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Info for D&D Group (Players Only)

ElvenMonk97 · Nov 03rd 08:15 by ElvenMonk97 · 33

Greetings, humanoids! Chances are, you know what this thread is for, at least if you kept up with my other thread. If you haven't, this is for any additional information about my possible campaign that my players want to know. If you haven't talked with me on my other thread, stop right now and to read through my other thread, called "DM Looking for 5e Group" . If you've made up your mind to join and commented as such on my other thread, then come over here to get even more details. Feel free to comment questions, ideas for potential use, or characters on here.

Here are the character sheets that are confirmed for use:!AgYGTqBkyJq0a5tzmf4WFMi8gZE

1 · by GrandArc · 15. Feb 2018 20:59

Hey elven would it be possible for us to work out the details for total craft sometime so that if I join your campaign again I can use it I just like the ideas behind it and would like to work it into something not so op

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 16. Feb 2018 08:08

To GrandArc: Yeah. I'll try to work it out so that it's more balanced, if you have any problems once I send the link, we can work out more stuff.

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 16. Feb 2018 08:42

To GrandArc: I made a page for the spell here:

This is what I just came up with, and I can make more edits if you think something major is missing.

1 · by GrandArc · 16. Feb 2018 09:51 · changed: 16. Feb 2018 09:52

I like the idea but 1) I find the creature creation unnecessary 2) would it be possible to make it a fourth level spell? If not I can understand Otherwise it's great

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 16. Feb 2018 23:57

To GrandArc: Ok, I will change it as soon as can load the page. I think given the properties I made, fourth level might be more reasonable. I was just thinking that given the description with the silver hammer, it was in some artifact with a bunch of charges, so level didn't matter as much.

About the creature part, I was going to leave it in for possible future story purposes. If you're opposed to bring able to create creatures though, I will change it.

1 · by GrandArc · 17. Feb 2018 02:07

Your right about that I didn't actually think about that and as for the animals I only said that because I had no use for it if you could find story Elements for it I don't mind having it

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 17. Feb 2018 11:31

To GrandArc: Done! I also cleaned up some of the details and terminology to more accurately match actual spells.

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 17. Feb 2018 18:40

To GrandArc: Mind if I post your character sheet on here? I was going to make a comment for all the characters we get in the party.

1 · by GrandArc · 17. Feb 2018 20:43

Not at all go for it let me fix the small mistakes first though

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 18. Feb 2018 02:10

To GrandArc: Alright, thanks!

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 03. Mar 2018 08:14

Possible player count so far: 3

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 11. Mar 2018 07:55 · changed: 11. Mar 2018 07:56

This is just the number that replied in the past 2 weeks.

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 29. Mar 2018 04:04 · changed: 30. Apr 2018 08:45

Known characters:

•Lvl 5 Human Barbarian (Berserker)

•Lvl 5 Lightfoot Halfling Rogue (Thief)

As far as I know, these are the only people probably playing. If you guys sort out the missing details and comment links to sheets, we can start up the campaign!

1 · by GrandArc · 30. Mar 2018 00:58

Well I'm glad to see it hasn't fallen into stagnation I'm really looking forward to the start hopefully we'll get a date soon

1 · by Tiliara · 08. Apr 2018 15:38


First off, I'm new to pen and papir style DnD but I read a lot on the strategy while playing RPG's, love the lore and would like to try it out. I just started reading the 5e players handbook and look around for any online resources where I could play it the traditional way, when I stumbled on the original thread and this chat room. So the first question is, is it ok to join or better to find a beginners group?

If I can join, I need to prepare my character sheets, since I'm late to the party I will adjust to complete the missing roles. I usually play sorceror or wizard, since we already have a warlock and casting spells forum style might prove a chalenge I can go as a rouge? I'm open to suggestions.

I'm at GMT+2 so I'll be the early bird (friday 10pm makes it saturday 7am for me - any extra minute of sleep you can give me would be apreciated ;)

Well, I'm off to read up on 5e players handbook and prep my characters (a lvl 5 rouge to blend in and a lvl 5 sorceror just in case), will post the sheets as soon as I'm done.

Be back soon =)

1 · by Tiliara · 08. Apr 2018 20:40

Ok, my thief is ready, let me know if the file fails to open.

Fare well for now!

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 09. Apr 2018 04:42

Doesn't load the actual sheet. Just says:

"The character sheet is generated by the character Builder. Direct access to this page has no effect."

Maybe if you could share a file or something, I don't know.

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 09. Apr 2018 04:45

Come April 30th, I'm removing anyone who doesn't have a sheet from the list.

1 · by Tiliara · 09. Apr 2018 19:52

...Sorry about that. Got a new one ready, the generator I used before doesn't have export option, will upload the pdf soon (race is Lightfooted Hafling)

To GrandArc: I used DnD and Beyond for sheet generation, since yours seems to be the same, how did you make your text visible for the Background story in exported pdf, mine is in micro letters?

1 · by GrandArc · 10. Apr 2018 03:25

I think it's because I saved it to Google OneDrive before exporting it because I had a similar problem

1 · by GrandArc · 10. Apr 2018 03:26

In other words I exported it via OneDrive

1 · by Tiliara · 10. Apr 2018 20:12

Alright, couldn't perform the stunt you described and as befits a rouge, I resorted to cheating. My background story is in the Allies and Organization section of the sheet, for some reason it is visible there...

And now, the link:!AgYGTqBkyJq0a5tzmf4WFMi8gZE

Really hope it works now

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 11. Apr 2018 02:33

I can view that.

1 · by GrandArc · 29. Apr 2018 10:27

The time you said you would pull this down is coming fast do we have enough players for a game?

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 30. Apr 2018 05:42

We may not, but fortunately there are many new players on rolz which makes finding people more likely. I'm hoping for an optional party size of 3-4.

1 · by TheVirtuoso · 15. May 2018 01:05
1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 15. May 2018 05:08

To TheVirtuoso: I'd say all of that is good, though I think the Bad News is a bit overpowered. Other than that, the class seems surprisingly balanced for a fantasy setting. Since I'm using a work in progress homebrew setting, I'm gonna have to find a place to fit in the semi-advanced technology like that.

1 · by TheVirtuoso · 15. May 2018 17:58 · changed: 18. May 2018 03:24

To ElvenMonk97 : I can send you the actual Gunslinger Archetype Sheet made by Mathew Mercer on Dungeon Masters Guild. The reason why I chose Bad News, is because I'll be taken my usual sniper role and to balance it out, I have a palm pistol for close range. Oh and for the Bad News, its a bolt action sniper where I have to reload after I attack, so basically every turn I only have 1 attack and not two at lvl 5 unless I action surge and the fact its loud so it won't be stealthy.

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 19. May 2018 01:42

Ok I looked it up and I think Reload and Misfire balance it out a lot. Nevermind!

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 27. Jun 2018 07:29

Just so people know, my schedule has shifted forward an hour (11:00-ish to 3:00-ish). If anyone has an issue with it, say something on here.

1 · by Bloodshed14 · Oct 30th 00:30

Hey elven I was wondering if you need another player for your group?

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · Nov 03rd 08:15

One more player would be much appreciated. Just send your character sheet, lvl. 5!

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