Tavern - First time DM, looking for some tips


First time DM, looking for some tips

Samocha · 23. Feb 2018 00:40 by ElvenMonk97 · 2

Hello, I'm starting up a new campaign and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to start and if anyone could explain how the skill checks work?

1 · by Tryagaingaming · 22. Feb 2018 15:52

First of all, if you need an extra player, I'm a good rogue, but I can play every class to a certain degree.

Secondly, the best way to start a campaign is to decide your setting and give it an appearance. Most of my campaigns involve the party traveling by ship to a troubled island, and then expand the story to include the mainland, different continents, and eventually other planes of existence.

Thirdly, skill checks are fairly simple. Every skill check is a 1d20 roll + stat bonuses + proficiency in a skill if it applies (ex. Sleight of hand for a dex check if it includes something to do with hand movement)

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 23. Feb 2018 00:40

One way I always like to start campaigns is your players are walking through a village, when a disaster forces everyone into a safehouse. It starts the game off with some action and gives your players a chance to get to know the environment in the spur of the moment.

Also, I would be willing to play, depending on times and how you're playing. I can pay pretty much any class, at least somewhat.