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Looking for players

Niho99 · Thu 23:00 by Minuet · 8

I am currently looking for inexperienced or experienced players for Dungeons and Dragons Discord

Link to my Discord Server:

1 · by 1234 · Apr 27th 01:20

hi im new

1 · by LU_DOM · May 01st 18:39

hi, want to play?

1 · by wizardeye · May 04th 16:56

hi im new and i want to play but new to d&d

1 · by DragonShotXD · May 04th 23:40


1 · by Tryagaingaming · May 08th 03:19

Niho99 the link is currently expired, but I would still like to join

Discord is: Master Illonus #5041

1 · by Mortimer914 · May 09th 03:57

New-ish (2 yr player), but not sure what this involves. I just googled groups and found this place after my current two groups have been AWOL for cutting sessions short for months.

1 · by Shad0w425 · May 14th 20:11

Hi, I have a room called "The Vortex" if you want to join, message me and I will add your username to the whitelist. If you join, we will be playing 5e

1 · by Minuet · Thu 23:00

Looking for play of Knights, Dames and Ladies and waiting.

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