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Looking to find a D&D group

Priscilla.Witch · 14. Apr 2018 13:12 by Tryagaingaming · 6

I have just begun playing and I only have a 4e book, so my character is based off that book. I'm trying to find a group who is willing to play with a beginner.

1 · by Elysiio · 27. Feb 2018 09:31

I'm new to this game as well. Would love to join up if you end up finding a group!!

1 · by Priscilla.Witch · 28. Feb 2018 02:14


1 · by ToranWoodstock · 25. Mar 2018 23:41

I am decently good and have a few stories, if you want a DM.

1 · by Ekin · 26. Mar 2018 17:58

Hi, I am Ekin. If you are looking for a game, I can offer to be your guide. However, it would be for a different role-playing game known as Nostwind. It is a Sword & Sorcery game, like Game of Thrones and Conan the Barbarian. If you are interested, let me know.

1 · by Poxus · 13. Apr 2018 13:11

I wanna play!

I can either DM or player whichever you need. Either way count me as part of this group!

Actually I think that with 3 players an a dm we can start playing

1 · by Tryagaingaming · 14. Apr 2018 13:12

I usually only play 5e, since I am accustomed to this system. If you wish to learn it, I like to think I'm a good teacher. However, if it is specifically a 4e campaign, then count me out

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