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1 · by Timmeh1024 · Mar 14th 04:49 · rolls: 3 · changed: Mar 14th 17:34
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+2 = 14(12 + 2)   #2 2d6 = 10(5 +5)   #3 d20+2 = 21(19 + 2)  

Fortitude Save to not Die!: d20+2 = 14(12 + 2)

Valtyra, you would feel your blade sink deeply into the creature's torso area, hearing a crack from what you could assume would be thick bone or something like it. The creature would twitch for a second before falling completely limp, blood pouring from the wound.

Akhev, you would be able to write down a fairly description of the creatures, noting their peculiar biology and noting that they share similarities to another species you have possibly encountered before. Taking your time, you would be able to draw a fairly okay map of the area, giving you a basic idea of the layout of this room.

"Well, if we for sure are going to take these things out, I'll take my turn at it." Marta would say as she plunges her sword into the creature's neck.

Coup de Grâce: 2d6 = 10(5 +5)

Fortitude Save to not Die!: d20+2 = 21(19 + 2)

It's still alive, but just barely!

"Huh, guess these things don't die that easily. Akhev, you should probably take note of that. They seem to be fairly resilient." Marta would say with a scowl on her face, obviously hoping that her strike would have killed the creature outright.

1 · by Kinnon17 · Mar 14th 17:47

Akhev would jot that extra bit in his notes as well, taking the time to make a map along with the area's they have just been in too. "Alright, well if Valtrya would finish that one off, we will collect their cores and then perhaps travel further in just a bit more shall we?" He would say as he was finishing all the notes and the map he made; cartography as an elective from his master certainly paid off in a way he wasn't expecting when he was younger.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 14th 17:51 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 2d8+6 = 14(1 +7 + 6)  

Valtyra would walk over to the one Akhev was studying and prepare another Coup de Grace “May you find peace.” She would say as she thrusted her sword down on the creature.

Damage: 2d8+6 = 14(1 +7 + 6)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Mar 14th 17:53 · rolls: 4 · changed: Mar 14th 18:15
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+2 = 17(15 + 2)   #2 2d6 = 7(5 +2)   #3 d20+4 = 5(1 + 4)   #4 d20+4 = 22(18 + 4)  

Fortitude Save to not Die!!: d20+2 = 17(15 + 2)

The second creature twitches for a bit, but like the first creature, before letting out a long breath and expiring. Seeing that Valtyra has now put down the first two creatures, Marta would make an effort to kill the final one once and for all.

Coup de Grace: 2d6 = 7(5 +2)

With her second blade plunging into the creature's torso, it too would breath its last breath.

"Well, that takes care of that. Now we get to harvest their cores."

Seeing that the other two creatures are still lying there, many seconds after expiring, Marta would sheath her short swords and take out one of her many daggers to make an effort to begin cutting open the creature's chest.

Note: anyone who either has the survival skill and a dagger or smaller bladed weapon may attempt to do the same. Valtyra may attempt with her sword, but it would impose a negative due to it not being suited for such dexterous work.

d20+4 = 5(1 + 4)

However, Marta was much to eager to go at the creature, causing her dagger to hit a much thicker part of bone, chipping the tip off.

"Dammit, not another one. I really need to start taking my time to do these things." Marta would put that dagger away, pulling out another one and trying again.

d20+4 = 22(18 + 4)

This time, her dagger would glide cleanly through the creature's body, exposing what looked like a large black stone within it.

"Guess this is its core. Not sure whether I should cut it out or have Valtyra just rip it out. What do you guys think?" She would ask as she pries away the creatures skin to show the core to them.

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Akhev would patiently wait for the others to carve up the bodies, since he didn't have a bladed object in order to assist them with the collection. "It would seem...I need to purchase a dagger once we get back, so that I may help in the future but for now...heh, I'll stick to map making and notetaking." He would laugh nervously to the two ladies.

He would move over to view the object; he had only seen them in his books before and it was fascinating that it was lodged in the creature like. He would take note where the core was located in the carcass for hopefully easier cutting time in the future. "Curious, it's as if they as golems but of flesh and bone in a different manner than the typical Flesh Golem...hmm. Oh and whichever way proves more effective is what I would suggest."

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Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+3 = 18(15 + 3)  

Valtyra would put her sword and shield away, take a deep breath, and try just ripping the core out of the third creature.

Strength: 1d20+3 = 18(15 + 3)

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Rolls in this post: #1 d20+4 = 16(12 + 4)  

As Marta holds the body of the creature down, attempting to aid Valtyra in her effort, the creature's core would slowly, but surely, begin to come loose. After a few seconds of pulling, the creature's core would break loose from its resting place and Valtyra would notice how it was almost weightless. For something of its size, about that of a large potato, it should weigh at lease as much, but it was not the case.

"Well now, looks like those muscles are actually worth something! What do you say we do the same to the other two? It seems like they're lodged in there pretty well and it would definitely be a waste to just leave them lying there. These cores better be worth as much as I have heard they are, otherwise it's going to become a pain in the ass to have to remove them all."

Marta would make her way over to the second creature and cut along the same area that she did with the previous one in order to expose its core.

d20+4 = 16(12 + 4)

Thanks to being familiar with where to cut, Marta would successfully be able to expose the second creature's core as well!

"Hey Val, how about giving this one a go?" Marta would say with a grin.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 15th 02:24 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+3 = 4(1 + 3)  

Valtyra would smile and nod to Marta. "I may not look big in strong, but through training and faith my strength is fairly high, though I'm not even the strongest Paladin associated with the Knights of Ozen." She would gently toss the core over to Akhev since he had the most space to hold them before making her way over to rip out the next core.

Strength: 1d20+3 = 4(1 + 3)

1 · by Kinnon17 · Mar 15th 03:15 · rolls: 1 · changed: Mar 15th 04:29
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+3 = 5(2 + 3)  

Akhev would attempt to catch the core, however he wasn't the most coordinated individual, especially in this group of combat trained people.

Reflex check to catch the Core: 1d20+3 = 5(2 + 3)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Mar 15th 05:01

Valyra, as you make an effort to rip out the second core, you feel your hands begin to slip. As you continue to pull, putting as much strength as possible into it, your hands slip away from from the core! Taking a look at your hands, they're covered in the creature's blood, definitely the cause for your inability to firmly grasp it.

Akhev, you would see the core coming, but, due to your slower reflexes, you would bobble it as you try to catch it and it would fall to the ground by your feet.

Marta would let out a loud giggle at her two companion's fumbles. "It's almost as if you two are trying to put on one of those skits they do in the streets to make money. Maybe we can fall back on that if this dungeon delving business doesn't work out for some reason. Now why don't you give it another go Val? We don't have all day."

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 15th 05:08 · rolls: 1 · changed: Mar 15th 05:12
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“You could demonstrate your great ability to break knives and not kill a creature that’s on the ground.” Valtyra would say in an aggravated tone that is unusual of her since she has been so polite and nice up till then.

Strength: 1d20+3 = 7(4 + 3)

As she would fail to rip the core out yet again visible frustration would begin to show on Valtyra’s face.

1 · by Kinnon17 · Mar 15th 18:26

Akhev would sigh and then kneel down to grab the core and put it into one of the smalle side pokcets of his Handy Haversack. "Marta, I know working in teams may not be your strong suit but antagonizing your allies is never a good recipe for morale. If you have time to mock, you have time to try and rip one out yourself. Or you could give me a dagger an I'll try my hand at it." He would say with conviction in his voice; he didn't mind regular banter but there is a time an place for those things.

He walked up to the third carcass and looked to her once more. "So, what'll it be? A borrowed knife or teamwork?"

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"Well, when you put it that way, I guess I could ease up on the two of you.... Just a little bit though."

Marta would re-position herself above the creature so that she could have a better look at what she was doing. She would then take out her knife again and attempt to carve out the creature's core.

Dexterity check: d20+4 = 20(16 + 4)

"By the way, Akhev, do these things have a name? They seemed almost like big rats to me." Marta would say as she works her knife through the creature's body. Taking much more time than when Valtyra ripped it out, Marta would manage to fairly cleanly remove the creature's core.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 15th 19:18 · changed: Mar 15th 21:50

Valtyra would take a deep breath and calm herself before speaking in her normal calm tone once again. “I’m sorry for getting frustrated..... despite my many titles I’ve always been underestimated and it always seemed like my best wasn’t good enough..... I took this position to come here and get stronger.....” She would have a couple tears roll down her cheeks, they would shimmer in the light like beautiful rain drops. “I’ve seen many fellow commrads die because I wasn’t strong enough to save them, no one ever directly blamed me.... but I knew some questioned how I kept living because even I had begun to question why they died and I lived.... So when word got out that the Knights of Ozem wanted someone to come scout this place I took the job immediately to not only show and increase my strength while fighting a never ending battle against evil.... but because I wanted to help save my commrads from coming in here blindly and risking death.” She would shake her head like she was appearing to snap herself back to reality and then she would look at both of her new commrads, clinch her hands inside blood soaked gauntlets and get a more serious, yet still soft tone. “I’ll do my best to keep the two of you safe as I’ve said before.... I don’t wanna be a burden so I apologize for my failure to even get a core out of a creature and costing us valuable time.... I want to make sure you two accomplish your goals..... even if it costs me my life.”

1 · by Kinnon17 · Mar 15th 21:06

Akhev's demeanor would sullen quite a bit; he had only selfish reasons for coming to this famed Dungeon Town and so it seemed Marta did too. Hearing the poor female paladin pour her heart out like that, with such sincerity in her words...for the first time in a long time, he was at a loss for words of encouragement or condolences. He merely walked a bit closer to Valtrya, went down on one knee and patted her gently kn the back with a knowing look in his eyes.

"Valtrya...I had no idea of your past like that...truly, it must be a daunting burden to have on your soul, to carry the blame as you have. Just know, I won't consider you a failure in our familia even if things do get difficult on our journey here to accomplish each of our desires. We will conquer this together, through thick and my master used to say 'True power isn't found in some tomes hidden away from the world; power comes through conviction.'" He would then stand up, Flint poking his head out of the satchel and quickly hopping to the ground in front of her, standing to look her in the eyes, making a small chirp noise; trying to sheer her up.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Mar 17th 04:04

"I'm here with the two of you too. I'm not used to working with anyone, let alone someone who has such strong morals and beliefs as you do, Val. I'm going to poke fun at you here and there still, but I had no idea where you were coming from, and I appreciate the fact that you're willing to lay down your life for someone like me. I certainly hope to never make that happen, since it would mean that I failed bad enough to cause it. That's also why I typically distance myself from anyone, so I don't have to actually worry about anything like that."

Marta would say as she stands up, wipes the blood off of her knife and walks over to Valtyra, hand outstretched.

"If you're willing to put up with who I am and the numerous flaws in my personality, then you have my skills and knowledge at your disposal. I hope to not have to rely on you two too much when it comes to any combat, but I appreciate the thought of someone having my back."

As her companions would listen to Marta, they would see a very resolute look on her face and they would not be able to see any sort of her nonchalant demeanor. She seemed like she really meant what she said this time, rather than just messing around with the two of them like she had been doing.

"Now, let's remove that last core and keep going. We don't have all day, and I don't want anything to surprise us while we're having all of this sappy talk. Do you want the honors of removing the last one, or do you want me to go at it?" Marta would ask with a sincere smile on her face.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 17th 04:36

Valtyra would smile thanks to the reassuring words of her new companions. "Thank you all, I'd shake your hand, and pet you..." She'd say the second part to flint. "...but my hands are still covered in blood so I wouldn't wanna make you guys all messy." She would then give a short and sweet laugh before standing back up. "I will gladly take all of you as you are! Now then, lets get that last core shall we." She would almost seem to have a bright glow around her as her spirits have been restored.

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Rolls in this post: #1 1d20 = 4(4)   #2 1d20+8 = 23(15 + 8)  

Akhev would be happy that the two ladies seem to have reconciled their differences now, as he stood up himself and brushed off the dirt from his knees. He would whistle for Flint to go back into his satchel but before he would return, he would give Valtyra a happy chirp before doing a little spin and then climbing back into his home. "Well, now that we got all that sorted, I can certainly take a whack at pulling it out though like I said before, I'm not the best suited for it." He would lean over and try to yank the core out of the creature's chest.

Strength Check: 1d20 = 4(4)

His hand would slip from the core, completely failing to move it even an inch from it's location. "Blast it all...oh and as for a name for these creature's...hmm, let me think to see if I have seen them somewhere before."

Knowledge Dungeoneering(Since they are monsters from a dungeon): 1d20+8 = 23(15 + 8)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Mar 19th 05:04 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+4 = 16(12 + 4)  

Akhev, through your many hours of study on the creatures of the dungeons, you would recall that of the Dire Rat. Where they are typically found in sewers, caves, and all around dark, damp places, it would not be uncommon for one to find them in a dungeon. These creatures though, were smaller as well as completely hairless. Maybe they evolved within the Dungeon or maybe the Dungeon created them in the likeness of their hair-covered brethren?

Marta would chime in after Akhev's attempt to remove the core. "Yea, they're pretty implanted in there, and it would have probably helped you if you would have waited for me to expose the entirety of the core." She would make her way over, knife in hand, and begin to expose the rest of it as to make it easier to see.

"Val, you wanna have a go at it again or do you want me to just cut it out?"

Dexterity Check: d20+4 = 16(12 + 4)

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Mar 19th 07:33 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+3 = 17(14 + 3)  

“I’ll give it another shot!” She would say as she grasped onto the core as best as she could.

Strength: 1d20+3 = 17(14 + 3)

1 · by Kinnon17 · Fri 02:38

"These creatures seem to resemble the same anatomy as that of the commonplace Dire Rat; albeit with them being a tinge smaller and completely hairless to boot. Not that this feature of distinction would warrant much of an investigation into their ecology but it could be that the dungeon itself attempted to make a limited knowledge copy of them...intriguing but trivial." He would say as he finished making the last of his notes about them as he then went over to Valtyra and see how she fared with the last core that they had. He had two strong spells left of his slots, so he would be good for a bit as long as they didn't run into anything too much stronger.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Fri 04:00

Thanks to Marta clearing off the area around the core as well as holding down the body of the creature again, Valtyra would feel this core slowly tear out just like the first!

Due to a fair amount of time going by from the party's back and forth in the area as well as multiple attempts at removing the creature's cores, anyone paying attention would notice something odd happening to the first creature that was slain!

The creature would begin to disintegrate, almost as if it were composing at a rapid rate. There was no smell, no mess, just nothingness left where it was laying. After a bit longer, the second creature would also begin to disintegrate, leaving nothing behind as well. As the third creature disappears, anyone close by would hear something small hit the ground. What could it be?

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Fri 15:25 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20 = 16(16)  

Valtyra would stand look around for the source of the sound.

Perception: 1d20 = 16(16)

1 · by Kinnon17 · Sat 19:13 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+7 = 9(2 + 7)  

Akhev would document this in his notes; he had heard of how the decomposition was at an accelerated rate than normal but nothing like this. It was as if it had went through years of rotting in a matter of minutes, even without the help of maggots an such to make it meld in with the earth once more! " fascinating! It defies all natural logic such as we know it! Of course it's probably because of the Dungeon but still...if we could harness that ability, think of the agricultural applications this could have! Or even burial rites..." He would've kept going on had he not heard the slight sound of something hitting the ground. He would try to find where it came from, curiosity abound in him.

Perception: 1d20+7 = 9(2 + 7)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Sat 20:24 · rolls: 1 · changed: Sat 20:30
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+11 = 13(2 + 11)  

Marta Perception: d20+11 = 13(2 + 11)

Even though she was normally very perceptive, the creatures turning to dust so quickly also caught Marta by surprise. The only person who would be able to hear the sound would be Valtyra. It sounded like something hard hitting the ground with a quick clang, but it would appear that there was nothing but the pile of ash that was once the creature lying there.

"Well, that's definitely something you could think of later on, Akhev. That is if someone else hasn't already tried it already." Marta would stand up, brush herself off and stretch a bit.

"Shall we continue on then? We have the cores and it appears that there is nothing left of these things, so there's no sense in sitting around here any longer."

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Sat 20:53 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20 = 20(20)  

Valtyra would look puzzled at the pile of ash. “I heard something hit the ground..... but all I’m seeing is ash and ash shouldn’t make that much of a noise.... or a clanging noise for that matter, especially since we collected the cores.” She would cautiously begin to dig through the pile of ash of the third creature which she heard the sound come from.

Perception: 1d20 = 20(20)

1 · by Kinnon17 · Sat 21:14

"'re right, that is very odd but do you think you could actually locate such a thing?" Akhev would say as he kept trying to help Valtrya find whatever it was that made the noise, though in a completely different spot.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Sun 01:35

"I didn't hear anything." Marta would look at both of her companions with an inquisitive and slightly concerned expression.

"I'm gonna go scout ahead. You two have fun playing in the remains of those things." Marta would say as she turned and walked off ahead of the two.

Akhev, you would find nothing but the ash as well as a few loose pebbles in your search. Maybe you looked in the wrong place?

Valtyra, as your hands would make their way through the pile of remains from the creature, you could only describe the sensation as that of being akin to a very fine powder. It would be something that, if a breeze were to wisp past it, it would cause the substance to quickly fly up into the air, most likely dispersing it in the surrounding area or in the general path of the wind. Thanks to knowing which pile you heard the sound come from as well as your exceptional ability at searching through the ash, you would eventually come to feel the sensation of a rough, jagged object. This object was much more jagged than any rock would be and it felt like it was shaped almost like a crystal. It would be warm enough to the touch that you could tell, even through your gloves, that it was much warmer than the surrounding area, almost as if it were to have been inside the creature for quite some time. Your intuition and trust in your own abilities would let you know that this was the cause for the noise you had heard before!

1 · by TopSlayer117 · Sun 11:27

Valtyra would look curiously at what she had found, wondering what it was and why it was in these creatures. “Well this is what made the sound but it’s strange. It has a shape closer to a crystal than any stone. And it’s warm, really warm, I can even feel it through my gloves. Do either of you know what it could be? Or maybe the book says something? I know that we could harvest cores from these creatures, but I don’t recall any mention of something like this.”

1 · by Kinnon17 · Mon 04:51 · rolls: 2
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+4 = 15(11 + 4)   #2 1d20+8 = 28(20 + 8)  

Akhev would instantly stand upright as he heard that Valtyra had found something unusual in her digging around. His curiosity cleared identified on his face as he quickly inspected the crystal shaped object she held. "Curious, it indeed is not quite like the cores and you say that it is warm to the touch? Odd, let me look through the book and see if I can find anything about it...if not, I can always double-check my arcane knowledge with my magic to see if I can identify it as well." He would say as he plucked the dungeon manual out of his handy haversack and gave it a once over again.

Base Intelligence Check: 1d20+4 = 15(11 + 4)

Detect Magic paired with Spellcraft to Find out Enchants/Properties: 1d20+8 = 28(20 + 8)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · Mon 16:07 · changed: Mon 21:44

Akhev, through your search in the dungeon manual, you would come across a passage that read,

'In addition to the cores which each creature within the Dungeon contains inside of it, there are some rare occasions in which the creatures also drop other items they have on or inside of them. These items can range greatly in value as well as what they are. There have been armor, weapons, rare artifacts, as well as pieces of the creature's very bodies which have been left behind. There seems to be no actual system to what drops, rather it is the luck of the draw.'

Valtyra, as you handle the stone, you would notice that it is a pale blue color when the ash is wiped away from it and it is shaped like that of a crooked or stretched out square.

After concentrating on the item for multiple seconds, as well as a flash of inspiration, you would come to learn that the stone is emanating a strong aura from an enchantment of the Transmutation School! You would be able to tell that the stone would give the owner enhanced strength, and all one had to do to activate it, was simply clasp it in their hands until they could feel its effects.

1 · by Kinnon17 · Mon 23:19

"Well Valtyra, looks like you found your first rare drop! A good one at that; this particular item will enhance your strength as long as you have it close to you so like in a pocket, backpack, et cetra. For to use it I am sure you have already met the requirement of clasping onto it until you feel stronger or a warmth to it, right?" Akhev said as he pulled out a quill and paper, taking down the notes for the item she had acquired; he didn't mind if she kept it, he had no use for strength after all and it was just a joy to experience such a rare item drop!

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 23 h ago · changed: 23 h ago

Valtyra would gaze upon the stone for a second, the pale blue color of the stone reflecting in her eyes as they would start to water a little and smile as she clutched the stone tight in both hands and holding it close to her chest. “I can feel it’s aura making me stronger. It feels like hope... like the Gods are smiling on us.”

She would say a quick prayer thanking Iomedae for such a rare and powerful gift. She would then tuck the stone away into her bag. “I’ll have to find a way to make it a necklace when we return. I want to to be close to my heart. I’ve come all this way to gain strength and to find a way to reconcile those I couldn’t protect. This stone I feel is those I’ve losts way of trying to help me push forward....” She would say softly

She then she would stand up with a look of determination and a holy glow about her and speak with a sound of hope, determination, and new found happiness. “And if that’s the case I can’t keep looking back and dwelling on the past. I’ll use their strength to to keep my head up, to keep moving forward, and push through whatever comes for us! And with you two here with me, nothing will stop us from accomplishing our dreams!”

She would then look at the sky with a big smile and speak so soft it was almost like a whisper. “Thank you all.... I won’t let you down.... and someday, when my time has come, I look forward to seeing you all again.”

She would focus forward again. “Alright, I’m ready to go when the two of you are.”

1 · by Kinnon17 · 22 h ago · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+8+5 = 20(7 + 8 + 5)  

Akhev would smile to her as she spoke of her morals and values; he truly did appreciate them but the pursuits of the mind to him were a bit more imperative at the time as he then tried to recall if he had read about anything like this stone before, if it had a proper name for it. "Well, the Dungeon was made by the gods so you may not be too far off in your assertation of that Valtyra! Indeed, us wallowing in our past failures only hinders our progress that we make going forward; learn from them but do not let them stop you!" He would raise his fist in a cheerful motion, not overly enthusiastic but enough to get the point across as he began to go back to thinking about the stone.

Knowledge Arcana for the Stone: 1d20+8+5 = 20(7 + 8 + 5) +5 Circumstance Bonus

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 20 h ago

Akhev, through your vast knowledge of magical items, you would know that this stone was known as an Ioun Stone. Based on its color, shape, and the aura it is emitting, you could only come to believe that it is an Pale Blue Rhomboid! Finding Ioun Stones is no easy task in and of itself, but finding a complete one that is not flawed or cracked is another thing entirely! The only question would be as to why the creature had it inside its body. Did it swallow it by accident, or did it think that it was some sort of food?

After the two adventurers would finish their chat, they would notice that Marta is still not back yet from her scouting trip! Is she in some sort of danger, needing to be rescued? Is she simply taking her time, observing as much as she can before making her way back to her party, or did she possibly even get lost?! The two will have to continue down the tunnels to find out!

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 12 h ago

Valtyra realizing that Marta haven’t come back yet gets a slightly concerned look on her face. “We should go search for Marta. I’m surprised she hasn’t returned. I’m sure she’s fine, definitely skilled enough to handle herself, but with this being new to us all I’d prefer sticking together as much as possible.”

She would then draw her sword and shield then waiting for Akhev to ready before going further down the tunnel where Marta had gone.

1 · by Kinnon17 · 5 h ago

Akhev would nod his head after a few more seconds being lost in thought. "Ahem, yes, quite right. Also Valtyra, I figured out what that object is called. An Ioun Stone, a Pale Blue Rhombid to be exact; they are quite rare and very useful items, though unfortunately the stone will continuously float around your head so that necklace idea of yours will not work unfortunately." He felt bad for telling her but letting her know why it refuses to stay still would make more sense for her now rather than later.

He would prepare Jolt in his right hand again, cackling with weak energy as he would follow behind his Paladin companion to find their rogueish ally.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 3 h ago

Valtyra would smile looking at the positive side of it as it floated up and around her head. "Oh well, it's still special either way!" She would say as they made their way to Marta.

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