Tavern - Hello looking for players expernce or new players for a DND 5e Campaign Details listed below


Hello looking for players expernce or new players for a DND 5e Campaign Details listed below

THERATMAN11 · Jan 11th 02:36 by ihbsjbendbnb · 13

Hello and Welcome to the Cirillion Campaign for dungeons and dragons 5e. if your new to the D&D it ok’s I’m good with new players and if you’re an experienced player please join I enjoy a second set of eyes on the rules. so, a quick thing about this campaign and what you need to play, and some basic rules to keep in mind when playing.

First, you need to have discord and can use Roll20, we will be playing through that.

Second, you need to at least write one paragraph of backstory, it doesn’t need to be fantastic just descriptive so that you have a character with some background I don’t mind if you right it as you go and add on to it as you go but just tell me your changes and please feel free to be creative and make a character that you feel like you would want to play as and if that means your character is a wise cracker or a character with a stern out look just one thing no Evil characters and feel free to ask any question about lore or backstory. p.s. I don’t mind if you make a super long backstory either just make shur you can remember it yourself.

Third, with is a story heavy campaign but don’t worry there will be at least one combat every session, and the lore for this world is different to that of the main setting of the forgotten realms, this story will included a new cosmology, and a new world.

Fourth, try not to be a stickler for rules, reminding me whether or not you have a resistance, or a spell effect is perfectly fine though and if I forget a enemies got hit with some magical effect that stunned it or something please do remind me.

Five, DON’T METAGAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate metagames like most DMs, and I don’t tolerate it by any means, the same goes for minimaxing I will have none of it.

So now that is out of the way here are the races and classes you can play as for this campaign, and in advance I’m sorry for the space collection of races and classes it’s just easier for me to keep track of lore and stats.


Human so humans are a bit different in this world there are mean different variants and type with some extra traits to add some diversity in the humans

Elves like humans elves have different types for example there are moon elves and sun elves, these are more for a lore reason and don’t provide a special something it just adds a little more fluff to your character

Halfings their the normal halfings

Dwarf same dwarfs

DragonBorn there are the same in the players hand books

Gnomes same in the hand book

Tieflings same in the hand book

Half orcs in this campaign half orcs are a wide range of species for EX half orc half hobgoblin. this is another thing in which it will add to your characters lore.

Half elves same with have orcs half elves come in different type like a half drow.

Aasimar now for this campaign depending on the god you choose to have your linage from will decide whether you have some different traits

Tabaxi same as Volos guild

Triton same as

Genesi same as the one from prince of apocalypse














If you have any questions, go to this discord channel and ask and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can

Discord Channel:

1 · by Anthony21 · 02. Nov 2017 17:39

Go on

1 · by THERATMAN11 · 03. Nov 2017 19:34

sorry for the late response internet is down at the house and have to go to a library, are you intrested in joining? if you are just go to the discord channel and we can talk more their

1 · by THERATMAN11 · 03. Nov 2017 19:38

opps i messed up the link. here you go

1 · by THERATMAN11 · 03. Nov 2017 19:39 · changed: 03. Nov 2017 19:47

that should work' if not im THERATMAN#9142 on discord

1 · by THERATMAN11 · 03. Nov 2017 19:40

again im realy sorry about the late response

1 · by Wewboo · 05. Nov 2017 09:28

Welp, im new at this game so i created a human withard, and ready for game

1 · by Zeer0intheDark · 19. Nov 2017 22:18

Hey are you still looking for players.

1 · by TheGentRPG · 26. Jan 2018 12:16

I totally in

1 · by Stormblaze666 · 07. Feb 2018 22:18

this sounds cool

1 · by UnknownMrE · 01. Mar 2018 01:10

What days, and times would you be playing?

1 · by Samocha · 01. Mar 2018 04:24

I would be more than interested in playing

1 · by Cfine · 05. Jul 2018 17:03

I want to join in if that is ok. Already got my character sheet made too.

1 · by ihbsjbendbnb · Jan 11th 02:36

im a kid

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