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Feature Question/Feature Request

xyzzy · 19. May 2016 10:49 by udo · 6


I've been running a 2-player game using rolz, and so far, I very much like the convenience of easy, anonymous chat usage and simple, but powerful dice-rolling functionality.

However, as we had more and more sessions, a certain problem arised - I've had a very hard time managing my GM notes, especially the notes regarding the occurences during the sessions.

The chat log function helped immensely to organize my stuff, but I wonder if there is any way to automate the process of dumping the room logs into a text file of some sort?

If not, I'd like to request for such functionality to be implemented.

If you for some reason decide against implementing such functionality, I'm curious as to your reasoning regarding such a decision.

Thank you for your consideration.

P.S. Your site is truly a great help for people who just want to play a simple game without spending a lot of time on superfluous things like registration.

I hope that it will become something bigger than it already is.

1 · by udo · 01. Oct 2015 14:43


Just to make sure I understand: when you say text file, do you mean a chat log you can actually download as a text file?

By the way, a good way to organize GM notes is to use the "Notes" tab in the forum while you're logged in.

1 · by Billy · 27. Mar 2016 20:06

This would be brilliant! Having a txt file at the end of each session that I can just download so I don't keep crashing word when I try and copy/paste the logs.

I actually need a copy of all the logs from the start of using rolz, cause i was stupid and lost my copy of the logs I had saved. If i can get a copy of the PM's between me and my players too that would be great as they're not visible in the room logs....

I know you're a busy man who does this for your own hobby, but ti would seriously make me life easier as a DM!

1 · by ismilealot · 18. Apr 2016 19:33 · changed: 18. Apr 2016 19:41

I'd like to request a spoiler feature. I'm using this site for a PbP, which it is absolutely the best site I've tried for this type of play so far. But, right now in order for my players to easily let me know when they're using a specific mechanic they're having to jar the storyline a bit by including it in their text. So, I'm getting posts like this :

Selina screams as sharp talons pierce her tender flesh. The pain and the fetid breath of the fiend are almost overpowering. She calls out to Selune to aid her and forces another Guiding Bolt at the creature, using her last Level II slot. (Color added for clarity.)

1d20+5 = 20ℹ To hit. 5d6 = 18ℹ For damage.

The creature is bathed in the light of Selune.

A spoiler feature to allow the player to let me know the mechanic and the roll, but hide it until it's scrolled over would help maintain immersion.

(And I'm ready to make a video tutorial and will send it to you Udo first for your permission to post it before I do so. I've watched the video tutorial that's available and I'd like to make one that shows some of the other functions of this site and their practical usage in game play.)

1 · by Billy · 19. Apr 2016 17:18

She could also PM you what mechanic she is using, that way it doesn't show in the log, but you and her know.

1 · by ismilealot · 19. Apr 2016 21:45

He could, but for my ease all my players put that sort of info in the post itself. This way when in working and just checking in before I faceplant all I have to check is the post.

1 · by udo · 19. May 2016 10:49

xyzzy, you should try out the "Notes" section of your room's forum, it's there especially for GM notes.

About the chat export thing: sure why not!

I also like the spoiler feature idea.

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