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Female Players who want to discuss gaming experience

keysoulkitten84 · Nov 19th 09:33 by lucind · 4

Hey Ladies! I’m fairly new to rgp and would love to pick your brains about what you’ve experienced in playing a male dominated game. I love the group I play with. I’m the only girl and it sounds like they have been a lot more respectful than in past campaigns when there were no female players. I’ve heard stories of female player’s characters taking a lot of crap from men in the groups. I really would just love to hear about your experiences, good, bad, whatever and who knows, maybe form a little community for ourselves.

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1 · by lucind · Nov 03rd 17:18 · changed: Nov 03rd 17:21

I've been playing for about 20 years now. I guess whether the games are male-dominated depends largely on your location and your circle of friends. Here in the northern EU, my experience has been about 30-40% female, to 70-60% male I'd say. I have an extended circle of friends that forms shifting groups, but it's rare that I'm the only girl in the group. A lot fewer girls are GMing though, it seems to me. It's definitely skewed male, though, not sure why - maybe because it's historically a nerdy indoors activity? I observed that LARPs I go through tend to be evenly split 50/50...

About taking crap, I'm not sure it's gender-specific (or maybe I've been lucky). There are definitely constellations of players that work better together than others. The thing you have to keep in mind is that the pool of pen and paper roleplayers is very diverse, in pretty much every aspect. Expectations about the game vary a lot.

I have definitely seen some drama over the years, and I've consistently stayed out of it. It's supposed to be a group of people who come together to have an adventure in the spirit of friendship. Groups work best when they're like that. I had bad experiences with power gamers and attention hogs, and just generally grumpy people.

If I had one piece of advice to give, it's basically "treat others like you want to be treated". Or maybe "choose your friends wisely" ;)

2 · by PinkHeart · Nov 06th 09:25

This is an interesting topic. We, in my group, are 50/50, and I find males are very inclusive with us girls. Sadly, I heard not all are the same, some males just not accept that can be female players, and that annoys me. Their GMs even try kill us very hardly.

Speaking about GMs, like lucind said, female GMs are very rare. At least for me, can be hard lead the story, or even think about one. But I like being directed by a female GM.

2 · by lesaw · Nov 14th 17:17

i am totally new here! totally! how do u find a game and play? i have played on imig a lot but those games now are slow and dead. help!

1 · by lucind · Nov 19th 09:33

@lesaw I think this site is more geared towards "bringing your existing group with you" than it is about finding one here. The public forums seem to be quite low traffic for that reason. I do see LFG posts sometimes, no idea how successful they are though...

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