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Needs dnd roleplayers

Thesmolbean · Dec 02nd 21:42 by EhysRelliott · 8

Hey i'm new too this site and dnd in general so I need some people to play this with me.

1 · by C0$m0$ · 23. Feb 2019 22:16

I'm new too to the website (not to the game though), would you like to be a DM or should I? I have good experience with being a DM (whether I am a GOOD DM or not is up to you :P)

1 · by m3rcury_s0u1 · 23. May 2019 13:57

im new to the website and the game XD.

1 · by Kinlo · Mar 13th 01:26

I'm new to both as well šŸ˜…

1 · by WeirdLilPotato · Mar 26th 16:36


Hi, Iā€™m new and looking for people to play DnD with so I can know the game better

1 · by Valdus · Aug 13th 12:32

Are you all playing 5e or (hopefully) something oldr?

1 · by dragonkid · Oct 06th 19:52

Can i join

1 · by Ejoker · Oct 30th 19:53

i would like to play v3.5 anyone?

1 · by EhysRelliott · Dec 02nd 21:42

Can someone teach me how to play? I've been wanting to play this game for a while, but no one wants to play with me.

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