Tavern - Looking for new players here on rolz.


Looking for new players here on rolz.

Ekin · Apr 09th 00:07 by Ekin · 13

I am looking for new players here on rolz. If you are interested, we could get a text-based game going here on rolz.

1 · by sonicX2005 · 22. Mar 2018 21:08

Oh I'm new here and it would be fun to start one

1 · by Ekin · 23. Mar 2018 15:12

Alright cool! Join, “Lord, Take Me Home”

1 · by SalazarHighgallow · Mar 29th 00:36

I'm new as well! Let me know if you have openings.

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · Mar 29th 03:55

If you're interested, look on "DM Looking for 5e Group" and read for info. If you want to join say your character on the thread and put a link to them on my other thread. I'm looking to make it as newcomer-friendly as possible. Any character type allowed! If you want to use homebrew then talk to me, I'll usually try to get something like what you're after at least.

1 · by ToranWoodstock · Mar 30th 00:48

Could I join? And if so could I be a blue dragonborn Druid?

1 · by ToranWoodstock · Mar 30th 00:48

And how do you roll?

1 · by Fittfia · Mar 31st 19:33

like to rool for post nude on

how do i do?

1 · by Klomderper · Apr 03rd 04:20

I'm in...

1 · by ee_ray · Apr 03rd 15:17

Um ··· ok

1 · by Ekin · Apr 03rd 22:40
1 · by Ekin · Apr 06th 18:11

And here I go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh.

1 · by Themindbehindthemadness · Apr 07th 18:37

If things haven't gotten started yet I'd happily join, I have some experience and decent knowledge

1 · by Ekin · Apr 09th 00:07

Join the server. Eventually, we will have a rolz room here too.

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