Forest of Void

Mythic · Apr 21st 22:49 by Strangeesophia · 7

I'm starting a new campaign that goes harder to easier in random fashion but it is possible to complete. This campaign is a homebrew, and we can talk about your character in the room.

1 · by C0$m0$ · Mar 26th 13:48

I might be interested. I'll be able to get on maybe a few times for a few minutes each day. And are you still interested in joining my campaign?

1 · by Mythic · Mar 26th 17:29

Yes yes, of course

1 · by C0$m0$ · Mar 26th 18:00

What room do you want for us to discuss my character in?

1 · by killz · Apr 01st 17:27

hi can i join

1 · by Mythic · Apr 01st 17:28
1 · by jeffg · Apr 03rd 19:22

What system?

1 · by Strangeesophia · Apr 21st 22:49

🔰Fight 🔰Conquer 🔰Reign 🔰Restore 🔰Rescue

__◼◼◼◼◼◼◼ CASTLES OF VALOUR ◼◼◼◼◼__

🚩 Pirates 🚩 Scribes 🚩 Conquerors

3 Nations Pit For War.

Will they end up uniting their cause, or destroying each other.

📜Get resources

📜Join the frontier

📜Seek Solo Adventure

RPG in a Discord Server.


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