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Looking for A DM and a few others

May3256 · Apr 23rd 23:27 by udo · 12

I am a raging D&D fan and my friend Keith who lives quite some time away has recently surprised me saying that we can spend an hour maybe every other day playing D&D and while I have run a Campaign I would rather have someone run it for me as I find myself favouring being a PC. Rather than all the NPC's so if you would like to join us leave a message below.

1 · by Abatlicious · 26. Jul 2018 19:38

Hey! I'm a DM and I'd be happy to join you, I love weaving worlds and so long as we can find a time I'd love to run a game for you!

1 · by Zealous · Dec 17th 18:05

hey is this still open? im a bit new but i would love to join plz

1 · by Exothinks · Dec 22nd 03:20

Hello !

1 · by Irachaz · Jan 09th 15:35

I’d like to join as well of that’s okay. I’m an experienced player.

1 · by AndersStormreaver · Jan 10th 12:40

I'd like to join as well if that's ok.

11 · by Impericia · Jan 23rd 22:03

I'd like to join, too!

1 · by TaylorDavis · Jan 29th 17:14

I'd like to join

1 · by mox · Feb 11th 12:48

me too

1 · by Caelum · Feb 12th 20:20

Im completely new to the game, but i know some of the basics. I would like to join.

1 · by Jehonathon · Mar 16th 02:01

is there anyone still on here? I haven't played d&d online but would like to give it a try

1 · by ReaperOfGreen · Apr 11th 23:01

Sure, I'm down.

1 · by CalcagusOdoacer · Apr 12th 00:54

Sounds good to me

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