Tavern - DM Chiefster looking for four seasoned D&D 5e players.


DM Chiefster looking for four seasoned D&D 5e players.

Chiefster · 05. Jul 2018 17:22 by Cfine · 6

I want to do multiple character text based adventures, and on an individual scale people will play by "chapters". I also want to have live sessions on certain days over Discord. As a DM, my playstyle is limited dice rolling, except for pivotal moments, highly interactive action, and dialogue heavy character development. Each player gets their own destiny, which is discovered over several chapters.

Although a sheet can be used to maintain a characters inventory and overall progress it does not exactly reflect what you may do when you may do it, especially if it means it could be written better or in a really well way. In other words, your character may have to "learn" an abilility, even if the sheet says you should have it.

Combat would generally be the same, about one and a half actions, plus moving around, and a minor environment action per turn. So basically about a detailed paragraph per turn, with dice rolls being prompted by me when I feel I couldn't handle a fair decision in play.

I guess my playstyle demands a lot of trust, so if you are interested, the room name is "Legends of Brutalia". Just make your nickname your character name/race/class, and your level will start at 1. This is for D&D 5th edition, so have your resources for that and come with the knowledge that I have limited experience with Rolz chat service. The concept of forum based rpg seemed super interesting to me, so helping is better than hurting.

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Actually, I'll join in

1 · by Rubylore_Master · 04. Jun 2018 03:28

just looking for adventure will be waiting at a tavern for any interested in hiring a up and coming assasin

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Same, Looking for an adventure waiting in a tavern who is interested in hiring a monk

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1 · by Cfine · 05. Jul 2018 17:22

Looking to adventure out to find great treasures of old and stories of new. Tambaxi Ranger

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