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Space/Space Opera themed RPGs

JeeJog · 28. Nov 2018 03:48 by Neckmeats · 2

Anyone know of any good Space/Space Opera themed RPGs that would be good for beginner/intermediate players?

Search engines produce way too many results to be helpful.


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2 · by Ahks · 24. Oct 2018 16:49 · changed: 24. Oct 2018 16:55

WOIN NEW is scifi and pretty simple

W.O.I.N = Whats O.L.D is N.E.W

It's a role playing system that has rules for any setting from Neolithic to Far Future

A review:

Free "Start Kit":

AND! they make a Digest sized copy of their core books (N.O.W. hasn't released yet I think...) thats only like $10

2 · by Neckmeats · 28. Nov 2018 03:48

I was always a fan of the old TSR game, Alternity. Looks like it has made a comeback with Sasquatch Games: