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Dungeons and Dragons | Original Campaign, Original World - TEST

The.Dreadmaw · Apr 12th 00:50 by CalcagusOdoacer · 2

Well, I'm an amateur world and campaign maker for Dungeons and Dragons. I'm kind of still in the world building process, so there's not much of a campaign here, which means it's mostly an open world. It's basically to help me build the world, so if anyone would like to play, simply give me a shout. I think that I'll only take on about I've players at a time. I have six races, and some of them have subraces. Most of them are standard races, with certain homebrew subraces that I've found and reworked. So once again, anyone wanna test out a world, give me a shout here!

Some info on the world:

The world is always dark, you need torches just to see, there are some exceptions, of course, such as the Duergar and the Fallen Elves-- Revenants too. As well as magical sources of light. Now, the light part is important, go too long without light, and bad things start to happen. Now, all of the races are in a truce and are held together by a string of alliances, but some of them are more distrustful than others. For instance, the Duergar are not very trustful of other races, cause they were enslaved for a long time, which left them tainted by the darkness. The Fallen, though, although they are a helpful, inquisitive race, they are mistrusted by the others for the fact that they basically look like zombies. Another race that is mistrusted generally is Revenants, which are souls who were wrongly killed, and have been granted a chance to rectify their death. Once their death is rectified, their physical form will be restored.

Note; I technically have the world itself built, but this is a period in history that I've never written about, at least, not in depth, so this version of the world is a WIP, you guys who play will help me form places and different areas, and, maybe even unique items. For instance, one of my friends who played in this world killed a dark descendant with a magick weapon, and I decided to make it a unique item with a special effect.

Another thing is, there are no predetermined classes, what will happen is, I have a massive skill tree that I've built and am fine-tuning, and you will spend Exp points to buy skills and use them in combat. You will start with two skills and 40 exp, each of the two skills will come from one of the two beginner skill categories. You may, at the beginning, choose one beginner skill from each category, but choose carefully, cause you won't be able to choose another beginner skill once you have your two set in stone.

1 · by C0$m0$ · 28. Mar 2019 18:06

Is this using the Dungeons & Dragons system?

1 · by CalcagusOdoacer · Apr 12th 00:50 · changed: Apr 12th 00:50

We gonna do this now? I said hopefully