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New GM looking for some advice

Rogue2092 · 17. Jan 2018 05:58 by ElvenMonk97 · 4

I have been playing for about a year mostly home brew with lots of irregulars in the game. Looking for some tips and advice considering my group has put me up for runnning as the new GM.

3 · by Tryagaingaming · 13. Dec 2017 04:56

Ok, first thing. If you're going to have a plan, make it flexible. The number one rule of dming is that players will never do what you want them to. You want to have room to breathe in your story, so that you don't restrict players too much.

Second, you'll want to say no as little as possible. As long as the action can be explained, there is a chance that it can be done.

Third, know your rules. Don't make an enemy a pushover, but also don't make it impossible. Never send slimes after level 20 characters or a dragon after level 1 characters without changing either one drastically

1 · by Tiawen · 19. Dec 2017 02:17

Good advice also what i input is triggers (Must happen events some kind of cinematic where i control the narrative) so that whatever my players decide i am always steering the story forward somewhat.

1 · by Tiawen · 26. Dec 2017 02:10

Im running a dbz game right now and after a successful mission my saiyen player got arrested for treason. He had no say in it , this is what i call a trigger moment.

1 · by ElvenMonk97 · 17. Jan 2018 05:58

I'm not immensely experienced in GMing, but what I've found is that you should add little details. Not necessarily a lot, but maybe just a few bits of foreshadowing or something, so that attentive players will go "oh!" when something major is revealed. This also gives some opportunities for some players to make plans for the party's course of action. I've found that it makes the game more interactive with the players, and it also forces them to be more creative. Again, I'm not an expert, and it's just a suggestion that works for me.

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