Tavern - A classic game of sword & sorcery (in need of adventurers)


A classic game of sword & sorcery (in need of adventurers)

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I am creating a simplistic sword & sorcery game that works as a template to simulate and create stories of sword & sorcery whilst remaining true to our own realities in both combat and all other aspects of stories that are believable to an extent. This system already has a backbone for rules, but I want to be able to test it with all kinds of players. It is supposed to be a simplistic and fast paced role-playing game where death is inevitable and the stories created heavily focus on each individual player character. Going off track is impossible. Teamwork is smart. Wits, cunning, insight, memory, charisma, and other storytelling skills are to be challenged. Players will be challenged to tell their own stories, and control their own fates and pace of adventure to maximize their own legacies and stories. Besides smart choices, a bit of luck will also be necessary because without a chance of failure, it is no longer a game: a simulation which involves a chance of failure.

Some personal aesthetics of mine as a Realm Guide or Game Master are to simulate/encourage realism, struggle, romance, horror, and nostalgia.

If you seek such an adventure, comment below.

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Hi, I'm interested. I clickes on the discord link and it seems to be broken.

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