Doom Campaign

C0$m0$ · Feb 24th 19:37 by C0$m0$ · 6

Hello! I am a Dungeon Master and have played for a while with several large groups. I am looking for a small party (preferably three people or less, a solo run would be best), and I will need to have at least one character who is non-good and power-hungry. This adventure will take place in the Forgotten Realms (in terms of pantheons and typical enemies, the land will be my creation). Characters will start at 1st level, and go beyond 20th level (at least 400K experience points?). This campaign is not entirely my own, but I have adjusted adventures to be welcoming to new players. We will begin with Lost Mine of Phandelver, then Storm King's Thunder, afterwards Tyranny of Dragons, and the last few levels will be my own creations.

Please let me know if you are interested! I look for those who can make it on at least once, if not a few times per week day, and I do not expect much playing on the weekends.

Thank you!

1 · by Eagle617 · Feb 24th 19:34

Let’s get started, I guess

1 · by C0$m0$ · Feb 24th 19:34

I now have a player, thank you Eagle617!

1 · by Eagle617 · Feb 24th 19:34

np dude

1 · by C0$m0$ · Feb 24th 19:35

You are in the city of Neverwinter, located along the Sword Coast. You have a meeting with a dwarf at the hour of 1700. It is sun high right now, so you have quite a few hours to kill. What would you like to do?

1 · by Eagle617 · Feb 24th 19:35

are you sure there isn’t an easier way of doing this? I have to refresh every time you send a new message, else I don’t get it. I’m on mobile.

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