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Buxon · Apr 27th 01:21 by 1234 · 8

"Update: due to the new EU data laws and guidelines, it may no longer be legal for me to allow EU citizens on this site since is a public web forum and as such can no longer be operated. I will confer with legal counsel about this, but as things are right now, access to Rolz from any EU country may be blocked starting in May."

I'm assuming that this is related to the GDPR? (

In what aspect of compliance are you particularly concerned that may no longer be able to operate?

I would be sad to lose access to The GDPR, for all it's scaremongering publicity (remember Y2K anyone?) should, on the whole, be a good thing for consumers. It shouldn't have an onorous impact on service providers who are responsible with, and not aiming to profit from, their users' data.

As an aside, I suspect that it is a model which will be followed soon in the US (if only because of lawyers seeing a way to profit from non-compliance...)

2 · by spinningdice · 19. Apr 2018 12:22

I just registered to query this, and the registration asked for nothing personally identifiable, so by my understanding it should not have any issues. Unlike many forums you don't even ask for name, date of birth or e-mail address, so I really don't understand why it would be an issue?

2 · by udo · 08. May 2018 00:26

After I saw some hobbyist forums were forced to close due to having user accounts, I was (and still am) worried about liability. While Rolz doesn't use any 3rd-party analytics, and in fact loads the few social media buttons it has only if the user explicitly clicks on them, I could not get even one of the two lawyers I consulted to actually give me the green light.

One lawyer couldn't be persuaded that Rolz isn't an eCommerce site (not making this up) and the other one was pretty sure I would have to hire a person to take care of "user privacy inquiries and issues" full time. Both of these are of course ridiculous and can't be applied to Rolz even if I wanted to, the costs would just be prohibitive. Fact is that even a single complaint, especially if it comes from a German lawyer specializing in these complaint-for-profit schemes, could completely ruin me. That's a big risk for a non-profit hobbyist site / project to take.

For now, I'm taking the following steps:

  • geoblocking Rolz for access from Germany
  • assigning ownership of the site to an American company I set up
  • updating the ToS once again to provide as little attack surface as possible

If anyone has any other ideas about what else I should be doing, please let me know!

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 08. May 2018 16:54

Any idea or plans on when the geoblock will be activated or take affect?

1 · by udo · 08. May 2018 17:16 · changed: 08. May 2018 17:18

You should be seeing a message about it on the start page. If you don't, your IP range has slipped through the net ;)

Anyway, it's after May 20th.

3 · by HAM'ster · 20. May 2018 18:12

Sorry you have to go through with that, Udo. Your virtual die-roller has been the most reliable one I've used since 2013, and you have enough dice codes that I can actually run a homebrewing that effectively uses custom d6s.

In short, you've done a lot for PbP'ers without asking anything, aside from providing a link to donate voluntarily. That an opportunist CAN ruin you is a travesty, but I'm glad you're taking the necessary precaution and keeping the site live to the extent that you can.

1 · by Mythic · Mar 27th 17:35

If brexit is to go through on the 29th will britain even be affected?

1 · by Owl · Mar 30th 16:38

Since I happen to live in EU country I'm interested to know if it's possible to block only forum access? And maybe dicerooms? I don't see any reason to block actual dice roller... What possibly illegal could I do if I just use random number generator calibrated for special purpose?

For me this site has been perfect solution when I need to roll big number of dices several times or need some special dices that actually don't exist (like d7 to decide who in group the monster will hit...)

If you really must block us EU country users I really hope it's technically possible to block us only from areas where we have actual chance to write something others can see... Your diceroller is just lovely and I would be really sad not be able to use it anymore.

(time to check how to change computer IP to look like it's coming from uvalu or something... )

1 · by 1234 · Apr 27th 01:21

hi im new

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