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Looking for DnD game to join

VonCarstian · Dec 24th 16:19 by LukasNation · 8

Looking for some good Ol fashioned AOL style DND role playing using just ROLZ. Discord is fun but no one role plays their character, seems like being your character is no longer a thing. If you are interested I am in need of fellow role players for 5ed. I would like a heart felt campaign among companions. Any setting or style of troupe is welcome. I'll play any role.

2 · by Lukana · Dec 04th 15:21

Id love to play, I could definitely play over rolz, I've got a character I've been itching to use and I'm free this weekend, (My party has plans so...), if we could exchange numbers or something I'd be down but we can figure something out. I'm a semi-beginner so patience would be great, but I've got most mechanics down, just need a little fine tuning. But yeah, I'd love to play with someone who appreciates D&D and roleplaying as much I do.

2 · by Larisha · Dec 08th 06:24

i'd love to join inn, i could definitely play over rolz as well, i have a character in mind but to be mindfull i'm not really that good at Dnd i am more better in the aspect of roleplaying but i'm willing to learn and keep on driving on :)

1 · by VonCarstian · Dec 12th 08:11

I replied to the post you put up of the story start up. Just want to know the name of the dice room.

1 · by thenetherking · Dec 14th 21:23

sup anyone up

1 · by thenetherking · Dec 14th 21:26

i meant anyone on

1 · by Slayer87 · Dec 16th 20:54

You got a room

1 · by DarknessReborn100 · Dec 17th 19:21

Depending when you play I'd love to join. I'm fairly experienced and love to play in Roleplay heavy games where you play your characters instead of just playing stats. Let me know what day you guys were planning and space so that I could join in :D

1 · by LukasNation · Dec 24th 16:19

I'm in!

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