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In "Earth: Apotheosis", you play a Magus in 22nd century Chicago. You are a player in the ancient, deadly game of magic known as the Mehen. Advance in the Seven Magical Disciplines and master spells from the First through Seventh Circles while you thwart the machinations of rival cabals and address the emerging otherworldly threats that are exigent now that The Membrane is weakening.

I'm only looking for people who will commit to at least one weekly evening session lasting 60-90 minutes on

The game's mechanics will be explained, and your character sheet built, as part of the first session. Mechanics are based on eight Ability Scores and a skills system that uses percentile dice.

Some background reading:

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This game also exists on RPOL, but play-by-post is SO slow compared to real-time chat with dice rolls:

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In addition to replying here, you can contact me by email: kyrathasoft @ gmail dot com