Tavern - Hi, kinda new and looking for advice


Hi, kinda new and looking for advice

rasbaby · 06. Jan 2019 02:54 by PitViper · 3

So, I'm currently in two campaigns, a 5e and a pathfinder. If anyone wants to chat about helping me with 1. getting into character and 2. the development and where I should go with them ~ Rasbaby x

1 · by jazon80r · 10. Nov 2018 21:25

in 5E play a barbarian, it is really simple and straightforward. give him a backstory of his family died or something that mad him eternally vengeful to hunt down them. Hope it helps!

1 · by Azamandus · 30. Nov 2018 15:23

What kind of character are you playing in Pathfinder?

1 · by PitViper · 06. Jan 2019 02:54

Getting into character is a lot about sympathy and empathy. Placing yourself in your character's perspective and understanding how they perceive the world around them. Some players just have difficulty separating their knowledge and beliefs from their character's. So A.) play a character that is a fantasy you, B.) Play someone you want to be or imagine, or C.) Be the opposite of yourself. In every case, it is good to lay down your background or personality a little. I have played several characters and DM'd but I will admit I still forget at times that my druid is not as intelligent on potion crafting and the vulnerabilities of creatures and societies, and this is okay. Recognize who you are and who your character is. They may be different or the same but understanding them is always the same. Where do they come from, what have they been through, how did they react, what do they want to do. With this, you can build how a character functions in scenarios.

P.S. Sorry this is long