Tavern - Hi, I'm a GM and looking for people to join my Pathfinder group.


Hi, I'm a GM and looking for people to join my Pathfinder group.

TheDragonMistress · Dec 11th 23:03 by AunraeDyrr · 3

The end of Osalas is inevitable. With the largest nation in the world-Treysau-at civil war with itself and the South West crumbling as the darkness devours it, the people know this world’s outcome. We focus on a small nation named Atharia, a dream-like metropolis in a damned society. Well known for its magical craft, the nation swims in it’s riches from international cleric services and the trading of high-level magical items. With-in the borders of the nation, people of all ethnicities live in peace and harmony, no matter if they were angels or demons.

The Council of the Nine- A group of knowledgeable people who are elected into office and stay there until the die- come together each month and talk about the law, the cities problems, and the ideals of the people in hopes of helping their nation. For about a month though, the Council has taken notice to the fact that small towns and villages have been wiped out in the night, when the fog is thick. The people call them the “Fog Troops,” and they have managed to put the whole nation into fear. Even though there is some scuffles from time to time, the nation has never experienced anything like this. While government searches seem to no avail, you noticed something was up when a anonymous letter fell into your hands…

“Show up to the Rusty Bucket in Taplen in five days at 12:00 on the dot. I have a certain job for you in a town nearby, something I can’t do alone,” It said with enough gold attached for the traveling expenses. You don’t know why you were called, but you know one thing for sure…

You’re about to embark on the quest of a lifetime.

Hello everyone! Thank you for considering my homebrew Pathfinder campaign. I have four years of DM experience but I’m completely new to the website, so I may need help with it from time to time. If you are interested, please make your character only using content from the Core Rule Book (that means Classes, Feats, Races etc.) If you don’t, I won’t consider you as a character. You are allowed to apply with more that one character. You will be starting at level 1, and stats will be determined with 20-point buy. Also, you will start with max gold and HP.

Thank you for reading, Im looking forward to reading your applications.

Below is the format I would like you to apply with.



Gender: (if you are comfortable with sharing)

Roleplay experience:



Character name:








Mythweavers Link:

All Applicants will be considered.

1 · by RubiiFyre · Dec 01st 23:12

Name: Haley Reid

Age: 21

Gender: (if you are comfortable with sharing) Female

Roleplay experience: I have been writing stories for years but still new-ish to DnD and its rules

Timezone: United States Eastern Standard Time


Character name: Jaike (Jake) Selakiir

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Ranger

Personality: I was raised by wolves and ran 25 miles non-stop to warn a nearby clan of an oncoming army of Orcs.

Backstory: I am Jaike Selakiir, Outlander Ranger, Guide for most who get lost in the woods. I was born of an Elven father and Human Mother. Father was cased out of his clan due to the breeding with a Human but was accepted in the Human community just fine. It was two years after I was born during the winter when a Drow army came and start slaughtering the village. Mom and Dad ran with me to the woods, hid me in a cave and proceeded to fight the Drows and die. The Drows didn't try to find me assuming I'd die without my parents or get eaten. In an ironic twist, I was raised by a clan of sentient Silver wolves. The hunting party found me as I was starting to freeze to death due to the cold night. I wasn't seen as a threat and the females saw me as a pup needing a home. So they took me in and raised on the knowledge of they had of wolves, elves, and humans. I do have a grudge against those Drows who killed my village and will bring a terrible wrath upon them each and every one. I am slow to trust others and remember every insult and resentment towards that one person. Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it. I believe the natural world is more important than all the constructs of civilization.

Picture/Appearance: TBA

Mythweavers Link: I don't know what this is.

1 · by Larisha · Dec 08th 06:20



Gender: Female

Roleplay experience: I have been roleplaying for quite some time but quite new to Dnd

Timezone:Central European Time Standard


Character name:Lavish Hera



Race:High Elf


Personality:I was raised by the high sociaty in wizard and magic and i'm quite welcome in any establishment with a bit of style to it.

Backstory: I am Lavisha Hera, Gifted wizard of the arcane and fire, a prodogy child who was raised only to know magic elements, books and enchantments. I was born into a very high standard society with my father being a high rank officer and my mother being a very far maiden of the queen. I was quite stunning even for a high elf possibly the most radiant skin and most beautifull eyes, i was always hungry for more knowledge and seeked adventure i kept nagging on and on about how i wanted to get out there and explore the world, seek more knowledge and more magic that i could ever dream off


Mythweavers Link:unsure what this is

1 · by AunraeDyrr · Dec 11th 23:03

For people unaware what myth weaver is. It's a browser site that allows you to make characters using online sheets.