Tavern - New to the site but not the game


New to the site but not the game

GrimmReaper78 · Apr 23rd 23:26 by udo · 6

I'm new to this site and i would like it if someone will tell me about this site and if there is anything that is broken, glitchy, and strange about the site so i know how to navigate

1 · by Reverie · 08. Jan 2019 04:43 · changed: 08. Jan 2019 04:44

I am new here too! I'm also new to the game and I was hoping to learn from a welcoming group. Would you mind being friends with me, and taking me under your deathly wing?

1 · by GrimmReaper78 · 08. Jan 2019 12:18

I don't mind, some of my friends from school will be on here to and we are going to try to play our games on here. We like to make our own custom D&D's and character sheets. If you want you can play it with us. If you need any help at all just ask.

1 · by GrimmReaper78 · 08. Jan 2019 12:19

btw the character sheets we make are on google spreadsheets so I'd have to share it with you if that's alright with you

1 · by GrimmReaper78 · 08. Jan 2019 21:54

my frineds like to do it the old fashioned way


1 · by EmiliaDark · 23. Jan 2019 11:15

I am intr

1 · by kurphath · 09. Mar 2019 00:17

I'm new to the site. I run a game on another site that is play-by-post format, but would really like to either solo or GM a small group of PCs here (say 2-4 PCs). My rules system is an elegant percentile system with degrees of success:

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