Clearing chat log

JimtheGM · Jan 05th 01:51 by udo · 3

Is there a way to permanently clear the chat log in a room? The /clear command just clears the chat screen until you log back in, I find.


1 · by Aires · 10. Jan 2019 17:44

I don't think there is any way to actually get rid of it, I have thought of it myself but can't seem to find it.

1 · by Shad0w425 · Sep 13th 00:37

Yes, I need this too

1 · by udo · Jan 05th 01:51

There is currently no option to clear the chat log. My somewhat cowardly main reason for this is I'd get a lot of support requests to re-instate a room's history... ;)

If there is sensitive info in a chat or someone spammed it, please write me an email and I'll take care of it.

Overall, I think Rolz should probably get an update that allows room owners more control. I just need to find some time to code it.