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Marvel GM looking for Players

GyM · Feb 03rd 20:57 by GyM · 3

Five years ago an alien ship caused Havoc in Manhattan and there was a massive alien conflict in Wakanda. In the years since, the world has changed greatly. The Sockovia accords went from being about just the Avengers to all those wanting to operate as vigilantes. For a while Wakanda became a safe zone for those wishing to avoid scrutiny, but eventually President Storm and Steve Rodgers came together with others and brokered the Super Human and Vigilante registration Act. To operate as a hero of any kind, your powers, abilities, and your personal information and connections are registered with the government and kept secure. Steve Rodgers oversees the program with help from Natasha Rominov and Clint Barton.

The organization formerly called S.H.I.E.L.D. Became S.W.O.R.D. And now operates from space making sure that no more alien ships pass Willy nilly into Earth orbit. Tony Stark and Stark Enterprises fund and equip S.W.O.R.D. and the agency is co-run by Nick Fury and Bruce Banner. It also has U.N. Backing with King T’Challa of Wakanda being its main over-seer.

Daniel Rand formed a company named Defenders Inc. the company was specifically created to help those that want to be heroes be paid for their endeavors. The company provides work, benefits, and legal council for all of its “Heroes.” The company tagline, Heroes for Hire, is often what those working for Defenders Inc. are called.

1 · by GyM · Jan 31st 20:55

I’m looking for players to be heroes for hire! Anyone want to join?

2 · by YomagnTho · Feb 01st 23:12 · changed: Feb 01st 23:12

Is there any room for a villain of sorts? If not then what are the requirements and limitations of our heroes? How do we choose powers? Please excuse me if this post is not considered proper as I am quite new to and am used to more in person roleplays, out of which I have primarily played D&D.

I'd be happy to join.

1 · by GyM · Feb 03rd 20:57

Yomang Tho, those are all the exact right questions! Your answers lay here...