantasy, sword & sorcery approach. New players are welcome!

Dice Room: Into the Dark

1 · by C0$m0$ · Mar 27th 17:43

I WOULD play this but... I don't know AD&D XD

1 · by Ekin · Apr 02nd 06:55

That's alright. New players are welcome!

2 · by Valdus · Apr 05th 12:16

I’m game, though pbp style may be better for me. We can also do pbp style in chat too

1 · by Ganesh · Apr 09th 10:08

Hello?do you still have room for one player? I 'm a newbie and the description says new player welcome so can i join?

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