Tavern - Lizardfolk Monk - pointless concept or pointy teeth?


Lizardfolk Monk - pointless concept or pointy teeth?

Netherall_Brimstone · 04. Sep 2018 00:45 by VeryFuzzyZweilous · 2

What are your opinions on this truly strange race/class combo?

2 · by ElvenMonk97 · 30. May 2018 00:51

(I'm assuming D&D 5e for this analysis) Overall, the build would be fairly effective. Starting with the ASI for Lizardfolk, it's decent (+1 Wis, +2 Con). Wisdom is important for monks, and it's always good to have high Constitution.

Second, there is the age. Depending on the campaign, age may or may not be important. In general, monks progress in terms of power pretty quickly, so even if you do age, it won't be by much until level 15. Then monks get timeless body, which helps, given that "you suffer none of the frailty of old age, and you can't be aged magically."

Third, Lizardfolk get the Swimming and Bite features. Swimming speed is fairly useful until 9th level, and you an also go underwater. With bite, you automatically get a d6 for unarmed strikes, which is useful for monks, given that "You can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolls of your unarmed strikes and monk weapons." The Bite attack is technically classified as an unarmed strike.

Fourth, there is Cunning Artisan. THis is only somewhat useful, given that monks don't use shields or blowguns, but clubs and javelins are useful.

Hold breath is another trait that is easy to approve of, because there is absolutely no drawback to having extra breath.

Hunter's Lore is also easy. You can't have too many skill proficiencies.

Natural armor maybe useful depending on ability scores. Since it doesn't stack with Unarmored Defense, it may not stay useful for long, but it can be good to rely on until you get your Wisdom score above a +3. And, you can use shield if you really need the extra AC, but your Martial Arts feature won't function.

Hungry jaws is fairly useful, especially with a high Constitution.

There! Overall, I would say it's a pretty good build, but there are better. In my opinion, the Bite trait and Natural Armor are the most useful for monks in particular, but most of the Lizardfolk traits are very good in general. Of course, it doesn't hurt to start off with an exotic language (Draconic) either.

1 · by VeryFuzzyZweilous · 04. Sep 2018 00:45

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