Realm of Arkovia

Azamandus · Nov 29th 22:18 · 0

Welcome to the world of Arkovia, from the steaming jungle ruins of Azteca to the far-reaching heights of the sky city of Kathebon. Enter a world of forgotten Alchemy, powerful sorcery, and barbarism.

Meet strange and unusual people, battle freakish monsters and explore the forgotten realm of Arkovia as you seek to unlock the mystery of how you came to this place and find your destined path on an epic journey of discovery.


Is a world designed to be used with the Pathfinder game system, interested players can go here and use the fillable character sheet to create their character. I am using the point buy system and 30 points due to the nature of the campaign, players will also start with 5000 gp to purchase weapons and gear with.

I am looking for at least 4 players to begin the adventure in Arkovia, players will be required to keep track of their character's skills and abilities as they journey through Arkovia and advance in levels I will be using the medium experience gain table for leveling.