gen d20 broken?

GoldarGluehands · 14. Jun 2018 05:34 by fidgit · 1

Dear Udo,

It seems "#gen d20" is broken.

It generates 6 values that always seem to be a 5 or a 6, with a very rare 4. I think it now rolls 6 times 4d6 and just keeps the single highest die rolled, but that is an assumption purely based on the results.

3 · by fidgit · 14. Jun 2018 05:34 · changed: 14. Jun 2018 05:36

This appears to be because the high command 'H' has been changed to use the default option of 1 instead of #d-1 so when it rolls the 4d6h it is actually rolling 4d6h1 instead of 4d6h3.