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1 · by TopSlayer117 · 09. May 2019 05:20

"Names Ryuk Radion, I work security, just helped a couple escape the bar I was at.... and escape a deranged lunatic but my guess would be he's no longer in this world..... oh and a monster immune to bullets..... fun times all around I guess." He would say with a slight chuckle as he examined the group a little more closely while slowly walk forward.

"Now doc, if what you're saying is true, and there's a chance you're immune, you're a very important man and I'm willing to help the three of you out..... however, if you start to turn into one of those things out there..... I'll have no choice but to put you down. Same goes for her too I'm afraid." He'd say in as nonthreatening as he could while gesturing toward Tina.

"I've already had to put down one man who had been bit..... I don't wanna have to put down more, at least not fully turned ones, but I'll do what must be done to get back to the girl I love, hope you understand what I'm saying." He'd say with sincerity in his voice.

He would then get a more serious tone and start conducting a plan. "First order of business should be getting some supplies, as much as I'd love to go get my extra clips and this little ladies twin sister...." he pats his pistol "....I'm not sure how viable an option that is right now sadly so we'll have to see what we find here. Second, we'll wanna get those two girls somewhere safe, again, no offense, but the more people we got the harder it becomes to sneak around the city and avoid the big nasties. Third, I'm gonna take you to where it is I'm hoping to find some answers and hopefully that can lead to finding a solution to all of this."

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Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+2 = 17(15 + 2)   #2 1d20+2 = 19(17 + 2)  

"Okay guys, here goes nothing" Says Robbie. Robbie would creep his way out of the truck towards the cache to grab the tire and the tools to fix the flat. He would look around first to be alert of the pink dog and to see if Jim has turned in the back of the truck yet.

Roll for spotting pink dog ouside of truck: 1d20+2 = 17(15 + 2)

Roll to observe Jim inside the truck bed: 1d20+2 = 19(17 + 2)

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Rolls in this post: #1 d20+2 = 22(20 + 2)  

Christopher would attempt to recollect what may have happened in the town Tina mentioned.

Base INT Check: d20+2 = 22(20 + 2)

"If it means that I can assist you in finding a cure for this calamity, then I have no qualms with going with you. If we can get the two of them somewhere that they are almost guaranteed to be safe, I also have no qualms in separating from them for the time. And as for supplies, I have a fair amount of medical supplies on me as well as some other essentials, but we were making an active effort to search through these storage rooms for anything useful."

Turning to Tina and Lilly and giving them a warm smile before continuing,

"I know you most likely want to stay with me, but, in truth, no where out here is safe, especially not for Lilly. I would feel much better knowing that you were safe somewhere away from me than being with me and in constant danger."

Turning back to Ryuk,

"Now, Mr. Radion, I can only assume that you are adept with that pistol of yours. I have had some sort of dumb luck using this golf club, but I assure you that I am not one to use weapons. I have keen eyes and a great sense of hearing, my medical skills are nothing to scoff at, I am keen on the major sciences, and I can somewhat discern a person's true intentions by listening to them and observing their body language. I also took some extra classes on the side allowing for me to be able to somewhat create medicinal drugs given the time and materials."

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For IWillHM01You

He would see that Jim was still out cold in the back of the truck, not seeming to be any worse than he already was. Robbie would see in the distance something dart behind a fenced white yard; he couldn't catch if it was the same pink looking dog or if it was some other kind of creature. He would hear Jebidiah whisper loudly back to Robbie, "Come on son, we don't have all day now! Be quick about it." He would hear more fear than irritation in his voice; something that was probably apparent in all of them at this point with the world seeming to end.

For Timmeh1024&TopSlayer117

Tina would nod solemnly to the words Christopher was speaking, though looking over to Ryuk she gave him an distrustful look. She can't believe he would say those things in front of a child! "I understand your reasoning...I don't want to agree but you are the better suited one to be out here Chris.You said you took your friends somewhere safe, would there be any chance you could take us to them as well? I don't want to say what I am thinking but I think...being with a group is better than just me an her." Lilly would suddenly bolt over to Christopher, tears welling up in her eyes as she hugged his legs with the lobster they had found earlier. "Don't kill Mr. Chris! He saved me and Tina! He is a good man, he isn't like those things just cuz he got bit!" She began to slur her words a bit as Lilly slowly came to his side and half-smiled to him; her eyes also suggested she would be sad to see him go after he saved her life twice now.

For Timmeh1024 ONLY

You would recall that name; he was the previous president that died in the Tall Oaks college town incident six years ago. It was reported that a large purple mist covered the campus and surrounding area which near instantaneously turned all who were exposed to into Zombies. However, the ones that didn't get caught in the cloud but bitten by the zombies exhibited the natural progression to zombification as he recalls from a released medical report of Umbrella in the Raccoon City Incident some tewnty years ago. Even though it might be a different company pulling the strings, the MO is similar to that same incident...perhaps only certain areas were targeted rather than the entire city? If so, to what end? Maybe this Ryuk would have some info that would fill in the blanks.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 10. May 2019 14:47

Ryuk would scratch his head pondering things over, especially Tina's request. "Turthfully I'm not 100% sure if I can get you in where I left those two. I don't personally know the guys who made the shelter very well. Only reason they got in was because Joseph knew them and we'd have to backtrack a ways to get there.... Not to mention the more we go to that spot the more likely they are to get spotted. I know that there's a safe zone not too far away from here on the way to my destination that would be a good spot."

He'd then address Christopher. "You sound like a very versatile man. Could come in handy, plus, at this point, a little luck can go a long way. Now I advise we get moving to those other lockers and keep moving. The longer we stay, the more danger we're in."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 11. May 2019 14:37

"So which direction would we be heading if we brought them to that safe zone? It sounds like we'd be able to kill two birds with one stone by doing so, as long as that safe zone isn't overrun. From what I can remember from the two previous incidents where the dead came back to life, places got overrun fairly quickly. Do you know anything more about what's going on? I just know that if you're bitten, you typically turn. Those things only die if you destroy their head, meaning the brain, and they seem to like to group up a lot. They're very sensitive to sound too, so that gun of yours will need to be used carefully if we don't want to attract more of them."

Christopher would pause and ponder for a moment.

"There is still that map in the glove compartment of the car. It could prove incredibly useful to us so that we don't have to try to remember where we are all the time or to use landmarks to hopefully go the right direction. If it is of great assistance to you're abilities in combat, then I would like to expedite the time it takes for us to reach your place where your extra gun and ammo are located."

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For Timmeh1024&TopSlayer117

Tina would chime in to Christopher's ramblings, "I think he means the emergency shelter Chris, you know...the one where Lilly said her dad might be?" She would try to whisper to him as he seemed to have ignored the child attached to his leg, Lilly slowly stopping her crying as she looked back to Ryuk and Chris. "I...I don't understand, you just said you would kill mister Chris an Lilly but...Mister Chris, why are you going with the strange man? Don't you like us anymore?" She seems confused as they two men only talk to themselves an not include the two ladies in their presence.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 12. May 2019 03:33 · changed: 12. May 2019 04:27

"Ah, yes, thank you Tina. You seem to have a knack for pulling me back to reality when I start rambling a bit! While I don't want to separate from either of you, I would rather separate from you two if it meant not putting you in anymore danger."

Reaching up and placing a hand gently on Tina's cheek, Christopher would continue,

"I know you'll understand. If it means I can save more people, especially the two of you, then I would gladly go as deep into this hell as necessary. I'm sure someone, somewhere, is working on a cure or maybe they already have one! If not, then I'll be damn sure to be the one to start working on one. This calamity brought us together, but it sure as hell won't break us apart.... For longer than absolutely necessary that is." He would shoot a wink at her, before removing his hand and addressing Lilly.

Christopher would get down on one knee in order to be as close to the same height as her as possible. He would place his left hand on her head and, after wiping the tears from her eyes with his right hand reply,

"I'm very sorry Lilly, but I promise I was listening to what you were saying and I cannot thank you enough for worrying about me so much. You see, I was trying to see if Mr. Radion was really a bad man, but I now know he isn't. He was just worried that he was going to run into more of those monster too, just like we are. He knows that I don't like those things any more than he does, and we have come to understand what each other is trying to do. We aren't friends, but it looks like we are going to work together to get you to where your daddy is and so that Ms. Tina can be safe with you. I'm going to try to help him stop the monsters from attacking other people so that we don't have to worry about them any more."

After pausing for a second, giving her a big smile, and looking at Ryuk and Tina, then back to Lilly.

"Also Lilly, I don't have any kids of my own, but the time I've spent with you has helped me learn what it's like to have a daughter I care about ver much."

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Ryuk would address Lilly softly seeing that she was upset. "Lilly, I believe Mr. Chris is a very smart and special man that has the chance to save the whole world. I'm simply here to help him do it. I have someone special to me that's currently hiding right now too and I promised her I'd do whatever I could to make sure I took care of all this as quickly as possible. So I'll make you a promise, I will do my best to make sure Mr. Chris returns as quickly as possible because I can tell he means a lot to you and you two seem to mean a lot to him as well."

He would then get more serious and address Chris. "Well I can confirm the gun does have a tendency to get their attention when shot.... hopefully I can get my hands on a silencer at work maybe.... As much as my extra weapon would be nice, I'm not sure how many zombies are in that building right now. With just the two of us it might be difficult to get there. It's also on the NW side of town while the shelter is on the SE so it's a lot of traveling. Then again you've made it this far with two girls and a golf club so you must be lucky, and that luck might be even more important than any skills I have right now. I mean the last time I called my boss it sounded like there was a lot of shit going nuts at work so it might not be the worst thing. I've only got 13 shots left with my current mag so it would be nice to restock and re-arm..... The way I see it is that with the apartment building being the closest going there first would require less backtracking, but also put those two in more possible danger, or we drop them off then have to backtrack further which is gonna take a lot of time, and the final option is we drop them off and just keep going.... I'll just have to use ammo more sparingly. We've spent a lot of time here thoygh so we'd better loot the place and go asap, the longer we stay the more dangerous it becomes."

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Robbie decides to sack up and grab the tools and the spare. Robbie tries to put the spare on as quickly and accurately as possible.

Repair check : 1d20+1 = 7(6 + 1)

1 · by Kinnon17 · 15. May 2019 04:30

For Timmeh1024&TopSlayer117

Her face would blush a bit as she heard the words Christopher spoke; she wasn't usually the type to fall for men so sentimental like this but he was beginning to grow on her. He had saved her life twice now, that spoke a lot about his character to her and she nodded her head an grasped his hand that he placed on her cheek, rubbing it gently as she looked him in the eyes once more. "You get attached a little easily don't you? That's good though...I think I need someone like that right now. Ok, wherever you think is best, I will go. We could make for the shelter or find a suitable place to bunker down...maybe even here with how reinforced the doors and units are. Just don't do anything crazy alright? You're too smart to die here." She would joke with him as she let his hand go so that he could speak with Lilly.

She would look back up to her savior, a random man that protected her when she was at her most fragile moment losing her grandmother and sniffle as she felt his gentl, caring touch lift the tears away from her red cheeks. "That's..that's the truth right? Ok...I am glad you aren't leaving us Mister Chris, I really want to see my daddy again but...I don't want to see you go away either. Daddy said something like that once with one of his people at work, that...even though they didn't get along they still worked together to help protect us so that he wasn't all bad...I guess Mister Raydon is like daddy's friend then?" She would say as she looked over to Ryuk, listening to his words as well and nodded her head towards him. He must've had someone like her daddy loved her mommy, she knew how much he still cared about her even though...however, her eyes going to the gun at his side but before she could do or think anything else tilted her head sideways to Christopher. "Huh, you don't have any kids Mister Chris? Well, if you did I think you would make a good daddy!" She said happily as she gave him one last hug before letting him go, knowing he wasn't dieing or going now.

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Christopher would chuckle a bit thanks to Lilly's ability to always see the bright side of things.

"Thank you Lilly, and yes, Mr. Radion may very well be a lot like your daddy's friend. Hopefully we can become friends too, or at least work well enough together to accomplish our goals. I also agree that we have spent too much time here. We need to look through this last storage room and get you two somewhere safe. While I don't want to separate from you either, I'd rather you two be safe."

Christopher would turn around to face the storage room.

"I feel like this place would be more of a death trap than a shelter, personally. Only having one door in and out is not a good situation to put ourselves in. I also have no intention on letting anything or anyone kill me. While I may not be strong in body, I make up for it with a strong will! Now, let's get to searching!"

Christopher would proceed to carefully open the door to the last storage room, attempting to make the least amount of noise possible.

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"Once we're done searching we can figure out what to do. I don't wanna leave the girls somewhere you, or they, don't feel comfortable." He would begin to make his way toward the other storage unit keeping an eye out.

Search Check: 1d20 = 8(8)

1 · by Kinnon17 · 05. Jun 2019 20:50

As the final storage locker would be opened, they would see stacks of what would appear to be hi-grade gun cases, safes, as well as boxes of assorted ammo types! It looked like a gun haven, perhaps someone was stocking up on these in case something like this happened? Perhaps it was a smuggling ring that kept them here for safe-keeping? There could be a hundred different answers why there would be so many of them located her randomly but without the computer that kept all the records on it, it would have to remain a mystery.

"Oh my...this is, like a lot...I would've never suspected any of these units to have guns, let alone vests an protection like's like from a movie, you know?" Tina would say as she kept Lily by her side as she looked into the room both with amazement an suspicion. "You don't think that whoever left this here would come back for it, especially after everything that happened?"

"These don't look like daddy's cases...these are all black an dark. His were green and like a cream color. They also don't have those number thingy's on them like daddy's did too..." Lily would say, observing some of the crates. She was right; these ones either had their serial's scrubbed or never were put on them. Most likely leaning towards Tina's thinking of being either private sector or...stolen.

Either way, it was a great boon to find but most of them had their own locks or security codes attached to them. It could take a while if they did all of them or just hit a few that they knew they would need might take less time.

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Christopher would rub his chin, looking over the room for a moment.

"Mr. Radion, I hope you have an idea as to where to start with all these weapons. I have watched an occasional show or movie where they have talked about guns, but I truly have no real experience with them. The body armor is self-explanatory, but everything else is a mystery to me."

Turning to Tina,

"Do you have any experience with any of this, Tina? Anything would help since Lilly here is too young and I will not be of much help. And Lilly, that is definitely something to take note of. The men who were hiding these here definitely were not friends of your daddy, so we would not be taking anything from the good guys if we do. If we do take anything, we should only take what we need and can effectively carry. We don't need to be greedy and weigh ourselves down."

Christopher would look for any sort of melee weapon that would help be a good backup or even substitute for his nine-iron.

Spot Check: d20+9 = 26(17 + 9)

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Rolls in this post: #1 1d20 = 17(17)  

"There's a lot of weapons in here for sure. My guess would be the smaller cases contain pistols and they get progressively bigger. Could be anything from AR-15 or AK-47 to shotguns and rifles. What worries me is that with a stash this big you'd think there would be some kind of safeguards or extra protection just in case someone would stumble upon it.... whomever owns this locker would not be happy to lose anything in it....."

Ryuk would look around for any camera that might be looking right at the locker or possible traps/security measures for the locker.

Spot Check: 1d20 = 17(17)

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jun 11th 03:28 · changed: Jun 11th 03:28

Tina would raise her hand up and give it a sideways shake, saying so so with the hand gesture. "Only thing I ever used was a pistol but that was a long time ago. I wouldn't say I am a good shot with it...but maybe we could get training from Ryuk? He seems knowledgeable about such things." She would say as she looked over to their newest party member; she assumed that with the gun names he was throwing around he would know a thing or two about them. Lily would nod her head happily to Chris as she heard his comforting words about just taking what they need still rather than as much as they could.

Christopher would see an assortment of close-quarters weapons but most were kind of exotic; a couple of machete's an sword looking ones. However, he did see a couple long daggers or knives. As well as a pair of Tonfa's; which the last few were basic enough for him to use as they looked like they were well-made.

Ryuk would look in the usual spots that someone would hide a camera or sensor in this kind of container but he didn't find any placed up. Though, just as he was about to call it good he saw a small red light blinking at the base of the door Christopher opened; it was tiny but after uncovering a fake section at the bottom of the wall it was next to, he found what he was looking for...a door sensor. If the people that hid this were still here, they would know that someone came here without permission. But should they worry? The world is ending, maybe they won't care...or will they?

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Jun 14th 15:46 · rolls: 1
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"Well, I can assure you that you're going to be better than me from the get-go. I could maybe be able to get to the point where I am not completely inept with one after some training, and I guess that it would be better for me to not have to be up in the thick of things, especially since someone needs to keep Lilly safe."

Christopher would chuckle as he walked over to the knives, but getting a more serious tone as he speaks about protecting Lilly. He would then check the area around the knives to be sure there weren't any sort of traps or anything of the like attached to them.

Spot Check: d20+9 = 28(19 + 9)

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jun 14th 16:10 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20 = 10(10)  

"I'd make your decisions quick, there is a sensor on the floor here. If these people are still alive and don't want people here still they'll be on their way. I might try grabbing a rifle, I'm not great with them but having a scope to spot things might not be the worst thing ever. I'll keep watch while you guys look."

Ryuk would draw his pistol and keep watch for anyone that might try to show up and claim the locker.

Spot Check: 1d20 = 10(10)

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jun 15th 17:49 · changed: Jun 15th 17:49

"Right, I think I'll just take one of these leather jackets and a single pistol. Ummm, Mr Ryuk; which one of these would be the best for someone who hasn't shot a lot? I don't need something bulky but not too weak I guess..." She would ask him unsure of herself as she put on the jacket, Lilly smiling at her saying that she looked like one of those biker ladies. Tina would chuckle and thank her for the compliment.

Christopher would see no traps or anything on the weapons that he was inspecting; perhaps these unlawful individuals preferred to keep their contraband in one piece to collect later if someone ever took them? Regardless, they were safe to grab from their containers.

Ryuk would see no one coming down the halls yet, there being no windows in this area didn't help him keep a good eye out really at this time. They all should just grab soemthing useful an call it good, unless they wanted to investigate the safes that had something better in them perhaps?

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jun 17th 03:32 · changed: Jun 21st 17:21

"You'll want something smaller most likely that way it doesn't have too much kick. The Glock 17 in this case would be perfect. It's just like the one I use, just slightly smaller. They are fantastically made guns and super accurate." How would hand her Tina the case with the Glock.

"After the monstrosity I saw I'll be taking something with a little more power to it." He'd say picking up the Desert Eagle. "Beautiful weapons, .50 cal round in a handheld package. Kicks like a mule though." He'd say laughing a little then noticing a massive case he would grave it an open it and his eyes would grow wide.

"I've always wanted one of these bad boys, guess it only took the end of the world to get my hands on one finally." He would say as he pulled the massive .50 cal Barrett rifle from its case. "I'm not the greatest with rifles but having the scope will be nice to see things farther away..... plus it will scare some of the unwanted people away from us."

He would then grab any rounds and extra clips he could find for the weapons.

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For IWillHM01You

Robbie unfortunately must've been distracted from the creature they just ran into earlier as he was messing up on putting the tire on, almost causing the car to tilt from the misapplied force he was using. "Hey, be careful with that! We don't want the whole thing to roll over now!" Jebidiah would say with concern apparent in his torn. Wilson would cock the gun as he thought he saw something. "Hey R-Robbie! Be C-Careful, I think I-I saw something move o-over to that g-generator behind you!"

Behind him Robbie would see one of those large, stand along square an green looking generators that are sometimes in more suburban neighborhoods. Though, it didn't look like it was big enough for that pink dog to hide behind, at least not without being seen just from looking at.

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Rolls in this post: #1 d20+9 = 24(15 + 9)  

Christopher would decide to take one of the weapons that looked like a sword, being sure to be careful with it as he handled it so that he didn't cut or stab himself on accident. He would also look around to see if there were any pairs of binoculars lying around.

Spot Check: d20+9 = 24(15 + 9)

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As Robbie hears Wilson, he turns around drops the tools and takes out his bat. Robbie looks puzzled at the generator. "Wilson, what exactly am i looking at here?" Robbie worried about his well being, grips his bat tighter.

Spot check: 1d20+2 = 16(14 + 2)

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jul 03rd 04:00

For TopSlayer117&Timmeh1024

Tina would look at the gun case that Ryuuk had given to her to her and pulled the pistol out of it's case, fumbling with it a bit until she was holding it somewhat properly in her hands. "Ok...yeah, it isn't too heavy but do I check how many bullets are in it an don't these things have a saftey on them somewhere?" She asked him nonchalantly as she investigated the gun in her hands. Lily was standing idly by Tina, looking kind of nervous to be standing in a room filled with so many kinds of weapons an such.

Ryuuk would see that there was a full case(50 count) of 9mm rounds for the Glock 17 along with one extra magazine of it's kind. For the desert Eagle he would find a half carton of .50 AE rounds for it but no extra magazines. Lastly for the Barrett; just one full case of ammo. It would seem like the group would have to find time to reload their firearms if they need that many bullets for a firefight.

Christopher would find not just any kind of binoculars but Night-Vision with Infrared capabilities in it as well! Though, if they are dead they might not show up well on the thermal vision but it would help to find other survivors possibly?

((OOC: Timmeh1024, when you say longer knife do you mean a Machete or what kind of weapon are you picking up? It is rather vague an I don't want there to be any misinterpretation on the weapons.))

1 · by Kinnon17 · Jul 03rd 04:13 · rolls: 2 · changed: Jul 03rd 04:13
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+1 = 11(10 + 1)   #2 1d20+4 = 21(17 + 4)  

For IWillHM01You

"I...I don't's l-like a mutated dog thing?" He would say with an unsteady voice as he saw the creature reach an arm around the generator but it was huge with long, sharp talons. "Robbie, g-get away from it!" He would shout to his new friend but the creature had already jumped out from behind it's cover an Robbie would get a much better look at the monstrosity; it was the size of a large man but on all fours, it's front and back feet where like huge bear claws but with none of the fur. Just pink skin an muscle all over it's body, the fibers clearly seen on his frame where taut with tension an the veins were pulsating heavily. That wasn't the worst part...more horrifying is that it's brain was just showing, like the top half of it's skull was cleanly ripped off! Along with that, it's eyes were like sewn shut, it's nose gone but the nasal cavity was still there, big breaths filled with hot air could be seen escaping from it. Lastly, it had an inhumanly long long it was ridiculas, reaching out into the air like a tentacle, feeling the wind blow on it as it was several feet long, possibly as long as it's entire body! It would then look directly to Robbie an it's mouth would part more as it revealed dozens of razor sharp teeth, like that of a shark as it growled at him!

Robbie: Make a Wills Save DC 13 to avoid being Shaken from this horrifying threat!

Initiative Roll!

Wilson: 1d20+1 = 11(10 + 1)

????: 1d20+4 = 21(17 + 4)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Jul 03rd 16:50

Christopher would make his way over to the binoculars, removing them from where they were laying/hanging.

"Lilly, did your daddy have a pair of these? They look like something he would have used to see at night. Also, I can't promise I'll be any good with this thing, but if I'm as lucky wielding it as I was with that nine-iron, I should be fine." Christopher would chuckle a bit.

1 · by IWillHM01You · Jul 06th 23:10 · rolls: 3 · changed: Jul 17th 01:14
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20 = 20(20)   #2 1d20+1 = 16(15 + 1)   #3 1d20+3 = 18(15 + 3)  

Saving throw. 1d20 = 20(20)

Initiative: 1d20+1 = 16(15 + 1)

Robbie looks at the pink monster in front of him and yells at the top of his lungs while swinging his towards the brain of the beast "Fuuuuckkkk Youuuuuu".

Attack roll: 1d20+3 = 18(15 + 3)

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Jul 15th 02:12 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20 = 16(16)  

Ryuk would load the clips for his new weapons and reload his Glock getting them ready for combat. He would then put the glock in its sheath realizing he needed a sheath for the Desert Eagle and a sling to carry the big .50 cal without needing to put it on the ground. He quickly checks the locker before deciding what to do.

Spot check: 1d20 = 16(16)

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