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Long Forgotten Tales #1

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In the Forest of Cosmeer, a party of adventurers traveled throughout the night in search of the Keep of Cosmeer. The party was lead by Ildric and followed by Lorent, Godafrid, Mirko, and Calamus.

Half way across a swamp, the party stopped at Lorent's command. "There is something in the mud over there." The ranger was confident in his ability to sense and prepared his bow. When the surface of the swamp began to ripple and a ridged spine curled back into the depth, Ildric ordered the party ready their weapons and so they were all armed not long after.

They waited but nothing happened. Ildric turned to Godafrid. "Watch over us, brother." With a sword and a torch, Ildric advanced toward the threat. "Mirko and Calamus, on me."

Near the area of the threat, they tested the depth of the swamp with long branches. A great black serpent erupted from the mud and took Mirko by surprise. The warrior was pulled into the water as the serpent dove back down.

Mirko returned to the surface when a light flashed bright in the water as Godafrid shouted words of his faith. Lorent opened fire on the serpent. Ildric and Calamus charged at the serpent. A number of wounds penetrating the slick scaly armor of the serpent oozed with a dark and sizzling substance.

When the serpent fell, it brought down Calamus. Mirko had retreated to a hill and warned the party of Calamus's fate. Ildric and Godafrid recovered the fallen warrior. With effective treatment applied by Godafrid, the warrior survived. Mirko expressed his condition too late and when the party found Mirko, he had died.

From the swamp, the serpent rose once more. The party fought it on the hill and were nearly defeated. Godafrid covered the party's retreat and was slain by the serpent.

The party pressed on and found the Keep of Cosmeer on a hill in the swamp. Ildric and Calamus studied their plans to besiege the ruin as Lorent secured the perimeter.

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