Wanting to join

FioraVaren · Mar 09th 00:45 by kurphath · 6

Hey I haven't played before but I've seen people play and I would love to join one if anyone needs a person.

2 · by Tryagaingaming · 16. Sep 2018 15:44

Hey, FioraVaren. If you are new, then I'd be happy to run a campaign, either solo or with a group, whichever you wish. Please let me know if you are interested. It will most likely be run on an app called discord, but I can use another source if need be.

1 · by Draco2018 · 24. Sep 2018 18:11

I need to join

1 · by SDHouston · 29. Sep 2018 04:07

Have you found a game yet? I might have something for you coming up

1 · by Nardo · 03. Oct 2018 22:58

What Game System(s)? I am looking for World Of Darkness in general, and Mage20 in particular. Possible?

1 · by SDHouston · 03. Oct 2018 23:01

Ah, sorry, nothing like that. it's Swords & Wizardy, old-school D&D retroclone, fantasy

1 · by kurphath · Mar 09th 00:45

I have a game set in 22nd century Chicago. Uses a percentile dice system. Everything is skills-based. You play a true Magus, those rare individuals who have existed since Sumerian days.

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