Several Issues

SLJo · 24. Aug 2017 22:42 by SLJo · 2

Hey there.

I have several questions.

When testing out the chatroom commands, I changed my name from "SL(Jo)" to "SLJo", and now I am no longer the admin of the dice room I had opened.

I am not able to change my name back, because the command does not accept parentheses.

Is there a way to reverse this, or do I have to open a new room?

Another question I have is with success based systems.

I will be playing old World of Darkness with a couple of buddies, and need a combination of the X and F command,

so a command where successes above a certain target number are counted, 1s are subtracted, and 10s are counted as 2 successes.

As it stands now, I only have the choice to either count 10s double, and subtract 1s by hand,

or to subtract 1s, and count 10s double by hand.

1 · by SLJo · 23. Aug 2017 14:10

when I use the "/self" command, it at least counts the 10s, and displays them at the end

1 · by SLJo · 24. Aug 2017 22:42

If possible, I would like to know how to delete rooms, because I have two rooms I had started for test purposes, cluttering up my wiki and notes feed. :D

The rooms are called Caitiff and Kaitiff.